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    Should we keep expectations?

    Whenever we do some task we always have some expectation about the result. Based on how we have done it we may expect a positive or negative result. We might have noticed that if we are having positive expectations for something and results come out negative than we feel sad and let down. On the other hand, if we are not expecting and the results come out positive it gives us a surprise and we feel overjoyed. Any positive thing coming unexpectedly always gives us a unique feeling and joy.

    So doing the work and not keeping much expectation we can avoid miseries related to the failure to some extent. Simultaneously we can enhance our joy of getting success if we get a positive result. So does it mean that we should not keep positive expectations regarding any work we do just to avoid bad feelings we get if we fail? Sometimes expectations give us a reason to try further and do more so keeping no expectations can mean a pessimistic approach to life. Although this may be a coincidence but sometimes we see that when we expect something it does not happen but when we do not expect it happens.

    So should we keep expectations?
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    Expectations are extension of hopes. It has more probability and demand than hope. While hope is like a pleasant dream expectation is more concrete and real.
    Where there is hope expectations will follow. But when expectations do not get realised, disappointment can happen.
    It is easily said than done that we cannot keep expectations. What we can cultivate and train is that if things do not happen as expected one should be read to take it in stride and do not get affected by that. But that needs more exposure, experience and conscious developing that attitude.

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    Expectations are part of on going life and living. How the expectations are created, it all depends on your meticulous planning and execution of the task and that would give the inner feelings that you have moved in right direction and right perspective and thus the mind says time and again that you have done perfectly well and the expectations also rise. And what I observed that those who are consistent in their life, they have the right to expect positive in all fields as they are habituated winner. But again over confidence in doing things and taking the results for granted sometimes would lead to negative aspect and that situation cannot be digested. There is a saying. That do your work and responsibility, then leave the results to its fate. And mind it that work must be well conceived and should not have any doubt aspects. If good things happen that is bonus and if negative things happen never mind.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Expectations from our deeds are what we want from those deeds Sometimes what we expect may be the outcome and sometimes the outcome may be beyond our expectations. In these situations, we will be happy and we get delighted. At the same time if we expect something and the end result is something different definitely we will get disappointed. Even the result is good but not as per our expectations also we will not be happy. we feel dejected. In this contest, we should remember what Krishna preached Arjuna in the Bhagavadgita. Go on doing your work and don't expect any result. What was due that will come. If you can really develop this mentality you will be always happy. Even when our children attend an examination we expect him to perform at a particular level and if his performance is not in that range we will get disappointed. So don't have any expectations either from your acts or by others acts, you will have a very good life.
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