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What are the possible reasons for India not featuring in a World Cup final? Why do Indians not support their own team? Join this active debate. Closing date: 19th June 2018.
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    Active GD: Why isn't the Indian Football team in the World Cup Finals?

    This is an official active GD which will close on 19th June 2018.

    Topic: Do you think India is capable of featuring in the World Cup? Why hasn't it yet reached there? Why is the national football team not getting support during their games?

    The Football Worldcup 2018 is going on in Russia and each one of us supports different countries. However, when the Indian football team plays any match in India there is no one to support them. I felt very bad when Sunil Chettri uploaded a video asking citizens of India to come and support them.

    We have many excellent players in India but still, we are not able to qualify for the world cup. Why is it so? Is it that the sports minister is not supporting them? Or is it because we are unable to find good players from across India?

    Let us all of us support the Indian football team and cheer for the team whenever they play any match.

    Jai Hind.
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    This thread is being taken up as an active GD. Please debate on the various aspects of the topic, as mentioned in the text above.

    Closing date: 19th June 2018.

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    I do not know whether there is anything to discuss. Qualifying for the World Cup depends on the merit of the team. One or two good players cannot make the team worthy enough to qualify. Football is played across India and yet it is not a popular game like cricket. Only once India qualified to play the World Cup in 1950 that too due to many teams withdrawing from the tournament. India did not participate in that tournament. A lot of dedication and support is required to attain that level.
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    In India people are crazy for Cricket only apart from cricket no one shows their interests on others sports, If we give the same importance to football like cricket then very soon even our football team will be able to play world cup. #Letsfootball

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    A very good and relevant topic for discussion. This topic is a favourite topic of mine. So, let me start from the beginning.

    Let us go back to the last part of the nineteenth century, A Bengali landlord was travelling in a horse-drawn coach in the ''maidan'' area of Calcutta. He noticed that some Englishmen (soldiers from nearby Fort William) are running with a round object. He stopped his coach and watched the game. Within one hour, he managed to understand the basic rule of the game. He also learnt that the game was called football. The name of this landlord was Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari.

    The new game attracted him. He watched some more matches being played at ''maidan'', and started giving training to some boys in north Calcutta, where he lived. Within five years, he established two clubs, viz., Shobabazar and Kumartuli. He made this new game popular in entire north Calcutta.

    In another two-three years, some Bengali gentlemen established another club in north Calcutta. The name of this third club is known to all Indians. The name of this club is Mohan Bagan Athletic Club.

    During the very first years of the twentieth century, despite strong opposition and ridicule from British rulers, these three clubs got themselves registered, purchased tent and acquired land in the ''maidan'' area and started playing the second oldest football league of the world, i.e., Calcutta Football League. Within another 2-3 years, Mohan Bagan A.C. qualified to play another prestigious football tournament, IFA Shield.

    Unfortunately, the father of Indian football, Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari left the world very early, he made football a craze among Bengalis.

    And Bengalis proved to the world in 1911 that Nagendra-babu had taught this game very well.

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    Actually, this football game is famous in West Bengal and many people are having a lot of interest in the game. But the game has not spread all over the country and in many places, nobody has interest in the game. Indians are very crazy about Cricket and even in villages and primary school boys also start playing cricket with a normal ball and a stick keeping bricks as the wickets. Even in school and colleges especially in the south, I noticed some people playing volleyball but not football.
    Because of this, the talent is going towards the cricket game and nobody is having interest in the other games. Added to that the earning of cricketers is very high when compared to a football player. So nobody is showing interest in that game.
    The Indian Football Association has to take a lot of actions to promote this game and see that players will get attracted towards this. The Indian government should support financially the association to take up promotional activities.

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    A world most famous sporting game is Football and a popular game mainly in European countries. Now our GD is why India unable to participate in FIFA world cup there are several reasons associated it.

    1)Due to climatic conditions where Indians easily get sweat and lose energy their physical fitness is very low.
    2)Food habits also make a huge difference a high protein and energetic diet needed to get strong thighs to run and play the game.
    3). Manipulating and match-fixing in a Football game is not possible like cricket(where a few countries will participate and BCCI is the big brother of all cricketing boards ) this is also a reason still India not participated in FIFA world cup and if they participated they know what outcome will come and they already witnessing it in Olympics.

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    I don't accept that the game is not popular in India as there is no chance for manipulation and match-fixing. As cricket is the favourite of many Indian guys the BCCI is making money and as Indians are the biggest patrons of cricket and without the involvement of Indians so much money can't be made in Cricket. BCCI is being given a lot of importance. It is in no way a reason for the less popularity of this game in India.
    As pointed out by the author climatic conditions and food habits may have an impact on the game. But they may not be the reasons for the game not becoming very popular in our country. Basically, the students are not having much interest in the game and one should think how to bring in that interest. The government may take certain steps like encouraging students who have expertise in the game by giving them some scholarships and advise the national board to take actions to promote this game in the school by providing free kits and other needed items. Then there may be some push for the game.

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    Most of the Indians want to time pass more where cricket is the apt game for that where other games like football finish the games with less span of time it is also one of the factors for the football game, not a popular sport in India.
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    Even last time also it was discussed. India do have the talent of football but not to the level of playing with International teams and clubs and thus mot many players are coming in open to support. It is been viewed and criticized that football is not given that fillip when compared to the cricket game and most of the players are working for some organization or the other and cannot give cent percent to the game and thus the game has been playing second fiddle to cricket and that is the reason being so deserved Indian players are not getting a hold and prove their mantle in International arena.
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    Indians have talent if you tell and write these quotations 1 lakh or 1 core times it will not yield any result or it will become true or you will not get any benefit from this. If Indians have guts and have a talent then they have to show it on the ground, not in words or letters or in quotations.
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    Who says Indians are not having talent in football. Come to our area and in Trimulgherry which is famous for this game and many youth are eager to play for India but ?
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    Why should we undermine the people of our country? When there are many people always there will be talented as well as normal people also. Even the talented people also may not be able to get the required encouragement due to family problems and financial problems. So there is no point in telling that there are no good players. The Players has to live on. For that, they may not be able to completely depend on this game and hence they may be working elsewhere and they may not be able to find time for practising and excelling in the game. For such people, government encouragement and people's encouragement is required. That is lacking in our country. So they are not able to establish.
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    It is not right to say that Indians don't love football/soccer. The massive success of ISL has showed us that we love football equally. Chennai,Goa and Kolkata have awesome teams. Indian national football team is a myth now. We have competed in Asian cups but not in any international cups yet. We lack far behind in practice and equipment. One thing can be done. Our state teams are awesome. I wonder if they will be recruited in international cups,nay, the World cup. Football is bigger than cricket. More number of people watch soccer around the world. So India must definitely focus on its football career.
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    I do feel that the Indian national team is not getting enough support. I feel the following are the reasons.
    1: India is highly dominated by three things a) politics, b) power, and c) population.Most of the times there is an open or hidden game among these three aspects. So there is no time to support football or other real world issues. That is why it took so much time for the case of Jessica Murder to get justice. Politicians are busy playing mind and power games with the huge population of India. Indians are also busy being played in their hands. So no time for actual field game.
    2: Although every year new and budding talents come to play football, how many of them get a chance to play in the national team? This is highly due to nepotism, Nepotism is one of the results of this huge population. Here favoritism and references come before talent.
    3: The reservation system everywhere, be it for women or minority groups have also created a resentment among real players. Reservation system helps football players from reserved quota to get a government job sometimes over those hard working people who really deserve it. That is why real players have an apathy towards national football team.
    4. The dominance of cricket in our country is another reason of low support to national football team. It is definitely noticeable that cricket gets lots of sponsors. In fact, Indian Premier League is the next popular thing after 20-20 cricket matches. Football premier leagues don't get that much sponsors, media coverage or viewers. So football is naturally lagging behind.
    5. Poverty is so high in our country that most of us cannot thing anything beyond "roti, kapra aur makan." Most of us are yet struggling to fulfill our basic needs. So where is the time or energy to support a national sentiment?

