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    Children Toys of the current generation. Are these really required?

    During my childhood days, I was fond of anything given to me & I really enjoyed those. For example, the small puppy or the small buses made up of cheap plastic material with key being used for make it run etc.

    Now a day the trend has been changed. More automatic gadgets have been introduced by the toy companies because of the growing competition. They are speaking toys which come up with different music as we tune to this. Likewise as per the trending ways, the toy mobile can also be seen in the market & is most liked by the small children. There are toys working on battery or having equipped with Wi-Fi inside. More varieties than ever before but does this really required or these are demand because we got more money to use for such commodities. I am saying so because being automatic these are costly too.

    Don't you feel that instead of using on such gadgets, can't the money be spend on some future schemes so as to better utilize the money for generating more savings.
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    For small kids who are in the age of months and less than a year, the toys which will make some sound or move here and there are very attractive. My granddaughter who is in her 8th month will feel very happy by seeing these sound making and dancing dolls. She will start shouting once she sees these toys. They are not very costly. There are toys costing Rs.30/- to Rs.60/-. The battery will work for long and it is a good time pass for them. But as they grow in their age they will go for other gadgets.
    As mentioned by the author it is not advisable to waste more money on these toys but at the same time, we can't stop completely. The elders should be very selective in spending for these toys and it is definitely better to put that money can be put in a kiddy bank or in a bank account which will be useful for the kid later on in their life.

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    Reading your grievances and suggestions made my mind wander, and had me wondering, what the scene might have been like, at your home, when your folks got you, as you put it, toys made of "cheap plastic material". How would the elders in the family have reacted? Perhaps, the same ways as you did. They would have seen it as a waste of money – which could well be invested to generate more money.

    Your folks got you the toys that were popular in your time, without worrying about the cost. What if they hadn't?

    No offense meant, but why is that everything that is available to children of this generation is seen in a bad light? Every generation has something new. Yours had cheap toys, which would actually have been expensive for the parents back then.

    As a kid, I too played with those winding toys that you mentioned.

    But, the question here is, do we earn just to save? Should that be the only motto in our life? Agree, toys are expensive, but people who buy those have a better-earning capacity. They surely must be investing wisely and not spending every little paisa on buying expensive toys. As long as there is a balance between spending and saving for the future, I don't see this as an issue. I wouldn't be happy if money and ways to generate more money was all that was on my mind.

    Parents save money in the hope of giving their kids a bright future, but what about their today, does that not count?

    This is reminiscent of 'hamare zamane mein…' an account of the proverbial generation gap.

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    Parents must be blamed for this kind of situation. Parents pamper the child to such extent that they bow to any demand of the child and keeping abreast with the other child having some modern toys , the parents are forced to shell out huge amount. One of my neighbor has brought a costly toy car with lights, sounds and virtually moves like a real car. The cost is high and that was purchased in competition with neighbor show off. Now the car is lying in the corner and the parents are fuming at the child for forcing it to buy. So parents should not fall prey to such tactic played.
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    It is the question of status once again. Upper middle class and rich parents can only afford these cool gadgets. Poorer parents still opt for the hand crafted wood or plastic toys. But when radio control gadgets are for rich, battery toys are for poor.
    Look at the age we are living. I'm 20 and even I find the technology today difficult. But these four year old kids can operate all kinds of phones and they can literally rock the computers. To prepare the kids to their future lifestyle, toys can be the best medium. So I'm for the cool tech goods as toys. Sure we must take time and appreciate hand crafts but these tech toys are the future. And future is undeniable.

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