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    Photo-based e-book contest: The Mannequins - write a chapter, win a prize!

    Time to write an e-book based on a photo! Members can register here to write a chapter for it.

    The name of the e-book: The Mannequins. See the photo attached (click on the attachment to see the large size of the photo) and accordingly build up a story around it.

    1. Submit the chapter in English in the order of registration in a response in this thread. The text should have minimum 200 words and maximum 350 words only. You can if you so wish, give one relevant link (not more) to any ISC page (any section).
    2. Put in a chapter title of not more than 4 words also along with the chapter number. For example, Chapter 1: _____.
    3. In the text, you have to include the element you need to include in your chapter. This element I will tell you in a response to this thread itself. So, for example, if I say "Add a pet" at 8p.m. today, then you need to submit your chapter by 8p.m. tomorrow.
    4. Keep to the storyline so that the chapter you write picks up the story from the previously submitted chapter and also ends in a manner which allows the next author a chance to pick up the story from there. Avoid changing the name of an already existing character. However, you may include a new character if relevant to your chapter.
    5. Conversations/dialogues can be included. You can put in a mysterious element, some humour, etc but no inappropriate language, slang words and the like.

    Note: If you fail to submit your chapter within the given 24hr-timeframe, then the next person in line will take it up.

    Do not make any comments or give any feedback on any of the chapters submitted by participants. You may do so later, in the winners' announcement thread.

    Contest awards:
    1. The authors of the 3 best chapters will each receive an award of Rs.125/- and the virtual gift of the certificate of creativity.
    2. Two Second prizes: Rs.100/- + virtual gift of appreciation.
    3. Consolation prizes (if eligible winners): Rs. 75 each + virtual gift of fresh flowers.
    4. All participants will receive enhanced points & cash credits as per the quality of the entry. Winners will get 10 points to their entry, but no cc for it as their main prizes will be credited to their profile account.

    So let's start writing!
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    Partha: Include in your first chapter a character with a name who is walking past the mannequins.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Only chapters should be submitted in this thread. No inane responses, please! Queries, if any, can also be posted in the registration thread.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    [This chapter wins a consolation prize for the contest]

    Chapter 1: Indian Mannequins in Italy

    Cassino city, Italy: Squadron-Leader Vijay Sharma got down from the car. The weather was pleasant. He had been planning to purchase some Italian products. After a hard training with the Italian officers, he got a well-deserved rest. Today he was planning to do the shopping. He, with an Italian officer, started exploring the main road of the city. Squadron-Leader Sharma noted something while walking past a shop. He was perplexed.

    In front of the shop, there were seven mannequins. All mannequins were in colourful Indian attire. He asked the Italian officer, but the officer couldn't explain. While the two officers were discussing, the old owner of the shop came out and invited both to his shop.

    It was a big apparel store, and the store also contained Indian male attires, which Squadron-Leader Sharma never noticed in any other shop in this city. The shop-owner asked him in English: "Are you an Indian?" Sharma nodded. He asked the shop-owner about the mannequins in Indian attire. The shop-owner started an astonishing story.


    1944: British Fifth Army was fighting a do-or-die battle in this city against the combined forces of Germany and Italy. The battle was famous as Battle of Monte Cassino in the annals of World War-II. Indian 4th (Red Eagle) Division was attached with British Fifth Army. In fact, the Indian Division saved the honour of the British Army in this battlefield.

    The old shop-owner's father was an Italian soldier. On that day, he was lying seriously wounded in the battlefield along with many other comrades and enemy soldiers. At late night, seven Indian soldiers arrived there. After a hard day's fight, they volunteered to work as medical orderlies to find their wounded compatriots.