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    6. Now let us look into some famous football teams. Do they raise national sentiment among us? NO. The reason is that if you pick a popular team like Mohanbagan of West Bengal or Mohameddan Sporting, then you will see that most of the footballers aren't Indians. These footballers are hired from the western countries to play for India. This is harmful for our national sentiment. Some football fanatics love to see regional people in the football teams. They say, "Why should I watch a Spanish person playing for India? I would rather watch a match of Spain in the world cup."
    7. Inter football club rivalry is a big reason of decreasing football support and national sentiment. This is because, people see that a footballer who once played for Mohanbagan, has now come to play for East Bengal for extra bucks. Where's the loyalty, nationality and sportsman spirit?
    8. Similarly we see one football coach leaving his club and joining some other. All these hurt people's sentiments and diminish their support for football.
    9. Most of the good football players come from rural area. They don't have the proper backing or guidance. They don't have enough money to join a leading football academy and learn advance playing tactics.
    10. There is a lack of national spirit among us. This is why a totally unique and patriotic football team is not created as of now in India.

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    Indian football started its uphill journey in 1911. In the IFA Shield final, thanks to ten Bengali footballers and a Bihari footballer, Mohanbagan won the IFA Shield defeating East Yorkshire Regiment 2-1. Tow twin brothers, Shibdas Bhaduri and Bijaydas Bhaduri scored the goals for Mohanbagan. On the day, the Calcuttans celebrated as if Indian won freedom on that day. Since then, bare-footed Indian footballers started impressing many European teams visiting India.

    India got independence in 1947. Independent India's football team took part in 1948 Olympics and impressed all. India received an invitation to take part in 1950 World Cup due to the team's past performance, but unfortunately, was not allowed to take part in the World Cup held at Brazil, mainly due to financial constraints (unbelievable but true).

    India won Gold in the first Asian Games in 1951, performed brilliantly in 1952 Olympics and 1954 Asian Games, got the fourth position in 1956 Olympics and again got gold in 1962 Asian Games. Indian team continued performing in 1964 , 1966 Asiad and got bronze in 1970 Bangkok Asiad. India again performed brilliantly in Mardeca Tournament in 1974.

    1948 to 1974 was truly the golden period of Indian football. But what were the reasons behind this success of Indian football during this period? Let me analyse in the next response.

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    When India is doing good in cricket there is no politics everything is clear and transparent If something goes wrong then population, politics, scams everything will come in to picture. China largest populous country in the world also participated in FIFA world cup.
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    I found the following reason of not playing India in the world cup Football final:

    1. Cricket is the most popular games and we encourage the cricket from the childhood. In my opinion, a parent provides the first toy as plastic's bat and ball to play cricket at home.

    2. You need a team to play football but only a few players can play cricket at any place which encourages cricket in India.

    3.You need a very good stamina to play football and there is a lack of stamina in Indians.

    4. We do not allow our children to play football for security reason. The ball is very hard and no parent wants to injure his children by providing the big ball.

    5. A big playground is necessary for playing football and there is a lack of a big playground in the cities of India.

    6. School institutions also do not provide facilities to play football for the students.

    7. There are fewer sponsors to sponsor football matches. it is not a popular game in India.

    8. Also there is not much support from the government for football.

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    In my previous two responses, I tried to chart out the journey of Indian football since the last part of nineteenth-century till early-970s. But what were the reasons for success?

    1. The simple game with simple rules and minimum equipments spread in many parts of the country from Bengal. Punjab, Goa, Maharashtra and Hyderabad became other major football centres of the country. Many great and good players started coming out from these places.
    2. Football was not confined in cities, it spread in rural areas also because of its cost-effectiveness.
    3. Good football players were sure to get Government jobs/jobs in good companies, if they could play in state level. This forced the players from poor economic background to try to excel.
    4. Top football clubs in Calcutta become professional to some extent and started paying money to players in addition to jobs. So, many good players from other states used to come to Calcutta.
    5. There were many good and dedicated coaches at all levels, who used to give basic training to players, most of the time without any remuneration.
    6. The difference in football standards with other top nations was negligible.

    These are the main reasons for India's success in international football till the early seventies.

    Now, in the next part, I will discuss the reasons behind subsequent fall of standard of Indian football.

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    I don't think financial things bother much when you have the tenacity to play for that matter not only financial nothing will be the hurdle to achieve something. For example, you take Sri Lankan cricket we all know what is the financial situation of the country it is very poor but still, they manage ICC trophies 1 Champions trophy, 1 World cup, and 1 T-20 World cup. Likewise Zimbabwe the whole country is struggling but they have cricket players who play cricket and participate in International matches. Likewise, many African nations who play and participate in FIFA world cup football there is a lot of food starvation in their respective nations.
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    It is true that the Indian National football team is not getting good support for the football team. The people are completely inclined towards cricket and the children also play cricket than other games. Even parents encourage them to play cricket rather than other games. That is why we are not getting good talent into the team as expected.
    That is the reason for football going back in our country.

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    Currently the countries playing in the FIFA 2018 are: Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Belgium,Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Iceland, Iran, Japan, Korean Republic, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Tunisia and Uruguay.

    I hope I didn't miss any country. If members are going to show corruption in Indian government as a reason for India's absence in FIFA, I'm going to show countries like Iran, Russia, Panama, Morocco, Mexico, Senegal and Nigeria; which rank more in corruption than India, yet found a place in international football. Corruption isn't the only thing that is stopping the Indian footballers. I think it is the dysfunctional All Indian Football Federation's fault. It would be a blessing if the captains and coaches from different football clubs over India could unite and rebuild a proper organisation that presided over football like BCCI does for cricket.
    Corruption can only hurt the struggling players. It does not pull down the famous champions from ISL. We all have seen and known the potential of these champion soccer players. Sponsorships and funds are no big deal. All that Indian soccer needs is a leader. A proper leader would repair our status in international football and get us the cup.

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    Forget about the cup! Is participation possible? I think its a million dollar question. I doubt in near future it is possible. As there is a famous quote from English "Winning is not important but taking part is important"
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    Participation is definitely possible. Being a big country and once great champions of game India is grouped under D category. India has to play qualifier rounds to be able to participate.
    India hasn't gone international on soccer after 2008. India is being ignored for the very same reason by the soccer community. Our team is not in shape and our country is not ready.

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    I think international lobbying also matters to include our country in the FIFA , and it is really astonishing that countries smaller to our size are in the fray and we are watching from the gallery.
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    I hope the things will get improved and our football players will rise to the occasion and they all will unite. They will try and bring back the national football association to the active position and the game will be revived in the country. There are good players and the national team can conduct some matches between states and other clubs within the country we can see many players coming into the limelight and we will have all the chances to get into the world cup also. All depends on the encouragement they are getting from the government and the people also.
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    People of our country or to that matter any country follow a trend, fashion and craze. This may appear a bit perplexing but it is true.

