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    What made the Professor dancer become so hit

    I hope almost everyone here has seen the video clip of a Professor Sanjeev Srivastava of engineering college dancing in a marriage function. He was dancing in a Bollywood song and that video got viral and he becomes internationally known in just a day!

    Indeed, there are the much better dancer and performers are available in our country who are struggling with their identity. yet, a simple man with an average middle age achieved what people dream of. From ministers to actors, young to old, everyone become his fan today.

    So what was so unique in his dancing that people liked it so much?

    I thought about it so much and came to the conclusion which is my personal opinion. The first thing about him is the look. For a man having fat tummy, bald and middle age, no one would have even thought that he could do the dance moves so well. And, this is what has worked wondered for him.

    No doubt, he danced with so many emotions and expression. Every movement of his feet was with great timing. Even if having that average body structure, his fitness to dance in that particular song was something that made him unique.

    However, this incident clear one thing that never ever leave your passion or give up your talent. You may never know when the lady luck will smile on you and you will become a superstar.

    All the best to Sanjeev Srivastava, he was dancing from last 36 years and finally he got what he deserves in real.
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    This video also shared to me through WhatsApp but I never watched it completely. But for whatever duration, I liked it. Thanks to the technology which made this available instantly to so many of us while at the same time keeping an unknown person to such an height that he wouldn't ever had expected.

    This author has briefed this whole I in a manner wherein we doesn't loose the interest to its end. Thanks to the author too.

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    Yes, Ved Prakash, even when I saw it first, it looked funny to me. However, he danced with so graceful as if he was lost the connection from the world. He was on his own world. That is what really interesting to watch.

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    This video is shared in What'sApp to me by my brother. I watched the video and I enjoyed the same. He performed very well and his dream came true.His dance now got the recognition and probably his strong will for coming out successfully in dancing professional made him to be successful.
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    Having seen this video, I felt happy because, here was a man, who despite his appearance, was truly enjoying what he was doing. It was pure passion.

    Not all of us can be like the movie stars and dancers on talent shows but here is a man who would connect with most common people. I think, each of us who have had inhibitions, self imposed restrictions would find a little bit of ourselves in Sanjeev Srivastava and wish I should have done it or I am going to do it.

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    I haven't seen the video. But from the vivid description, I feel that the passion for dancing displayed by the average-looking, middle-aged professor has attracted the attention of all. Further, he is definitely lucky to some extent for being instantly famous.
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    Yes I have also seen the splendid video of the professor dancing unmindful and doing the gestures on his own and without aping or copying anybody. What I liked is his passion for dancing and that comes from his inner heart. He choose to dance differently and changes the stance quickly much to the delight of the viewers and thus got instantly appreciated over the internet. Given his age, his tummy, the changeover in dancing to quick steps were amazing and even a qualified dancer may not think on that line. It is the hidden talent which he has now put forth before the world and was the instant hit.
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