    On that night, these seven Indian soldiers saved the life of the Italian soldier. When they found him alive, they treated his wounds, gave antiseptics and waited till he regained his consciousness. When the Italian soldier expressed his gratitude, those Indians smiled. In the battlefield, seven Indian soldiers exchanged addresses with the Italian soldier.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Natarajan: In your chapter include one happy incident which occurs in the life of one of the Indian medics when they return home the next morning.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter2: War and Love

    The leader of medics (known as 'The Noble Seven') was Major Ramkumar; his selfless commitment to helping countless injured soldiers cost him his right leg but earned him the awe and respect of both friends and foe.

    The next day (18th May 1944) signaled the end of the terrible battle. Major Ramkumar received orders to return to India, his long journey home started as he boarded the train to Rome. At the train station, amid the destruction, the Major was lost in thought. Slowly the horrors of war were replaced by endless fields of green, a good breeze, and a brilliant sun all of which warmed the Major's heart.

    Like the train he rode, a train of thoughts ran in his mind too, what next, would his friend be around in Madras( hometown), would he get a job, how would he comfort his orthodox mother when she saw her son without one leg. His thought was interrupted by the smile of a charming young lady seated opposite him. She gave her name as Francesca Alessandro and slowly both broke into a hesitant conversation; the major mentioned his experiences and the wounded Italian soldier who was incidentally named Alessandro!

    With a joyful smile and tears in her eyes, Francesca said 'Are you one of the Noble Seven'? When he nodded, she hugged and kissed him. She took him to the end of the coach were he found the same Italian soldier whose life he had saved, he was being shifted to Rome for better care and his daughter was Francesca.

    Alighting at Rome, the Major intended to spend a week which became a month. The bond of platonic friendship between them turned into love. Ramkumar realized that he had fallen in love with the beautiful yet humble Francesca as both shared a passion to serve the people. Strangely, the war brought them together and their love blossomed. He proposed and she accepted. With the blessings of Alessandro, both were engaged. Promising to write to her after making arrangements at Madras, a happy Major Ramkumar boarded the ship.

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    Neethu: Include an unexpected meeting of the Major back home in Madras with a childhood friend who owns a saree shop in the city.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Is it my turn to write the chapter? Let me know, please. Also, what would be my topic? Please inform me so that I start writing my chapter.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Hakimuddin: It is clearly stated that if the previous author does not submit the chapter, the next in line should do so. Hence, since Neethu did not submit the chapter and mentioned in the registration thread that she has opted out, you should be writing it. So now follow the instructions in my response #639555 and submit it within 24 hours of this response of mine.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    [This chapter wins the joint second prize for the contest]

    Chapter3: Unexpected meeting

    Ramkumar boarded the ship to Madras. As the ship started its journey, Ramkumar started thinking how he will tell the entire story to his family. He had one widow mother, two brothers and a sister in his family. It was not an easy task to talk about our own marriage to the family members at that time. It was almost 25 days journey and every day even every movement was very hard to pass. On the 25th day of the journey, the ship landed at the port of Madras.

    Ramkumar went home and every member of his family was surprised by seeing him at home. They did not believe that he had only one leg. Everyone wanted to know the entire story. After the lunch, Ramkumar started to share his experience of war and his love. His mother was very sad that he had lost his one leg but ultimately happy that he has come alive. After the incident of war, Ramkumar told the story of how he met Francesca and engaged with her. His family was happy and ready to marry him with Francesca. His brother told him to find a job before marriage.

    Ramkumar started to find out a job. After a week he saw a notice board in front of a Saari centre in the main city. He visited the shop. The manager looked at him and offered him a job to prepare the cash memo. Ramkumar accepted the job with great pleasure.

    One day the manager asked him to complete all the pending work before 11 o'clock as the owner of the shop was coming to the shop for the regular visit. Ramkumar completed all the pending work before the time. At 11.15, the shop owner came to the shop. All the employees stood up for him. Ramkumar also stood up when Ramkumar and shop owner saw each other both hugged each other with tears in eyes. The shop owner was none but his childhood friend Kuldeep Rai. Both were happy with an unexpected meeting with a childhood friend.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    ME: Waiting for your instructions about the element to be included in my chapter. I hope you will be giving this today.
    always confident

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    Dr. Rao: Mention any one of the mannequins shown in the photo, bringing it into the text is some interesting way.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    [This chapter wins the joint second prize for the contest]

    Chapter IV: The reunion.