    The companies sponsor only those games for which there is a national craze. Any game will come on national level if it gets good number of sponsores that is good financial backing.

    As rightly said - money makes the mare go - and it applies to sports also.

    It is not that we do not have good players. It is only the support which is missing. There are countries in the world where people are mad about football. We are also mad but it is cricket.

    In USA there is no craze for cricket.

    So it is basically the inclination of the public of a country which decides it.

    At the same time if Govt promotes a game and till the sponsorors come in the picture, support it, then also a game will get popularity and recognition.

    In nutshell public interest and advertiser's zeal make a game popular and then only country can represent and get success in international arena.

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    I don't think in near future India will participate in FIFA world cup even by hook or crook they participate I doubt they can win a single match.
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    The question is- why are there no sponsers yet?
    What sponsorship am I talking about? I think its time that football got a new national club. And for that,I wish Hero motocorp,Reliance industries and Star sports,which hosted ISL come forward. There is a lot of money in soccer. Evidently because it is bigger than cricket. So why aren't private investors coming forward already?

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    I would like to place few more points and counter arguments of the previous arguments given by other authors.
    1. As Dr. Rao rightly pointed out that regional support is not available properly for football. Football is worshiped in West Bengal and very few other states. This is not true for states like Pune or Delhi or others. So when it comes to support this game nationally, the game lags behind cricket a lot.
    2. I don't agree with one author saying that footballers are not matching up to the international teams due to food habits. Protein diet is available all over this country. In fact, we have protein supplements to fill the gap of the required protein quota of the players. If food habit or body structure would have been a barrier, then in 1911 Mohanbagan would not have been able to win over Britishers in football game and that too in barefoot compared to British heavy boots.
    3. How can match fixing be an argument for not supporting football teams nationally. In fact, cricket is a game where match fixing is found the most. Please note that recently there has been a big IPL match and spot fixing controversy. Then why aren't people shifting their focus to football and still worshiping cricket?
    4. I also don't agree with one of the authors that cricket is a two player game. Both football and cricket and legitimately 11 player game. How a gully cricket or football is played is a different issue. There the number of players are short due to unavailability or the area is short, just due to mere unavailability of space. But that definitely doesn't mean that cricket is a two player game or it requires lesser area of the playground. These kinds of statements are misleading and false. Both football and cricket requires equal playground area and manpower. These are not criteria for raising or diminishing popularity. If that had been true, then Hockey would not have been the national game of India, which also requires ample space and manpower.

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    I told it is not easy to match fix or manipulate in a football game in the sense that in cricket the pitch can be prepared to suit the particular set of players or a particular team.

    Suppose a country like Australia has Kangaroo meat which has the highest protein and very energetic food that is not found in India.

    Digestive system for African people is different from Indians...

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Foodstuffs also play important role in the stamina of the players. Most of the Indian are vegetarian but the players of other countries are non-vegetarian which provide them with a lot of animal protein which helps in building muscles and bodybuilding.

    There is IPL to promote the emerging Indian players and provides them with a good platform to show their talent but there is nothing any tournament for the players of football to show their talent. If the Indian players will play with the players of other teams they will certainly learn many things and also would be able to perform well. This type of tournament will really help to boost up the confidence of Indian Football players and also be able to popular the games amongst the Indian.

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    Entering into this dicussion later, The short answer is you cannot be in the Football world cup overnight. It would take years of dedicated, focus developement of football nationwide with a concrete plan that is implimented with support at every level.

    I would like to start off by asking what is a sport to us? A pastime, a keep fit event, a sense of national pride, a reason for fans to cheer and have quality time, a career for few involved. Over the years the definition of sport has changed with a new vital dimension being added, i.e, a source of revenue and building a mini industry around it.

    Let's see USA, people are passionate and crazy about American baseball, basketball and football, England and Europe, football rules the hearts of the people and in Australia and NewZealand it's Rugby and cricket.
    Let's take in India, we obviously are the mecca for cricket, this is followed by badminton and tennis. Football has had few moments of fame but hasn't caught up with cricket and the rest.

    Why is this situation in India, I personally feel, common sense would tell us that for any sport to flourish and the country to be on the global platform we need, good players, infrastructure, coaches, sports medical teams and a strong national administration that supports all these, finally comes the fan following.

    Just visit any city in England, you have fan clubs, schools, coaching clubs, good training facilities and a sense of national pride. People have football evenings, where friends get together at home or at a pub and watch their favorite players and clubs play matches at all levels. World Cup brings in a festive atmosphere with football in everyone mouth and people buying merchandise related to their clubs and even displayed the flags of their country and club in front of their homes. Such is the passion for the game.

    Having had a chance to live in England for a few years, I can tell you that football is not the pulse of us Indians, it is cricket, but it can be changed. We we do this, then we have a fighting chance to be in the World Cup. What we miss is basically what each sport needs to sustain and grow. I will highlight this in an orderly fashion.

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    @ #639563
    There is a major difference between animal protein and plant protein. The animal protein is called complete protein as it provides all types of essential amino acid to the body but the plant protein is called incomplete protein as there is lack of some essential amino acids. The supplements of proteins are also made up of plant proteins which do not provide all the essential amino acids to the body.

    If you want to motivate your child to play any games you have to start from his childhood. We can see a child of 2 years can play cricket with his father. It is a common practice where a father bowl to his son and son play shots. You can see two or three boys playing cricket in a street or mohalla but it is not possible to play football by two or three players. Two goalkeepers are needed. almost at the initial stage, you need almost 8 players to start football. So that they can understand the different tactics like attacking, defence of football.

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    Wherever there is a necessity for money, sponsors are required and fewer nations are involved in the global sports event. India plays a vital role in that event a little bit of success is achieved for example Cricket. But if the Global sports event has many countries involved in that India success rate is very low, for example, Football, Olympics.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    It is not impossible to participate in the world cup football and play the final match. It is also possible to win the world cup final. When in 1983 Indian won the world cup final no one was expecting to do so but Indian players made it possible and do not forget India beat the world first team West Indies in the world cup final.
    But we should remember " The Rome was not made in a day". So, we need a proper planning to promote football in India. We should arrange football tournament at the local level like in school institution to find the talented player. We have to find some sponsors to promote the game. Also, start the tournament in which the big players of football come to India and play with our players. Our players should also participate in the different league matches to get experience.
    After all, nothing is impossible as the word itself indicates: I m possible.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    India currently stands at 97 positions in terms of overall performance in the football ranking. Adding that, the current format of the competition involves a qualification phase, which currently takes place over the preceding three years, to determine which teams qualify for the tournament phase, which is often being referred to as the World Cup Finals. After this, 32 teams, including the automatically qualifying host nation(s), compete in the tournament phase for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over a period of about a month.

    So looking at the above facts, it doesn't look convincing that we can be offered to play in the World Cup finals soon but this still needs convincing efforts on our end. Here, the problem remained in the fact wherein we find the lack of political will for doing much in this context. This is to be admitted that even there are policies for the athletes for different backgrounds but still the schemes are not being reaching to the ground level.

    Here, I would like to ask one thing of about how many of the athletes that we are known of in today's record?

