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    Which is the best age?

    Some of us might have felt this.

    When we were young and went to school we felt that adults who do jobs are so lucky as they do not need to study and give exams and they even earn money and are not dependent on anyone. We also felt that being a small child was good as there was no tension of school. When we really start doing a job, start earning, get married and have family responsibilities we feel professional and family life is very hectic and we go on to remember our student life and feel it was so carefree. We also start feeling that retired persons are better as they can lead a relaxed life without much responsibilities and lot of free time. But when we really get retired we feel empty and less important in life and feel that our in job phase was better.

    So which is the best phase of life, childhood, teenage, adulthood or old age? Well, the grass is always greener on the other side. We should consider our present age as the best age fulfill our duties accordingly.
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    Nothing can match the infant age ie from 1 year to the 5 years age which is the golden period to any child as there there no responsibility, no tensions, the life would be easy and going with lots of glare over simple achievements and over all total pampering from one and all. There is no targets, no timings, no tasks, only eating and sleeping and that too with no disturbance. Unfortunately we wont remember all this as we grow and that is the reason being so I always think of going back to the child phase. Not only the parents, every relative, friends, well wishers would cajole, cuddle, pamper and get us all things as every child would look cute, lovable and mingle. And those who does not have children would give us the extra things which we never expected. All this would vanish once the school phase starts and the serous life also starts.
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    I always feel the best age is the school going age that is 5th year to 10th year. You will be in primary classes. Much work won't be there and home works will be less and we will have some time to play. But once we go to high school that is from class 6th slowly we have to spend a lot of time in studies and we have to do homework and we have to write examinations. The troubles start. College studies, job, marriage, family, children so and so forth. responsibilities start. Sometimes we will be so exhausted we don't find "me time" even for a few minutes. We feel that we are not able to cope up with the responsibilities. But when you are in primary school, there are people to take care of you and you need not worry about anything. Parents will take care of you and they will try to accomplish all your wishes. So I always feel that is the happiest and best age for anybody in their lifves.
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