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    Are you happy with what is happening with Vijay Mallya?

    Few of the news are of interest for me & so sharing,

    "Embattled liquor baron Vijay Mallya has been directed to pay a minimum of 200,000 pounds towards the costs incurred by 13 Indian banks by the UK High Court, reported PTI".

    "The UK high court further ordered the 62-year-old tycoon to pay costs towards registration of the worldwide freezing order and of the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) of Karnataka's judgment in Britain".

    Do we having an idea of this previously happened to some other extradition cases? Hope so not.

    I am waiting for the different secular parties to go on twitter including Rahul Gandhi, to appreciate this effort of the current BJP government.
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    It is good that UK high court ordered Mallya to pay 200000 pounds towards his dues to various banks. Further they asked him to pay other costs also. I am hearing for the first time this type of orders by a foreign court for an NRI. We should appreciate the initiative taken by the government and the way it has tackled the case. But don't expect any secular parties to appreciate the government. Still,they will try to find something to criticise the government. I also feel that the government is also not expecting any appreciation from them. If the people recognise their efforts that will be the best to happen for them. I am very happy with the happenings and I hope they will go the same way with other people who defaulted and escaped to other countries..
    always confident

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    It is to be admitted that the Indian side is presenting their case well ,which cannot happen unless strong political and administrative backing is there. In that regard we can deduct that the Modi government is taking efforts to recover back the amount Mallya defaulted.
    I hope the Indian government shows the strength,consistency and will power to pursue the case to its end in a way to be exemplary and saving national assets.will and support Mallya case will be a test case for the Modi government and will be an indicator for all other similar cases. A victory in Mallya case will be a trust and support booster for Modi government.
    However there are many ifs and buts in international matters. There can be some bargaining behind also, if the UK side wants to exploit the situation.

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    Does this in any manner concern to the achievements of the overseas tours by the PM Modi which might have resulted into increased & healthy diplomatic relations with the governments of the other countries?

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