    We can't only blame the political will which still not able to come up with the enough support of even after so long time but the money factor as well also the playing the biggest role in shaping the talent. The problem is that it's not only the Football but every other games accept the Cricket which is capable of earning handsome amount of money & so always having the maximum attraction from the talent as well as from the visitors but for rest of the games or the tournaments, don't have such fantasy.

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    Some Very good points are mentioned by the members in the thread. I would like to add my own points. Many members have told that its lack of fitness, lack of interest, politics , money involved in the sport etc etc. But I feel they are the secondary factors and can be overcome.

    One of the main reason why India with such a huge Population, not able to have a team which qualify for the WorldCup is Lack of Planning and Encouragement from the ground level. In Other Countries, Players are nurtured from very small age, their talents are recognized, properly trained. With all these efforts from childhood for many years makes the good players. These are the main reasons why this happened :
    1. Lack of Infrastructure for the children to try the game: Normally Football requires bigger place to play and there are chances of injuries if you don't play on proper place. In daily Indian Culture, even when kids assemble to play they feel cricket is much easier to play.
    2. The Popularity of Cricket in the Country: From many years, Cricket is the most popular game in the nation so obviously children tend to move towards that sport.
    3. Lack of recognition of talent : There should proper camps conducted for children and the talented children from there should be encouraged more and trained. This is not happening in India

    But gradually the condition is changing in India. Now a days youth and Adults are all following the international and club football well, thanks to Messi and Ronaldo. Thus there is much game awareness now and Parents are also encouraging their children towards sports. Thus sport is improving in India. Legends in India football like Bhaichung Bhutia and Sunil Chhetri have bring individual glory to the nation thus inspiring many people to pursue the sport over the years. Infrastructure is also improving and India had also hosted Under 17 Football World Cup as well recently and the response is also very good to the tournament. The leagues such as ISL and AFC football league are also a huge success in India. India International team is also doing great, right now they are in 97th rank . and its supposed to improve. So all signs are looking positive for Indian Football. So Proper plan should be laid down from recognizing the talent, properly training them and give proper fund to them to participate in different tournaments, all this will make the dreams come true. As India doesn't lack of Talent, Lets hope Indian Football will qualify for World Cup one day Soon.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • #639600
    India has a large talent. This is being accepted by the majority of the members.
    In some countries like USA people enjoy watching football and the people are crazy about watching these matches. It is like the craze of Indians for cricket. If there is a one day match of cricket and an international football match, definitely the attendance in the cricket stadium will be many folds than the attendance in football court.
    When the people are not interested automatically the companies don't want to invest in that game in the form a sponsor as they will not get returns for their investment.
    As there is no money in the game players or people are not getting interested to practice and learn the game. So the first and the foremost point is to see that the game will get popular by investing money and time by the government.

    always confident

  • #639602

    Sir, I think the companies have realized the craze and future of Football of future. That is reason for advent of ISL and other leagues, which involves huge amount of money and Celebrities such as Sachin, Abhishek Bachchan, are also part of owners of the league franchises. So the game is getting popular. But the main thing is recognizing the talent form the ground level and encouraging them . Once they are shot to fame because of them, I doubt there will be any short of Sponsorship for them.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • #639613
    Continuing from my previous response as to what is missing in Indian football with regards to World Cup participation and success?

    What we 'lack' in terms of Indian Football is

    1.Time: Some members might laugh but I seriously believe, Indian football is way behind with regards to the competition and quality that is needed to be in the top gobal event.

    We are way behind literally in everything.

    2.Public Passion and participation: Barring a few pockets of people who love football, the game does not draw huge crowds, the fanfare and the infectious enthusiasm is not

    there. For instance, just consider the one day matches in cricket of a home series, people are glued to there screens, follow the scores and progress closely, the players enjoy celebrity status and beyond where ever they go.

    3. Popularity at grassroot level: If you look around in the neighborhoods, street bylanes, playgrounds, you are most likely to see multiple groups of children playing cricket. Go on a Sunday to the nearby field or playgrounds, the odds are that, it would be full of kids, teens and local gangs playing serious cricket with prize money, basic kit and umpires. In the Latin American countries, often you hear about barefoot football kids who have exceptional dribbling and passing skills, these youngsters take to football as we have done with cricket.

    3.Education institutions: Children of various socio-economic status spend most of their formative years in schools, colleges and again here football is way behing cricket,

    hockey or badminton.

    4.Home grown talent: When we open the newspapers, we are bound to hear about young talented kids scoring 200 or 300 runs or taking more than 5 wickets in local cricket and similar stories of budding players. The same does not happen with football. Only when we have a regular supply of home grown talent to the extent that they can form local teams of the locality can we have develop a good pool of players from whom we can have a formidable national team.

    5.Infrastructure: India lacks good infrastructure except selected places, if a sport has to flourish, it needs good venues spread out and accessible to our huge population free of cost or for a nominal amount so that parents would be encouraged to send children to build up on their game skills. The infrastructure is a lot more that good venues, grass playgrounds etc.

    6. Coaching and mentorship. If you google for getting support to learn the game of cricket vs football, you would be more successful in getting good centers for cricket on an average than football.

    7. Government policies and commitment: Although not strictly the highest government authority, we have the all powerful BCCI, state cricket boards, IPL boards who have such clout that they have a big say in International cricket, this plays a crucial role in getting publicity, attract tournament franchise, a wide range of opportunities for international exposure etc. This lacks in football and it is one of the key behind the scenes factors for the slow rise of football.

    8.Money making ventures: Today, most sports are entwined with glamour and staggering amounts of money. Money for everyone, the players, the managers, the stadium, the small industries depending on the sport, telecasting companies, advertisement firms. If you look at IPL, we have all the above, it is as if IPL itself in a life line to many individuals. Such commanding interest in football is lacking.

    Apart from this, there are some unique features that are vital to be on the top in football. I will touch upon them in my next post.

  • #639617

    I agree to your most of the points. Yes, Indian Football is way behind when compared to Other Countries. But lets hope it develops same as the Badminton. Few years ago, India is not a great team in Badminton Sport, but now India is challenging China in the sport of Badminton, the popularity of game increased, children who are getting interested in to the sport increased, facilities for Badminton coaching increased and Players who are winning it for India are increasing. Indian Football needs the same kind of revival.

    Now a days, Educational institutions are just running behind the marks, they need to encourage students towards Sports. Every Institute should have a proper Physical education head who is qualified enough to recognize the talents of the students in sports. If they are encouraged at the younger level, they will have the motivation to learn more and excel well.

