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    If someone doesn't like you at all, you can't help it!

    How do you deal with people who don't like you at all? Do you try to do something to be liked by them or just ignore them? Share some useful advice for such a situation.

    "If he doesn't like my attitude, I can try to convince him. If he doesn't like my work, I can try to change my working style to please him. I tried many ways but I understand he doesn't like me at all. If someone doesn't like you, you can't help it!"

    These were the words of the heroine in a movie to the father of the hero who happens to work in their office and submits her resignation. This simple scene reminds us of the incidences that happen to us in real life too.

    Yes, we may come across some people or would be seeing to happen to our dear friends sometimes. You can't please everyone as it is the habit of some people to find fault with everything. It just happens because of the reason that was cited by the heroine in the above context - very simple one,' he doesn't like you at all and you can't help it'. Nothing to worry, don't stop; just ignore and proceed. After all it is his problem!
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    If some one wants to like you, be in his groove or aspire to be his preference by behaving to his expectations. Everyone wants to have their own peer group and wont mingle with others. Just because if some one talks very nicely and mingles with everyone does not guarantee that he would work with them for any task or project. And if someone does not like means you are unwanted for him or her. The body gesture and the talking words would indicate whether the person likes you are not. By the the world is big and one would get the right partner to understand and go with.
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    If somebody is not happy with you or not liking you because of some reason, you can try to amend yourself if you want to be in the good books of the other person. But if somebody is not liking without any specific reason or no reason, we can't do anything except ignoring him and proceeding on our own.
    We experience this in our life many times. When we see somebody we will get a feeling to become close to him but at the same time, we feel like not talking to somebody when we see them. These dare only feelings. We can't change ourselves from time to time and from person to person. We should be always ourselves and always trying to amend ourselves will be of no use.
    In offices also we see some bosses like some people even though they are not performing well and at the same time they don't like some people who are performing very welll.

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    I don't think that anyone simply doesn't like you! There may be something which is missing in this thread. Either the heroine has missed something or she has done something unknowingly which she does not know at all. Or maybe she thinks she is alright for something related to him but that did not go well with "him" as far as the heroine is concerned.

    To pretend himself/ herself honest and correct is the birthright of some people. While doing so they do not know if they are doing wrong to others. No one simply doesn't like anyone and there is definitely a reason.

    Just an example, if I owe money to someone and the person asked me the money and instead of replying him a proper way, I started avoiding him for as many days as 15! When the person shouted at me in the public place, I immediately replied to him! Here the person will definitely not love me.

    Second example - A teacher punish a student more than it really requires just because he does not like the student because he is not good at the study? Here, the student will definitely not like the teacher's attitude.

    There is nothing happened without a reason in this world or in our real life. Just because the heroine feel that he does not like by him without a reason, may not be the real truth.

    Also, it is a wrong attitude to please someone just because you want to win his/her heart. Why so? This is a wrong attitude no matter which part of our life is. If you are right, there is no need to please anyone unless you want to have something personal benefit!

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    The world is full of different personalities. Everyone has a different way of seeing towards life and society. In such a turmoil many of us may not like the ways of others while there might be others liking each other affectionately and lovingly.

    There are so many factors involved in the assessment of an individual that many times the assessment fails only to create repulsion and bitterness. It is not easy to find out why we like a person but there are varied reasons to that affinity.

    That is the reason why there are people who like many persons and at the same time there are people who dislike everyone barring a few close friends. This is the human psychology and requires deep exploration of the mind and its working in a given situation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What I have learnt so far is to change ourselves rather than keep on trying your understanding with others. The expectations of the others wouldn't ever be lesser from you & at the same time you wouldn't ever be able to satisfy others irrespective how many sacrifices that you have made. So mind your own business & chill out with more enjoyment in your life which you have been gifted with.

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