    Ramkumar and Kuldeep Rai both studied together in the school and the college. They are very good friends and used to move very close. Mr Kuldeep Rai introduced Mr Ram Kumar as his friend to all the employees there and took him to his chamber inside the shop.
    Over a cup of coffee, they shared their life experiences after they parted ways over livelihood. Mr Rai asked him about his experience in the war and how he lost his leg. Mr Ram explained him everything and in between the discussions he explained about his love and marriage proposal.
    Congratulating Ram, Kuldeep asked him to accompany him to other cloth stores owned by him. Telling his story he explained how he started with a small store and now is the proud owner of his own franchise and branded clothes specialising in traditional Indian and wedding clothes. He also offered Ram a promotion as a group supervisor.
    Both of them went around the shop just to have a look around. Ram Kumar loved a mannequin there and told the same to his friend. The mannequin in sporting Indian traditional Rajasthan attire with a red turban on the head which nicely suited the mannequin is very attractive. Ram Kumar thought that dress would suit him well. Kuldeep promised him one such dress to wear on his wedding day. Ram felt very happy on his way home. He told everything that happened on that day to his family members over dinner and also about his inviting his friend for a dinner on the coming weekend.
    Mr Ram has written a letter to his fiancée explaining the whole episode and went to the bed.

    always confident

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    Aditya: Include a surprise element during the wedding which is related to the mannequin's outfit selected by the groom.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter 5: She is my crutch.

    "Big day tomorrow Ram. Nervous much? I understand. It is difficult for a 35 year old Tamil Brahmin to marry an Italian Roman catholic. That too right after your traumatic war experience. Don't worry. Francesca will blend into your family in no time",Kuldeep comforted Ram Kumar who was going to be married off the next day.
    "Haha. A Tamil Brahmin,wearing a Rajastani attire for his Christian wedding. Your wedding is going to be quite fantastic" he added.
    Ram Kumar smiled nervously and said,"Kuldeep. It was in 1943,in Tripoli. My right leg switched on a landmine and was torn to shreds", Ram removed his prosthetic right leg and showed Kuldeep,"since then I dedicated myself for medical services. Francesca is a wonderful person. She's just 26. She's young,beautiful and brilliant. She will surely find someone better than me."
    "Ram! Just shut up! Keep these negative thoughts away for today. Tomorrow you will be united with the love of your life",Kuldeep said angrily.
    Ram took his wedding dress and gave it to Kuldeep,"You see, this Pajama would run down to my ankles. My non-existent right ankle! Kindly cut the right leg of this pajama".
    Kuldeep was stunned by this strange request.
    "I bought this prosthetic to support me. But now this is holding me back", Ram showed the remnant of his right leg to Kuldeep,"I will hide nothing from Francesca and the world. If you comply to my request I will marry tomorrow".
    Ram's stern expression showed that he's not going to budge otherwise,so Kuldeep agreed.

    The next morning guests gathered in the hall of St.Thomas Cathedral in Chennai. Italians and Tamilians were conversing between themselves and one another. As the clock hit 10, Ram Kumar appeared in his beautiful Rajasthani turban and dress,hopping into the hall with Francesca supporting him from the right and Kuldeep from the left. Ram wanted the world to learn his handicap and Francesca's unfaltering love for him. He succeeded because instead of a wave of whispers,he was welcomed by cheers and applauses.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Venkiteswaran: Mention some profession of the bride which would fit in with the developing story of the mannequins.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter 6: Trying to tie the loose knots

    At this point Squadron Leader Vijaya Sharma sighed deeply, gazed at the shopkeeper, came closer and with a guise of an enthusiastic student asked," So, Fransesca is your sister. But where were you when all these episodes happened."

