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    How would you rate Arvind Kejriwal government as a CM of Delhi?

    I read today that it's going to be the fifth day that Arvind Kejriwal's sit-in protests at Delhi Lieutenant Governors (L-G) house. The reason behind this looked different in different times but if am not wrong then this time for calling off the strikes of the IAS officers at Delhi government. Please correct me if am wrong.

    I have tried to calculate the achievements of this government but couldn't get anywhere. Except for Twitter posts of movie reviews & blame game with the neighboring states, I don't remember anything remarkable of his government. The three years have been completed & he still got to nowhere from his listed promises.

    Water problem still remained as it as was before the election & there hasn't been any improvement in the transportation except for the Metro Rail & the construction of highways but both are not coming under his areas. The Delhi still remains the polluted city wherein the purity of air goes down below to the standard. There hasn't a single instance wherein he has exposed the red tape system within the reach of his governance.

    Please come-up whether it was a mistake on voters behalf or simply he is not capable of doing tasks for such level.
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    Was it allowed to function at all? The people of Delhi voted twice for the AAP led by Mr. Kejriwal. They cannot do anything without the approval of the Lieutenant Governor and he is the most uncooperative. The IAS cadre is on informal strike and not cooperating with the Government. I put the blame first on the people of Delhi for not voicing their concern in condemning the role of L.G. with regard to the attitude shown to the Government elected by them.
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    This is to be noted that he is not the first CM of Delhi but even previously there were many. I give you an example of Sheila Dikshit being the CM of Delhi, she advocated for the CNG buses & at the same time took the bold decision of removing the Blue line buses from the Delhi roads. She was the one who successfully introduced the CNG buses on the Delhi Roads & she was appreciated for this & for being CM of Delhi but couldn't regain the CM post because of her association with the Congress party. This CNG project had drastically reduced the pollution but due to consistently additions of more vehicles on the roads the status has again got worsen. This required the consistent working which the Kejriwal is not capable of.

    Look at the changing scenario. Initially he never wanted to be the CM but later on changed his way & fought & now as he became the CM, he intends the Delhi to be an independent state. I don't know how this could resolve the problem of water scarcity which we are still facing.

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    I don't blame Arvind Kejriwal, but the people of Delhi who voted for him & see that they are facing different problems & there is no one listening to them.

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    I am of the opinion that as a CM he never showed any special character except criticising Modi and BJP. He is famous for his twitter posting and criticising the people and later on telling sorry. Two or three times he withdrew the cases he lodged and expressed sorry to the other party. I also agree that Lieutenant Governor is not cooperating with him. But as a CM is it not his responsibility to see that he will have a talk with the concerned and see why the Governor is not cooperating with him and what are the reasons for this and why he is not trying to sort out these problems. I feel he might have tried hard to overcome the hardships by concentrating on his business of ruling the state instead of concentrating on Modi and BJP government. I think he is spending more time on twitter than in his office.
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    He was an IIT engineer. Later he joined Indian Revenue Service. He resigned from the service and joined Anna Hazare's Lokpal movement which was apolitical. Later he formed a political party and cashing on the popularity of Anna, he became Chief Minister. He thought that the Central Government would be afraid of the popularity of him, and let him do whatever he likes. But other political parties understood that the so-called popularity is only a reflected glory which is waning. They didn't budge. The Central Government didn't accede to his impossible requests. So, he has been resorting to his favourite hobby of his IIT days, i.e., theatrics. He has been doing this for last four years or so. The present dharna in the residence Lt.-Governor is one such theatrics of Kejriwal. People from all sections of society in Delhi are not at all impressed by this latest drama. After some days, it would be over.

    On the other hand, one after another skeleton is coming out from the cupboard of AAP.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    With the limited power he has compared to people who have previously occupied the post, I think he has performed exemplary.
    The budget allocation of Delhi for education is highest compared to any state in India. The look of the Government schools as well as the recent performance has improved to unexpected levels. The performance of students from these schools prove it.

    Electricity rates have been brought down. This when there are private telcos. If it would have been BJP or Congress, they would have cared for their own donation from these companies and wouldn't have cared about keeping rates down.

    Mohalla clinics though not in their perfect conditions now thanks to the unsupportive bureaucracy are still helping people a lot. Free medicine are being distributed. Even Kofi Annan has appreciate the Government initiative.

    Other good measures like Doorstep delivery of Ration and CCTV cameras in bus have been blocked by the LG.

    Even with his theatrics, AAP looks to be the best alternative to me. Other CM's had a supportive center and that's why they were able to work properly. Right now even Kiran Bedi is running an autocratic Government in Pondicherry. Same problem there but the elected Government there is not as active as AAP.

    This is basically a message to Delhi people. Elect BJP Government otherwise we won't let Delhi run properly.

