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    A tale of two friends

    A man had two good friends who helped him in his business and also for making any business decisions. But both of his friends had different approach, criteria, and skills in work and making decisions. So the man took help of any one of them which he thought would be the right person to help him based on the situation and the work. He sometimes even tried consulting both of them but due to the difference in their approach, there were conflicts between them and man had a tough time to figure out who is right. At times both the friends gelled very well and man was able to get best out of the wisdom of both of them in making his decisions.

    We also run a business called life and have two friends living with us, "Heart" and "Mind". In life, for doing anything or taking decisions we need to take help of these two friends. Heart goes more by emotions while mind has more of practical, logical and rational approach while doing work or making decisions. Based on the situation we have to make a choice whether to use mind or heart. Sometimes we happen to use both in arriving at the solution and result is conflict and indecision. So we should try not to mix them and use the one which suits the situation most. Some matters need more practical thinking and we should think more from the mind. But there are few things which involve emotions and love so here we should think more from the heart.

    Having said this, practically it may be very difficult to separate mind and heart completely in our daily life. An element of both will be there but the proportion of each is what that matters. Sometimes we can equally apply our heart and mind and arrive at a good balanced decision or results.
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    During earlier times of my childhood days I was often told the stories of some fantasy land but without any teachings. But with this there were also the stories which included with great motivation & learning too.

    What the author has pointed out is the most practical scenario irrespective of time & location. We have to come up with a balanced approach with the feedback of both from the heart & the mind. The slight misunderstanding will lead to more controversies in the relations resulting into more complications which sometimes may prove lethal if raised to mismanagement of any kind. And therefore proper understanding has to be taken care of among the different entities. I would like this to get compared with the cooking wherein a bit of slight variations in the use of spices or the fire would lead to wastage of the complete efforts.

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    I feel we have to use both mind and heart judiciously based on the situation. Sometimes we have to ignore mind and give importance to heart. Sometimes we should not go by heart alone. For example in our profession, we have to deal with our subordinates. We should use our mind and see that all the people work properly. You should not go by emotions. You should punish the culprit if he is doing anything wrong for the organisation. Here we should not have any emotional feelings. At the same time when your subordinate who always performs well is any problem, you should not hesitate to help him. You should give more importance to your heart. Your mind may say you are the boos and he is your subordinate and he is being paid for the work. But your heart feels yes this man is good we should help him. In such case, you should try to get some help from him from the Organisation.
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    Both heart and mind have to be consulted before taking any major decision in our life. But heart has inner feeling and reservations but the mind is always wavering. Those who can have control over the two are the winners.
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