    The shopkeeper smiled in a way indicating that more is to come; and replied. "Actually I was an young boy then. I was studying and was at home with mother .I just cannot forget those traumatic days. Then my elder sister Francesca told me all that happened at Rome and In India. Thus I know everything in full."

    "OK then tell me more about Francesca "

    The synopsis of what he said is as follows.

    Francesca was a very studious girl. After finishing school, she wanted to specialise in fashion technology in textiles. She even started doing a course in Rome. She was actually studying and doing a job there. That was when tragedy stuck their family. Then she had to discontinue the fashion design course as she had to take care of her father during his advanced medical treatment.
    After marriage Francesca and Ramkumar travelled throughout India .Francesca was impressed by the variety and unity of India and Indian people. She was especially attracted by the variety in the Indian peoples dress and dress habit. She also noticed that every town, city or village had textile shops and there were lot of textile factories in the Madras State and Mysore State and Surat town. She knew India was the right place for her to continue her textile design course and realise her dream. She told Ramkumar about her wish and he also agreed.

    The shopkeeper then ordered a Cappuccino for Sharma and said:

    "The mannequins you saw outside are those brought by Francesca from India at my request. She herself had designed the clothes on them.".

    Growing curious again, Squadron Leader Sharma walked towards the mannequins to have more detailed look at the mannequins.

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    Vij: Mention something related to any one of the mannequins that intrigued Squadron Leader Sharma.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    [This chapter wins the joint first prize for the contest]

    Chapter 7: Betrayal and True love

    Squadron leader Vijay Sharma gazed the mannequins carefully to quench his curiosity. Suddenly he noticed something strange in one of the mannequins in the middle wearing a full pajama. He was surprised that its right foot was looking completely different from the left one. He found that right leg of the pajama had a stitched joint above the knee area. He also found some undulations in the right leg.

    Confused, he entered the shop and asked the shopkeeper, "Sir, that mannequins down there, it's strange......?".

    Shopkeeper narrated further.

    After her marriage in Madras, Francesca after completing her textile designing course started working for Kuldeep Rai who was a famous cloth merchant in the city. Ramkumar handled the operations within the city while Kuldeep and Francesca had to frequently tour nearby cities for business purposes. This closeness made Kuldeep develop an attraction for Francesca and he even proposed her. But Francesca was as faithful as before and strongly denied him and even told this to his husband. Ramkumar was shocked to learn how his childhood friend could backstab him? Then both decided to part ways with Kuldeep and work independently. Kuldeep was angry and frustrated at this.

    Ten years back, suddenly one day morning Francesca found that Ramkumar did not get up from sleep. He was dead! The shopkeeper had tears in his eyes.

    Vijay: "Oh! Where is Francesca?"

    Shopkeeper: She is staying here now. Seven Indian mannequins outside were ordered by me as a sign of gratitude for "The Noble Seven" who saved my father's life. That one abnormal mannequin you mentioned symbolizes Ramkumar in his wedding dress. Its right leg is a prosthetic leg which he used. Francesca joined it temporarily and also the pajama cutting which she had preserved till now from her wedding day.

    Ramkumar still comes to his mannequin sometimes and talks to Francesca in private. You know a true love knows no boundaries of life and death.

    Vijay: You mean Ramkumar's spirit?

    Shopkeeper: Yes probably, it may not have rested in peace due to his mysterious death.

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    Padmini: Include a meeting of Squadron leader Vijay Sharma with Francesca.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    [This chapter wins the joint first prize for the contest]