    I contradict regarding the last point, though there may not be incentives visible from Indian Football, now the remuneration they are getting through Leagues are increasing. They are getting well paid in leagues such as ISL. If they are shot into fame and if they are lucky and talented enough to get picked by international clubs, the money they can make is more than their imagination.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • #639625
    There are many good Football players in North Eastern states of India. On the contrary, we the Indians are only giving importance for Cricket. Indians doesn't have a sportsman spirit except cricket. Many cricketer are now considered as a celebraties. But have you every wondered what if we also give importance to all sports including football game. We are not giving any interest in football. People just wanted to become eminent ASAP and earn monies. We have not good spirit in football games because everybody wants cricket. Most players lack interest in playing football that the main reason why Indians weren't featured in final.
    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • #639638
    1. I agree that claiming and obtaining a position in the national football team cannot be overnight. The practice, effort and hard work has to be invested for a long time to become a part of the national football team. The main problem is that most of the parents want their child to be a Sachin or Dhoni or Jhulan Goswami. How many of them can vouch to make an effort to make their child a Sailen Manna or a Shibdas Bhaduri? So there is a lack of proper sentiment towards football.
    2. Some of the authors have raised the point of sponsors in the case of cricket and football. But have we tried to understand that why cricket gets more sponsors than football? Cricket has been able to come up with newer interesting formats which football has somehow failed to. You get to 50 over match, 20-20, World Cups of each of the previous formats, test matches, IPL. Have you ever wondered that football has only one format. This means it caters to only one kind of viewer group. Whereas cricket is appealing to all kinds of viewers. So sponsors find variety of target viewers through cricket, Therefore, more sponsors sponsor cricket matches and not football or hockey.
    3. I have interrogated few cricket addicts and found out that since cricket is more of a field work and lot of action goes all the time, it is much more interesting to them. They prefer to support cricket over football as in case of football, when neither of the teams are successful to score a goal for quite a long time, the viewers lose interest.
    4. It has been seen that various Indian coaches complain that the players are not properly groomed prior to becoming a part of their team. So it is inevitable that any football player should receive training of international standard right from the time they start playing football. This training is much different from the rules followed by kids in their gully football.
    5. The next thing that immediately follows the above point is that to get proper training, you need to hire proper football coaches, especially those who are internationally trained. For this the parents have to spend extra bucks and enroll their kids in few of the leading football training centers. If that is possible, better training is also not possible.
    6. If there are some players who can't afford such high quality training due to low economic situation of their families, then the government must take some necessary procedures. In no way a future football player should be lost, be it due to lack of proper training or proper monetary condition.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #639640
    Thanks to the spread of internet and social media, whenever a world cup arrives near, we start debating about the Indian Football team and regret why Indian team does not get to play in FIFA world Cup tournament. In ISC also we had numerous forum posts on that.

    I myself had participated in a GD in June 2014 titled Dreams of India playing world cup football-Will it remain as a dream for ever?.
    In that GD I concluded with a positive outlook and expectation in the following lines, and I quote:
    "I am thus very positive that now that Indian Football is getting turned to big business venture by time tested corporates, India will soon become a Football Power in the World Cup very soon............
    P.S: I just read a piece of cheering news: FIFA is giving380 lac dollars help to India for conducting the 2017'under 17 world Cup football events. I am now doubly positive on my conclusion. "Unquote

    In 2010 we had a forum threadCan India ever qualify for Football World Cup?. Interestingly in that thread, as a follow-up response, in 2017, Partha.K had mentioned "However, India's participation in World Cup football is still a distant dream, but not impossible. With more and more participation of young people, availability of sponsors, Government encouragement, development of infrastructure and international exposure, Indian football will move upwards and we can hope that in another 20 years, Indian football team can enter the arena of World Cup."

    In a 2011 thread, vide response #249743 a member affirmed that "The day India produces 10 BaichungBhutia s and some one like Lionel Messi in the Indian football camp at the same time,then we can surely qualify for the world cup and may even win it. "

    AS recent as June 12, 2018, Partha raised a thread congratulating Sunil Chhetri, and added "Chhetri had equalled Lionel Messi's tally of 64 international goals with a brilliant brace against Kenya helping India to win the Intercontinental Cup at Mumbai. Not only that, Chhetri achieved this fete playing two matches less than Messi.".
    So I think, we have some points here as factors that can influence the Indian Football's future.

  • #639641
    Public is vigil about the status of football in India now. Questions are being raised around the country as why our team is not among the players of FIFA. Our players are not in form because not many soccer matches are held as the cricket matches. Aren't almost all sportsmen other than cricketers similar then?
    Wasn't hockey too happy in background until last few years? But now we are among the best players in hockey. Soccer too will have its time as the awareness grows. All we have to do is wait for the next FIFA,probably in 2022.

    As of today Indian footballers are getting immense amount of support and recognition from celebs and politicians alike. I am positive about our future in football. The new players look promising. We may finally be able to participate in the next FIFA.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #639647
    In the first two parts of my response, I briefly stated the history of Indian football movement. In the second part, I mentioned that based upon the performance, Indian football team was invited to participate in 1950 World Cup held in Brazil, but due to financial constraints and various other reasons, Indian team could not participate. I have also shown that till the early 70s, Indian football team won many laurels in various international tournaments. I tried to explain the reasons behind India's success in the international arena in the third part of my response.

    Since the mid-70s, the downhill journey of Indian football commenced. India performed very poorly in 1974 Asian Games at Tehran, 1978 Asiad at Bangkok and again in 1982 Asiad held in Delhi. Suddenly people started losing interest in football. But what was the reason behind it. Let me explain.

    In 1978, people of India first watched World Cup football in television. They were astonished to find that world football moved far ahead. The skill, power, stamina, planning, movement with ball and without ball by the players of other countries stunned Indian spectators. They realised that Indian football is no match in front of these countries. Just at the same time cricket gained immense popularity because of some success of Indian cricket team in the international arena, 'Packer Circus', the concept of day-night cricket, ODI and coloured clothes in ODI cricket. Cricket tried to come to people by these measures. As a result, a vast number of spectators didn't return to football ground. They moved towards cricket filed instead.

    At the same time, regular cricket broadcasting started in television. Due to the structure of the game, industrial houses started preferring cricket matches for advertisement. Big money started coming to cricket. The popularity of football (along with hockey) started waning in front of cricket's popularity.

    Cricket's all-pervading popularity started increasing so much that people in smaller towns of Bengal, Punjab, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Kerala (which were the breeding grounds of Indian footballers) started losing interest in football. With the rapid reach of television even in rural areas, the younger generation even stopped playing football. Everywhere people started moving towards cricket. This became a tidal wave when India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983 and Champions Trophy in 1985. Every young boy started imagining himself as Sunil Gavaskar or Kapil Dev. The young boys stopped talking about Chuni Goswami, PK Banerjee, Thangaraj or Jarnail Singh.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • #639654
    Continuing my views, I would like to highlight the unique features of football. These unique features are lacking in India and India football. The facts apply to club football and country teams, the same players form the national teams. Now some facts,

    1. The average salary of an average English footballer is around 50,000 pounds/week and I am not talking about legends like Ronaldo, Messi etc.

    2.The level of fitness that a football player needs is very high. The average footballer has to cover 10-12Km in the 90 minute game. During bursts of sprint (>24km/hour) and run (22km/hour speed), they have to achieve and maintain heart rates close to 98% of maximal values. They use-up 70% of maximum oxygen demand. These are just glimpses of how fit a footballer has to be and what rigorously scientific training has to be charted by professional medicos, nutritionists, fitness trainers.

    3. Football is an high intensity game wherein the wear and tear/damage to the human body is quite high. The average professional life/career of a league footballer is around 8 years, this is with good support and custom made, exercise plan, diet regulation, rest period and top end medical and surgical support. Given the high stake game and the money involved, injuries in players cost the clubs a huge amount. In 2017, English premier league clubs lost 177 million pounds due to injuries.

    4. A top class managerial brain: Integral to the success of a football team is the manager. The likes of Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola are known for their ability to perform under intense pressure. Great managers has superior tactical brains and style of working. It is not like the coach sitting in the cricket dressing room. These managers have to be at the sidelines, watching the game, knowing when to make use of which player, using substitutes and making quick decisions.

