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    Do you think in 2019 elections Rahul vs Modi or UPA vs NDA?

    In 2014 elections only PM candidates got highlighted i.e. Mr.Modi from NDA and Mr.Manmohan Singh from UPA. People also gave importance only to Priministerial candidate in their voting even though ours is not the Presidential system of elections. But times have changed. In 2019 elections people may not give importance to possible PM candidates from the present ruling party and opposition parties. This time people choose selectively their representatives unlike blindly voting with the image of single person of a party. Sometimes parties also change their stratagies instead of projecting a single person they may go with unity strength of UPA or NDA. As media and many political pandits are predicting Mr.Modi's graph is waning away, in your opinion and expectations the battle in 2019 is basing on PM candidates basis or Party basis? In your belief, the trump card for BJP is PM candidate basis or party basis?
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    If we compare party-wise, Congress is no match before BJP in terms of leaders at every level, popularity and policy and sphere of influences. So far as the comparison between two top leaders of these two parties, the less said is better. The present President of Congress is a major source of internet humour.
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    I think the leadership of Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Ministerial candidate is not taken that seriously by other parties as the small and regional parties are already forming as splinter groups , thanks to the efforts initiated by TRS leader KCR. What I feel that the next elections for the Parliament is going to be with the regional parties visavis BJP and the Congress has no relevance. Time and again the party has been saying that it has run out of money and the poor performance in the recent past has brought bad repute to the party and over and above the aspiration PM candidate from Congress does not speak sense and thus spoiling his own name and has become a joke figure in the internet on daily basis. India cannot give power to those who cannot sustain the development and if Congress comes to power the corruptions would increase once again.
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    This is really going to be most awaited Result by the next year. Other two parties are like rats participating in the catfight. But BJP vs Congress is what will change the history of India. Earlier even there was a same scenario but after Modi s arrival scenario has changed

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    We have already been into the same discussions even before but still & for sure only one name will rule the upcoming general election in the year 2019 which is of PM Modi & rest everything in complete darkness.

    Seeing the situation of the Karnataka assembly wherein we got only two parties but no positive sign of its functioning so far with an addition of evolving with lack of understanding in between. We must get an understanding that we left with only one option & moving from it will lead to the hung parliament. The Congress party had a past of unreliable attitude towards its alliance party in different times & so anything collaboration in his context will be a failure.

    I would request the readers to leave aside their differences & ideologies & go ahead with the practical situation.

    By the way, who is Rahul Gandhi & if the author could explain the readers in detail his background & the achievements in detail.

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