    Chapter 8: Life took U-Turn

    After listening to this, Mr. Vijay couldn't resist himself from meeting Francesca and asked the shopkeeper about his wish.
    The shopkeeper smiled and gave him the address.
    Mr. Vijay was in confusion because the address he got was a hospital. He again asked about Francesca and her health. This time, shopkeeper didn't reply and said him to go there and find the answer himself.
    Without any delay, Mr. Vijay asked the Italian Officer to leave and he headed towards the address.
    After 25 minutes, he was in front of a big hospital surrounded by beautiful green bushes and trees. He entered and asked about Francesca on reception. The receptionist asked him to wait and made a call after which she accompanied him to the chamber of Francesca.
    A beautiful lady with some wrinkles under her eyes welcomed him. Mr. Vijay was still in surprise and was not able to understand what all was going there. That lady asked him to sit and offered him water. Then she introduced herself as Francesca.
    Now the confusion was on the top that how a fashion designer is working in a hospital. Before Mr. Vijay could utter a work, Francesca understood his thoughts and said, "Mr. Vijay, don't think much. Many times our life takes U-turns and we have to follow that only. I was serving soldiers before I met Ram, lived my dreams with him and now again back to the same mission."

    She further explained how she coped up with the sudden death of Ram, supported his family financially and after the death of her mother in law, she came back to Italy.
    She started working with her brother and helped him set his business.
    But one day, she felt like Ram was nearby and was asking her to live his dreams by serving the soldiers. And then she decided to start a hospital with the funds she had saved. Gradually she started getting volunteer supports from doctors and government for this holy work and it has become a renowned hospital with multiple facilities now.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Saji: Mention the Squadron leader's attempt to trace the other people on the medics team.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    [This chapter wins a consolation prize for the contest]

    Chapter 9: The Mission is on!

    'Francesca,' the officer started off in a low tone, 'I am actually so confused about how I am feeling now. Right from the day the Noble Seven saved your father till this moment when you are right in front of me, everything seems like a dream'. He paused for a while, enjoyed the smile on her face and then continued, 'My eagerness to know more about the whole episode has increased now. I feel that I was there with you all always. Madam, pardon my curiosity, but do you have any idea about the other six among the Noble Seven?'

    The smile on Francesca's face vanished suddenly. She looked down for a moment and said, 'Sadly, no. Sir, your question has made me feel ashamed after a long time; for not having done something which I should have, maybe I was so busy with my life that I did not get the time. My father did tell me that he had their addresses but, I am so sorry that I never tried to look into it'.

    'Madam, to be frank, I somehow feel that I know my mission now. If possible, could you be able to trace out the addresses for me?

    'Sir', she said, regaining the spirit, 'it's now or never. Common, let's go'.

    The car moved fast towards the store.

    They crossed the mannequins and entered the store. Francesca was searching for something and finally, she brought out a small trunk. 'My father had kept his very personal belongings in this', she said as she opened it. She took out a small diary and turned the pages. The smile returned to her face.

    The officer took the diary from her and saw that the page had the addresses of all the Noble Seven; all from different parts of India. He took out his notebook and copied the addresses.

    'Francesca', he said with a new found enthusiasm, 'The mission is on! I am taking the next flight to India'.

    'Officer,' she said, 'I will wait for your completion report'.

    'Sure ma'am'. He said that with a salute.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Neeru: Select any one of the mannequins in the photo. Connect it to the airport of that city in India which is one of those where one of the medic's address is & where the Squadron leader first goes.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter 10 : Meeting with Shyam Rajvanshi, one of the medics.

    Squadron leader Vijay Sharma was a bit excited with the list in his hand and had already seen it 2-3 times. He was in a determined yet good mood. He had a mission now to meet the other medics who had once associated with Ramkumar, the first one, in such a noble deed. The mannequins were repeatedly coming back in his mind one by one. To start his mission he chose the Rajasthani attired one first.

    With the help of the hotel manager he got his air ticket booked for Jaipur, Rajasthan where he chose to go first to meet the one of the medics Shyam Rajvanshi. There were other reasons also to go to Jaipur as one of his cousin who got married to a business man in Jaipur always asked him to join them some time so that they can rekindle the memories of their childhood and enjoy some time to gather.

    Vijay was excited to meet with Shyam as well as happy that he will also have time with his cousin.

    Vijay was informed by hotel desk that late night flight was scheduled and he will be reaching Jaipur next day in the afternoon through a connecting flight via Delhi. He immediately gave a message to his cousin in Jaipur who promptly responded that a car will be there at airport to take him to her place.