    5.Infrastructure. This is perhaps the Achilles heel of Indian football. Let us just consider the football stadium. The UEFA guidelines have a mandatory need of having a category 4 stadium to host any game of league or championship football. The cost of such a stadium is around 25 million pounds! This is just the stadium,

    6.Football training academy. Imagine India having a world-class team that has to compete with other teams in the world. Some of the best football teams in the world have training facilities that cost around 75million to 200 million pounds and more. There are talent scouts who literally hunt down budding talent and sign then up for a club and then they go on to play for the nation. Some of the best talent scout groups are from Leicester city, Shakhtar Donetsk, Dortmund, Southampton. For instance, Theo Walcott, was sighted by Southampton and went on the play for the English team.

    7. Commercialisation of International football. Today global football has started to become a victim of its own success, the business angle infused into every aspect of football is so obvious that it has transformed itself from a sport to a self-sustained trade industry. Some of us crib about IPL, this just gets a whole lot bigger when we look at football.

    8. Football training compensation scheme and insurance. These are complex issues and include the amount of money paid by the national authorities for a club to 'release' its player to play for the country. This is basically the money that each club spends on each player that includes training, education, travel etc.

    In summary, these are the current key factors that are common among the teams and clubs playing national and premier league football in Europe. Just a brief glance at the above most would agree that we are far from the elite class and it's somewhat easy to understand why India is not in the World Cup 2018.

  • #639658
    As mentioned in one of the posts above slowly the game is catching the attention of celebrities and industries. Once the people see money in the game, the young people who are having a liking for the game will definitely start playing the game and many people will come out with talent and start participating in the game.
    In all the state if the government support this game and starts the state clubs and start giving incentives to the players a good pool of players will be available and definitely, a day will come when Indian team will be a formidable team in football. Why then to talk about participation, they will win the cup also. The summary of my argument encourages the players by giving them good incentives and creating avenues. Then bring the industries and celebrities to the protection of the game. Make the Indian football association strong. Then the game will improve in our coutry and reach the top position.

    always confident

  • #639667
    I see how commercialisation of the international football is working. Manchester United is the biggest soccer team in the world, I mean in the terms of popularity and money made through merchandise. But Manchester United started as a small football club in 1902. It has won one FIFA for England, but the club went on to earn the most number of trophies in England. The reason is their awesome coach. Do we have a chance of such coaching in India? There aren't enough Indian coaches that can match the international standards.
    The very fundamental guidance itself is missing in India. Then how are we supposed to hit the international podiums?

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #639669
    In the previous response, I tried to indicate why during the seventies, football started its downhill journey and cricket started becoming more popular. The spectators gradually moved away from football. The start enjoying foreign leagues or tournaments than Indian leagues or tournaments. Young boys stopped playing football. More and more teenagers started aspiring to become Tendulkar rather than trying to become Baichung Bhutia. Cricket started getting all the attention of sports channels. Advertisers started preferring cricket and the catchment areas of football started drying up. After the seventies, football gained popularity only in the north-eastern state of Manipur whereas it started losing Maharashtra, Hyderabad and most importantly Bengal (from where maximum footballers come).

    In earlier days, football was encouraged by royals. For example, Santosh Trophy has been donated by the Maharaja of Santosh. Today neither royals exist, nor the new sponsorers (companies) encourage football.

    Furthermore, no new infrastructure, football academies, new training regimen, new experimentation took place.

    As a combined result of all these factors, the slide of football continues till early 2000s.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • #639670
    Looking at what other members have said so far

    A.Mr.Partha- excellent historical summary, the only thing is one or two Mohan Bagan clubs cannot churn out talent in the right way that is needed to build a team (playing and reserve).

    I would like to disagree with your views
    1.the climatic conditions. In the present FIFA 2018, we have Brazil(as hot and as humid as India), we have Egypt, Nigeria and other countries that would be Indian weather.

    3. Contrary to your statement, match-fixing 'Does' happen. One of the FIFA Referee Fahad Al Mirdasi was banned for life just before the start of FIFA 2018 for match-fixing. The authorities are concerned, you can read more in

    I would agree on the second point, we need a proper professional to monitor the diet needs as per the player's position and physical build so that they can get the speed, stamina and build needed for football ( such intense levels of fitness are not needed in Cricket wherein athleticism is the key).

    C. Many authors have commented about Indian players, not at the league level. But the real truth is we cannot because simply we do not meet the criteria which are as follows.

    For our own players to play in FIFA, India should be at least 70th or above in world rankings for the clubs to consider Indian players for the European premier leagues. They should have brilliance and talent and played at the international level for at least 75% of the time in the last two years.

  • #639671
    Today areas of sports are highly commercialized and we can not imagine that any sport will survive in any country in absence of proper financial support.

    The interest of people in a game is one thing but when it is sponsored by big businesses and media telecasts it in 24/7 mode then eventually it is accepted and adored even by those who have little interest in sports.

    No country can excel in all the games. It can shine only in those areas where financial support and public interest is there.

    I remember, about 50 years back , in my home town, we had many football teams representing colleges, ex-army personnel, local business groups, some prominent villages etc and every year there were matches for a trophy or cup and for a period of about a month it was a great time to cheer up the teams and we were so excited and thrilled when our team won. The teams were dressed in the uniforms and local municipal board and local administration helped in arranging those tournaments.

    Where that excitement vanished with time, is a matter of pondering. Why we could not help those players to come to higher levels and perform for the country in international matches. Something was wrong somewhere that such popular sport did not rise to the expectation. Once the interest of people subside in an activity it is difficult to bring it back to that level.

    If we want to come up in any sport to the international level, two things are required. First is the motivation of a player to play that particular sport and make it his career and second is good infrastructure to train the outstanding players to learn the subtleties and advanced techniques of the sport.

    Knowledge is power.

  • #639672
    D.#639484. We may have talent but talent alone does not get us an team of international repute. We need to nurture the talent, build a team, have everything that is needed to put a formidable Indian football team which would be respected as an undergo at world cup level.

    E.#639501. I would disagree with reservation and India not having a good football team. There are many players who have come from absolute poverty and slums to make it to the international level. Cristiano Ronaldo, shared a room with three other siblings and never had airplane ride until his first contract in England. Luis Suarez of Uruguay was so poor that he played barefoot football until 12 years of age. Luka Modric was caught in the Coratian War and had to live in a refugee camp, playing street football among grenade explosions.

    I would also 'completely disagree with the concept of interfootball rivalry amd lack of sentiments'. If you look at the global scene, big transfers happen during the 'Transfer window' players are sold and bought, they change clubs BUT when it comes to the nation, the play as a single national team. This is the accepted norm in International football.

    When we see the current National team of England 2018, the 23 English players who play for at least 10 different football clubs including Chelsea(that is owned by Roman Abramovich) and Machester City owned by the Sheikh of Dubai. So, when these players have different interests but get together for the country during the World Cup events. So, there is nothing wrong in a player of Mohan Bagan going to another club for bigger pay as long as all offer their services when called for National Duty.

  • #639676
    Yes, I agree that Cricket is more popular than Football. But it's unfair to tell that Indian's don't have any sportsmanship. Most of Rural India and semi-urban areas haven't watched the sport much, hence they don't about the game. Hence They don't even try to play the game. But the situations are changing now.

