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    A real display of Secularism.

    Today I was on a small trip to a place called Alampur near Kurnool. This place is in Telangana but just at the border near Andhra Pradesh. River Tungabhadra is passing through this place. Here there is a very famous temple of Goddess Jogulamba. This is one of the 18 Sakthipithas. Our family went there today to have the Darshan. All of our members are in the house as it is Eid holiday.

    The speciality of this temple is there are many temples in the temple area and in-between there is a big Dargah. Today it being Eid, many Muslim brothers ate there in the Dargah. As it is the weekend many Hindu brothers are also there in the temple. It is pleasure seeing the people each wishing the other a happy festival. By seeing this I got confirmed of my view that there is no problem among the people and they never bother about the religion of the other person. The intolerance and other problems are really created by these politicians only for their benefit. I feel we all should continue as Indians without any other differences and see that good culture prevails in the society.
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    Yes the author is right. As far as the people of both faiths are concerned , there is no ill feeling or hatred. Both mingle with each and exchange greetings without any fear. It is the vested interest who create a divide among the people and create commotion. The Ganesh temple beside Secunderabad station is situated beside a mosque and both are 400 years old and till today no confrontation or face off was seen between the two faiths. Likewise the Alwal Balaji temple and the Mosque beside it were the classic example of secularism as the devotees and Namasis were cordial and get going.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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