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    I do agree that the present situation in Delhi is quite alarming - be it a environmental problem, acute - shortage of water to be distributed to common public and so on.
    Delhi CM Sri Aravinda Kejriwal tried his best to solve Manu issues initially including slashing the electricity - bill, streamlining the delivery of Ration - cards, to arrest the attrocities of women - folks by installing CCTV cameras, enforcing better displine in the government - schools.
    Even there was better appreciation of the people for all such endeavours. But what has gone wrong with the present LG not approving of his upcoming projects? Instead of resorting to Dharnas to show his unpleasantness, he should seek public - cooperation so that he can deliver better results. If one is honest and objectives are clear, the hurdles will definitely melt away with one's sustained efforts.

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    If you want to name the Kejriwal government then I would call it a Thugluk regime. Where is that Kejriwal who was with Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi, the three some literally focused the world media towards India. Before becoming CM he was a strong reformer, and after becoming CM he became CM and tried to ape the things what other normal CM's used to do and hence lost the name and fame he got as a agitator. Today he has become a laughing stock in the eyes of people and the drama he is unfolding at the governors residence brings laughter and publicity stunt to his stinking and sinking party. I even tweeted him that at least during Ramzaan he should have played the Sheer Kurma politics by exchanging pleasantries with governor and giving him the sweet delicacy to improve the relations.
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    Today the IAS Association arranged a Press Meet where the IAS officers of Delhi clearly stated that all officers of Delhi have been working, even on holidays. What the AAP ministers including Kejriwal have been stating is a pure lie.

    Shame on Kejriwal and other AAP leaders. They first beat the Chief Secretary, which is unprecedented, and then blame the officers.

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    Since the IAS officers did a press conference that is all true but when AAP or any non-BJP party does a press conference it is all lie. Talk about hypocrisy.

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    The Delhiites no longer bother about the theatrics of Kejriwal and his good-for-nothing chamchas. Everyone has understood their ability (or absence of it).

    IAS Officers of Delhi Government are only observing five minutes silence during lunch as a mark of protest. Nothing more, nothing less.

    We must expose Kejriwal and his followers.

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    I am not a Delhiite. So I do not know the first hand situation in Delhi,whether the AAP government has done anything good to the people.
    But forming my own opinion from what is reported in media about Delhi happenings , since AAP has come to power, I consider Kejriwal as a demagogue rabble-rouser .
    He is one more example to prove the old saying that a revolutionary cannot become a good king. He raises a question how can a king himself act as revolutionary too?(Mannae puratchi thalaivan aakalaama"-in Tamil.)
    Taking things too much under a banner Aam Asdmi, they have just shown that they have not yet grown and developed from protesters to responsible administrators.

    The cause of the present drama is just to pre-empt the hapless IAS and other officers whose hands and mouth are automatically tied from opposing the irresponsible, irrational and ruffian actions of the AAP ministers and MLAs.
    Kejriwal juts gives a cover as an anticipatory bail and alibi for self defence in the matter of manhandling the chief secretary.
    Kejriwal expects respect and good treatment for him, but is not ready to extend same to others. But he uses protests as a camouflage to cover his inabilities and weakness. He simply exploits the common people' ignorance and lack of time to know things more deeply.
    I am sure that ultimately the saying 'All cannot be fooled all times' will be proved again and Kejriwal will stand exposed.

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    Well much drama has been done by the Kejriwal himself and his government to garner the attention of the nation on the indifferent attitude of the governor. Now it is the time to set aside his hatred and start working with the governor. First of all Kejriwal must know as to why the governor was indifferent to him and sort out the difference by sending emissaries and build the confidence. He has the compulsion to work under the guidance and watchful eyes of the governor and therefore give and take policy must be adopted and not the confrontation route to create further divide between center and state relations ?
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    What can we expect from a guy who aspired to be the Prime Minister of India and work for the betterment of India to perform in a small union territory like Delhi? Arvind would have done better as India's Prime Minister, not as a CM of a small area. Are you laughing?
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    Yes, I am laughing my hearts out. Thans to Mr. SuN's joke my day has started on a hilarious note.
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    Could we just imagine that In Delhi, with its CM & Deputy CM, both goes on said to be the indefinite strike & while sitting in an AC room of the office of the LG. Both along with their another ministers haven't been to their offices since more than 5 days. Could we even able to imagine the type of administration here?

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    The Delhi High Court today questioned Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on the ongoing stand-off with the Lieutenant-General Anil Baijal and asked who had authorised Kejriwal and his ministers to sit on a dharna. The High Court was hearing a petition on this issue.
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    Arvind Kejriwal had a conflict with Najeeb Jung too, who was a retired Indian Administrative Service officer who served as the 20th Lieutenant Governor of Delhi from July 2013 to December 2016.

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