    Next afternoon, Vijay reached the cousin's house and after getting freshened up confided in her the other important reason of coming to Jaipur. His cousin was also very curious after listening the whole story and offered her services to Vijay in the matter.
    "A car with driver will be of great help, if you can." he said.
    "Oh! That is no problem. If you do not mind I even accompany you. So we do not lose time to talk." she was laughing and had sincerety in her voice.

    In the night, he met his brother-in-law who received him very warmly and affectionately.

    Next morning after breakfast, they left for the place of Shyam as per the address and after enquiring at a few places reached a house which looked pretty well from the outside.

    They pressed the bell and a tall girl came to open and had questions in her eyes as to who these people were.

    "We want to meet Shyam." he explained.
    "Oh. Daddy? He is in the gym. Please come in and be seated. I call him." the girl guided them to the sitting room and disappeared behind a curtain. A few minutes passed and she entered along with Shyam, a pleasing personality having a smile on his face.

    Vijay started to tell him the purpose of his visit and when he had narrated a large part he saw the tears in the eyes of Shyam which he was trying to wipe out with his hands.
    "I was out of touch and did not know these things. Initially we had some correspondences but later everyone was busy elsewhere ..." he was not able to talk. Old memories were reeling in his mind. His throat was choking with emotions.Vijay was also not able to talk for a while.

    Shyam told him his story that how after returning to India, he was retired from the services and was residing in his paternal house in Jaipur and was searching a job to occupy himself when his uncle offered him a business proposition to run a fitness centre (gym) there.

    Soon, they took leave from Shyam and his wife and while departing Vijay told them that he intended to meet other medics also and may be if everything goes well they can have a reunion kind of a thing one day at some convenient place.

    Shyam and his wife came out to see off them as if they were very old friends and were standing on their house gate till the car took the turn on the far corner.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Srimathi - Returning to his cousin's home, on the way Squadron leader Vijay Sharma sees a shop with a single mannequin....take up this element in the chapter.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter 11 An unexpected meeting

    With a feeling of achievement and a motivation to go further, Vijay saw the world outside the car with pride. Before choosing the next one among the Noble seven, he thought that he should notify Francesca about his meeting with Shyam, later he thought it is better to invite her for a surprise reunion.

    His thoughts wandered with happiness and flew fast in dreams of reunion, where as the car was tailing an auto in the busy commercial street of Jaipur. Her cousin now and then pointing out some stores and was sharing her memories. Suddenly, Vijay's eyes got stuck on one shop and not followed her finger or word any more. It was a big textile shop, still there was only one mannequin in a Rajasthani wedding attire at the entrance.

    "Yes, there is no difference, it is the same one", Vijay thought himself. He asked the driver to stop near that textile shop. Vijay rushed to the store and stared at the mannequin. It was as same as the mannequin that denoted Ramkumar's attire in Italy textile shop, but it has no trace of attached pieces. His doubts got piled up, when he entered the store. The store has many royal collections inside, still why did they put up this attire at the entrance? When the other floors have more than one mannequin, why the entrance need to be placed with only one?

    Vijay reached to the shop owner to clarify his doubts. His knots of doubts started to loosen after seeing the shop owner. The name on the shop owner's table gave him a clue. It was written "Kuldeep Rai". Vijay could recall his backstabs to the leader of medics.

    He still calmly introduced himself as Squadron leader and started asking his doubts without disclosing his association with Francesca. But Kuldeep's reply was direct about Ramkumar. He started narrating the story dated back to their first reunion in his shop to till date. Vijay could understand the mystery behind Ramkumar's death and he found it important to talk to Francesco before he go ahead with his mission.