    I won't agree to your point stating that Football formats are not interesting and I feel it doesn't need many formats as well. Present 90 Min game format itself makes it short and very interesting, one cannot go when the goal is scored, it can happen even in the last seconds. Football game requires a lot of hard work, normally a football player covers over 10 km running in a single football game, Yes, it would be a disappointing end if the result is 0-0. But the battle between players and Goal Keepers are as exciting as it can be. I agree with your point that proper financial support is to be given to young talents to get proper training.

    Those are very interesting facts and numbers

    Yes, there is a need for great coaches. Just like Badminton coach Pullela Gopichand, only with his efforts, now India is one of leading Badminton force in the world. We need such coaches to groom the young talent.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • #639677
    Actually there are many reasons why Football has so much audience all over the world, First reason is It is only 90 min game. It will end quickly. Second thing is Game may change towards any side just with in few minutes sometimes seconds. The Game which every supposed to end in draw , may just change when someone scores in the Injury extra time. Suddenly there may be a free kick or penalty kick allotted to the team which they have converted in to a goal. And there will be immense emotions going on in the field. Players are seen sometime fighting in between the games in that flow of emotions. Fans do connect to these emotions well. But It will take sometime for people to get used to it, understand the game and get connected to it. I hope Most of Indian's will connect well to this game as well as they do for Cricket.
    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • #639686
    1. One of the main reasons of less support of Indian football team is that still eminent people like Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri have to beg and motivate people to watch and support football.
    2. I agree that there are a lot of talented football players in India, but there is a shortage of fruitful methods that will make a channel between those talents and a football coach or football team owner.
    3. The main issue with the above situation is that today due to inflation and rise of price of petrol, the economic crisis of common man is huge. So one can't of think of pursuing their inherent talent and joine a football team. The future is so uncertain in football than in cricket.
    4. The shelf life of footballers are even shorter than cricketers. It might be due to the omnipresence of a footballers in the entire field. That is why, most of the talented players don't see a career in football. Therefore, we can understand that shortage of good players is a big reason for India not being selected as a World Cup team.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #639687

    Yes, I agree the people who watch Football, Hockey in stadiums are less in India. But the good thing is the situation is improving. The video request by Sunil Chhetri is like a wakeup call to fans about how much their presence in stadium is meant to the players. After that you can see how the stadiums are flooded by fans and how much people have talked about the InterContinental Cup. Lets Hope the situation will be growing better and better and We will rise in FIFA rankings.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • #639691
    Indian football did well untilmid 1970s but we got left behing because, the face of international football changed, the robust clubs, private enterpreenurs, sophisticated technology for training and playing venues, the careers of international footballers all changed and India got left behind in the wake of the highly talented, well equipped national teams around the world.

    Many members have highlighted about big money and corruption in the game. Any game that gets international attention and gets commercialized is exposed to corruption. Yes, football is also not immune. The Foundation for sports integrity is investigation FIFAs decision to award the 2018 world up to Russia and the 2022 to Qatar. But that should not prevent India from having a reputed football team. Corruption would be in the background at the administration level and would show its ugly head on the pitch when few players get involved.The large majority of the players and teams would still be staying away form this, hence, it's an hindrance and not a reason for a world class team.

    I feel commercialization of Indian football would help us and an adjunct to proper planning and support at grass root levels across the country. The positive side of commercialization is that it draws the attention of the people, the investors, the media channels, the event organizers and promoters. It also brings in the revenue from giant MNCs as part of their corporate social responsibility. This is what the serious football authorities should look and encourage.

  • #639695

    Yes, I agree with your points, It needs serious setup of complete structure like Clubs, Sponsorship from MNC's , Training Facilities, Qualified Coaches and Trainers, Football Camps, Stadiums etc.. In Foreign countries, it will be like these clubs will conduct football camps, recognize the talented kids and they only sponsor them to get trained and eventually allow them to play them to their clubs. Thus they convert the interested talented kids to Professional Football players, some of them eventually rise to stardom and will become stars and Legends. This Culture is to be developed in India as well. Then we can see significant change in Indian Football in future.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

  • #639696
    On the last day of the discussion, I would like to look at the future. Any discussion about a problem becomes futile if we cannot get some solution.

    With regards to Indian not being in World Cup football, I would like to add some facts about the ground reality of Indian football. In 2016, the Indian football coach Stephen Constantine made some valuable comments. Don't expect us to even qualify for World cup any time soon, we are short of talent. If you look at this profound statement coming from a responsible coach, instead of getting angry we should ask ourselves, have we get the goal post too high?

    Yes, I think we have. We need to focus on starting small and then building on to the world cup or premier league levels.

    A. South Asian football federation, although a small body of 7 countries, we have won SAFF under 16 and the SAFF cup in 2017. We need to strengthen our presence from here and move the the next level.

    B. the Indian foot ball think tank team has to focus on getting players ready for the junior level football premier events in Asia and the world. This would include AFC under19, AFC under 23 and FIFA Under-17,FIFA under-20.

    C. Once we have our junior teams in the race for the under 17,19 and 23 events, then the players will be genuinely ready in a few years to set their eyes on the AFC Asian cup, here among the 47 teams, the first 24 are eligible to play in the finals. Here in the AFC we have a better chance of understand our limitations and reasonably try to improve ourselves to have a decent national football team.

    To acheive A,B,C we need well laid out plans by a Indian football steering committee that should have more of players who have grown up in India and have had some exposure to International football. These people hold the key because, they understand the ground realities and have some realist plans and ideas to equip ourselves to aim for a FIFA global event. The recommendations of this committe should include right from the plans for focussing on children from the age of 6-10 years in primary schools across the country to having good infrastructure from training at each district to a complete package for young talent to be groomed foucssing on skills, fittness, diet. They should also have the inputs from sports ministry and the successful private ventures like IPL, ISL to borrow and implement ideas to attract funds and attention to football training.

    The football steering committee or similar national groups should take a leaf out of the books of Indian Badminton team and tennis teams to learn about the dedication needed from the coaches, players and the oppournities. Lastly, it would also be worthwhile to discuss with the powerful BCCI and the very successful IPL as to how to translate their own success into Indian football too.

    The Government can do it's role by providing funds and infrastructure various levels of sports authorities right from the taluk, district, town, city and state levels. They should also provide incentive for parents and young players to think of football as a good career for sportsmen. We the public should also lend our support for the growth of sports right from incorporating it in our children's extra curricular activities, to supporting local teams, watching matches at local levels so that the general awareness of the game spreads far and wide.

    D. Once we do the above for a couple of decade, then I'm more than hopeful that India would have a team of players ready to move within the magical figure of 32 to qualify for playing the football world cup. Here again, we should aim to move up from being group qualifiers, to stage qualifiers, to group toppers and then why not being in the quarterfinals, semifinals, finals and ultimately wining the football world cup ( like we did the unexpected in winning the cricket world cup in 1983).

  • #639730
    Since the deadline is closing in,I would like to conclude with observations and suggestions.
    As we speak, whole country is asking the very same question as we are. Celebs and other sportsmen have come forward and displayed their deep respect and wishes for future Indian football. But as of now, Indian football team is in a desperate need of good coaching and captaincy. We must take care we make few international cameos so that we will be recognized by the global football community.
    With better captaincy and support from government we can finally climb the ladders of football and finally be FIFA participants.
    But the most necessary step at least according to me is- establishment for a proper club/organisation that presides over football.
    I hope this one point resonates among other members here.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    We are about to conclude on this excellent group discussion. Although India is not playing in the football World Cup, all is not lost. India has moved up in the FIFA rankings from 150s to now sub 100 (97). The 2026 edition is said to have 48 teams, maybe we have a better chance. But we have a long way to go.

