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    Do we know the reason for low casting of votes during election times?

    We know of one reason wherein the individual person doesn't intend to caste his votes because he simply believes that for no matter what & for whoever party be in power but still nothing can be done. This mentality has developed not instantly but when the voters consistently duped by the various political parties. It's good for us to know that these haven't been the case during the last four years but existed even much before.

    The another reason for low casting of votes is that the voters have been shifted to some other locations due to job related issues & may be because of their personal reasons. But even & although the individual person got shifted but still the voting rights not relocated. I give you an example here that although my voting rights belongs to my birth place but in am in Delhi & so there are chances that I may lose to of casting vote to my preferred party. In one way I can make an arrangement & do visit to my native place & caste my votes & in other way I request for the voting rights for the relocated location & than go on with casting the vote.

    But instead of doing with any one of the above the individual person rather find it good to go for some vacation.

    I want to know the reason of behind this mentality & as this situation has emerged during the last four years or was existed even before. If yes", then what could be the possible reasons.
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    Another reason for not casting the vote is lack of knowledge about the venue of his voting centre. For example in Hyderabad there are 5 or 6 poling centres around my house and in each venue there are 3 to4 booths. We have no knowledge where is our vote. We have to go round and search. In villages this problem is not there.
    Many people don't have any interest to vote because they feel their vote is not going to do any change and any candidate will be same. Same country, same leaders and same politics. So a common man may not have any interest to go and stand the queue and vote.

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    Many educated people think that election day is the enjoyment day free from all responsibilities and they wont even go out for anything leave alone thinking of voting. For them why should they go out, search for the polling booth, stand in the queue in the scorching heat and then cast the vote. And after the results were declared the parties have their own relevance of proprieties and their votes does not matter. Hence many feel that voting is not their cup of tea as their one vote does not change the system or the fate of a candidate. But they are doing wrong. Each vote has the power and has the strength to mend the ways of erring people thus contesting.
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    There are a number of reasons for low voter turn out in our country.

    Many people are simply not bothered as they believe that nothing is going to happen. Some can not cast their vote due to their unavailability at the right place.

    The irony is that out of those who are casting their vote even some of them are casting because of group concerns and hope that if such a person comes in power he will do some favour to him.

    Very few people are casting votes to make the real honest and patriot persons to come in power and develop the country.

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