    Sri Vetri
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    Joyshree: Resolve the mystery of Ramkumar's death.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter 12: Death of Trust
    According to Kuldeep, he seldom met Ramkumar after they had parted ways. During the last 5 years of Ram Kumar, he used to call Kuldeep at wee hours of the night. Whenever he called Kuldeep, he discussed that he is suspecting Francesca of having an affair with somebody.
    Kuldeep said, "The more I tried to convince him that this is impossible and Francesca is a very dedicated and loving women, the less he would believe me. He had stopped working. It was Francesca who was running the home. Ram used to call me in high influence of alcohol. I suspect he even used to beat Francesca."

    "Did you ever call Francesca or meet her during that time?" asked Vijay.
    Kuldeep nodded his head in denial. He said that once Francesca called him, and said that Ram's heart was in a bad condition. He was suffering from high blood pressure too. She pleaded him to help her bring Ram out of this condition.
    "So did you go?"
    "No, as I knew that I couldn't do much. I believe mistrust in a marriage is an incurable disease. It leads to either of the partner's death. Ram was no exception to that. The biggest tragedy is that Francesca loved him more than he himself did. Ram never believed that. He always had an inferiority complex. He thought Francesca would definitely leave him one day for some other man, who did not have a leg injury like him. The truth is that, I know a man who did propose and ask her to leave Ram. But she refused."
    Vijay interrupted, "If you don't mind, I figure that this man is you. Isn't it that Ram suspected Francesca had an affair with you? He never believed that you two are not in touch. That is why he kept calling you."
    Kuldeep nodded in agreement. He suddenly exclaimed, "But, I didn't kill Ram! He died of a heart attack."
    Vijay agreed. Vijay figured this from whatever Kuldeep told him. But he needs to cross check this from Francesca to be sure.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    Aditya V.: You can conclude the story now, wrapping it up by ending it appropriately, including a final meeting of Vijay with Francesca.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Vandana, Sorry for the late response.

    Chapter 13: Everything makes sense
    "Nothing makes sense…".

    The incomplete statement of Vijay shook off the Italian Officer from his afternoon siesta. It wasn't just the usual curiosity of Vijay. This time his statement had some depth. Vijay needed answers.

    "Alexandro, there are too many loose ends to this story… nothing is making sense…"
    Alexandro was about to reply. But he let Vijay continue.

    "…For starters, why aren't the other 6 Noble men in the picture? Why didn't Ramkumar contact any of them? "

    "Vijay, you need some fresh air. Let's head outside."
    "No, let's meet Francesca and confirm what Kuldeep said"

    The duo had just reached outside the shop, when they caught the smell of burning paper. Curious as usual, Vijay traced the source of the smell.
    "So, it was you!", exclaimed Vijay.
    "Alexandro, didn't you get it? Look at what he is burning.."
    At the corner of one of burning papers were the words – 'From, Ramkumar'.

    The cat was out of the bag. "Okay. I'm not going to hide anything….",said Francesca's brother.
    …A year before my Ramkumar's death, my sister called me to India to help her out with her new business. That's when I realised that Ramkumar was really in a bad condition. He had almost given up. Ever since, he found out about Kuldeep's interest towards Francesca, he was devastated. Ramkumar didn't knew whom to trust. He fell into the hands of alcohol. He started to drink profusely to let out his frustration and sadness. He even started to question the sincerity of her love.
    I used to help post his letters. One day I accidently read his letter to his friend. It was filled with anger and frustration towards Francesca. He blamed her for everything.
    How could he do that!
    It was the alcohol in him. I didn't want anybody to question the sincerity of my sister. So I never posted these letters.."

    "Does she know about this?", enquired Alexandro.
    "She would get crushed.."
    Francesca's brother apologised and took their leave.

    Now was the right time to meet Francesca.
    "Hi Mr Vijay, You've come at the right time."
    "What's happening?"
    "I need to make amends. I want to redeem myself. I could never help my husband at his weakest. I'm going to fulfil his last desire.
    The function is beginning… "
    A smile beamed on Vijay's face.
    The 6 other Noble men were cutting the ribbon and inaugurating the new hospital wing for specially abled persons.

    Let's see the world from different perspectives

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