    1. Among all we discussed, I think India needs children around the age of 10 who along with their families are passionate about football and will go the extra mile in getting trained and become footballers in the land of cricket crazy fans.

    2. Such dedicated talented young children need a robust training academy that is standardized and available in all the nodal state centers.

    3. The state and central government have to closely work with sports ministry & funding bodies and local organizations to bring in together a team of coaches, nutritionists, support staff and other basic amenities so that the football trainees can get all the support they need.

    4. Parts of India (West Bengal, Goa, Kerala) love football and people here are as passionate as the cricket lovers in the country. Football is one among the sports, that receive a step-motherly treatment from fans and people in general. We the public need to change this perception and embrace football as we did with cricket.

    5. We need sports event groups, advertising houses, celebrities all to pitch in to make football have a wider reach and bring in much-needed money into the Indian football tournaments.

    6. I remember the enthusiasm and infectious atmosphere when Maradona visited India in 2008, We need more such visits from International legends who will be role models to inspire the Indian Youth. The Government also should chip in with organizing friendly matches with well reputed international teams like Brazil, Portugal etc and set up exchange programs so that drive for football is nurtured.

    7. We need the real men and women with practical knowledge of football who have played for the country and clubs to coordinate all these various strategies to make one great India n dream come true, that of a World Cup football qualification, participation, and success.

    I'm sure India will find itself in the World Cup football and hopefully, some of us and the future ISCians, will pull this thread up and remember us.

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    With the loss of popularity, Indian spectators have stopped encouraging Indian players in the field. Indian football clubs have lost their charismatic appeal. Indians have started hero-worshipping foreign players. Indians are now supporters of Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and other European clubs instead of supporting East Bengal, Mohan Bagan, Dempo Sports, Salgaonkar or Premier Tyres. The catchment areas of players in India are drying up. During the last thirty years, football has spread only in Manipur.

    The poor planning of All India Football Federation (AIFF) was manifested everywhere. Age-related tournaments are not being regularised. The number of coaches is decreasing. Today we don't see coaches who themselves visit villages and pick up players from local tournaments. Modern clubs of football-playing nations stopped visiting India. There was an all-pervading gloom in Indian football arena. Indian football reached its nadir by the early 2000s.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • #639736
    Here are my final arguments and suggestions for some solutions to overcome this situation:
    1. I think one big reason of good players having inhibitions towards playing football is lack of proper dietitian and a doctor in the football clubs. This results in asymmetric diet of footballers and not being able to play properly in crucial matches. The lack of availability of sports doctors in football clubs leads to footballers go through massive injury without proper treatment. I am myself witness to one such case. I went to a childcare nursing home for my antenatal care. There one footballer had to be rushed with severe injury as an accomplished doctor was not available in the club.
    2. Sometimes the past history leads to either making or breaking the sportsman spirit. In case football in almost all the prior world cups, our Indian football team either did not enter or did not qualify. So this kind of breaks the spirit of the players or the viewers who are supposed to support the football team.
    3. Inter football club rivalry and cheap backstabbing. In Bengali there is proverb that goes like this "Nijer naak kete oporer jatrabhongo." This means that sometimes you destroy something that is a part of your life or very dear to you, in order to run problem in lives of others. This is what has happened in case of the football clubs. They are so busy in keeping up their own rivalries, that they put the future of their players at stake and obstruct the path of letting Indian football team in the world cup.
    4. Some people say that football needs a Dhoni or a modern day Shibdas Bhaduri to make it to the world cup. A strong captaincy and methodical leadership is needed by football team of India. Since the morality of the players are broken before even then enter the world cup team, we don't get to see a Shibdas Bhaduri once more in football team of India.
    5. The altercations between the team coach and football players need to be minimized. If the players don't believe their coach, they will never believe that they can become a world cup player.
    6. Lastly, the football, players need a strong motivation and sense of urge from within to make it in the world cup. This passion is very much seen in Indian cricket or hockey team but not football team.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    In the last part of my response, I must state that since the middle of the 2000s, Indian football has started turning the tide. AIFF has to some extent activated itself, some foreign coaches are coming, some sponsors have been showing interest. Very slowly, infrastructure is also being developed. Many new football academies have started function in the traditional catchment areas, i.e., in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Manipur, Mumbai, Punjab, Goa and Kerala. The coaches are being trained. The results of these positive changes have started arriving. The Indian position in FIFA ranking has started improving. I am glad to state that present ranking of India is 96, which is the best in last 21 years.

    If the AIFF continues these positive changes, train footballers of all groups, appoint coaches who love football to search and groom talented young players, start age-based tournaments everywhere in the country, football in India will continue to become stronger. If foreign football clubs and national teams visit India regularly, Indian spectators will again hit the ground and appreciate Indian teams and Indian players. Gradually more and more sponsors will be interested, more and more money will be poured into the developing the infrastructure of the game. With time, football will get more television broadcasting time. New catchment areas will come up. More youngsters will be interested in this game.

    With the passage of time, India will again regain its golden days in football. As an eternal optimist, I sincerely hope that we can see India participating in the World Cup in another 20 years. Positive development will bring more positive news.

    With these words of hope and aspiration, I conclude my response on Indian football. I wish all the best to all participants.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I would like to conclude with following suggestions for a revival of Indian football team from this situation.
    1: The football clubs should forget any kind of rivalry while creating an Indian football team for the world cup. Even if that means supporting of a football player from the opponent football club, then also it should be supported.
    2: Any kind of nepotistic practice should be avoided.
    3: Common man must change his outlook towards football.
    4: Government should implement new schemes, scholarshios, workshops for footballers, especially for those who live in the rural areas. This will help them get trained with new tactics.
    5: The football clubs should join hands with the government to appoint internationally trained football coaches.
    6: Medical treatment and nutrition facilities should be upgraded in the football clubs.
    7: Government or football clubs should propose new interesting formats for playing football to attract the younger generation to this game. One good example is the ISL.
    I believe if the above suggestions are followed for the next 4 years, we will definitely have a morally and physically strong Indian football team that would create a history in the Indian world cup.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    After following the discussion and seeing all the points told by the members, here is my Conclusion to the Group Discussion.

    1) Indian Football, though not lack of talent, is behind because of less popularity compared to Cricket, lack of infrastructure and proper planning for future. But of late the popularity for the sport is increasing which is a good sign for Indian Football.
    2) To Improve Indian Football, Proper planning has to be done , the talent in the kids has to be recognized, proper training has to be given and they should be motivated and encouraged enough to pursue it as an career.
    3) Proper Coaching staff and Infrastructure is to be constructed so that it is available to more players.
    4) Football camps have to be organized all over India and the rural talent and special talents are to be recognized.
    5) Slowly they should be given proper training and India should work on sending teams under 17 and Under 20 level. If this properly planned Schedule is executed, India's position in world football will surely improve and We can see our National Football teams in big tournaments like World Cup.

    It's been a Wonderful GD and great to come back to Forum after a long gap of 2 years.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

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