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    Public property damaged by groups or political parties: can the Govt recover the cost from them?

    Can and should the State Govt. impose a penalty for damage to public property? What are you views?

    Normally opposition parties and its allies are up in arms when the government takes some arbitrary decision and that irks them. They make demonstrations, bandh and even resorting to damaging some public properties. Though police do take the situation under control and before that the damage is already done. What are options before the law and the government ? Can they recover the cost of the property lost or damaged during the agitation instigated by a group or political parties participation. Does any state government impose such fines and penalties ?
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    The properties are to be insured for such happenings. Who will get pinpointed to decide on the responsibility? A mob will come and do the damage. Whom can be made responsible? Take the case of Ayodhya issue. The leaders who are leading the procession was not able to control the mob. So can we say the person leading is responsible? The law will not accept the same. Only some people can be arrested by the police to stop the proceedings on the spot and later on they will be released. This is the practice.
    Even during the Telangana agitation also, many times the present CM of Telangana had asked for so many bundhs and at that time many properties were damaged. But nothing had happened to the people. Only the losers suffered. The main loser for all the agitations will be the RTC and its properties.
    If we want to stop such activities the President of the party which called for the agitation should be given a severe punishment and then only there may be some realisation among these parties.

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    When we are in a stage wherein we can pin point the same than there is a possibility of recovering the amount but in case the diverted mob lead to the damages of the properties then perhaps this makes the law helpless. Or else if we could take the help of the technologies than we could get the identity of the culprits, identify them & finally access their bank accounts in order to recover the maximum amount possible & then release him. This would be good in case of repetitive actions considered as unlawful. This may also prove in keeping the restrictions among others as because of fear that actions may happen against them too, they might restrain themselves of such activities. But some actions needs to be taken or else these unwanted incidences will continue to block our life in someway.

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    Those who are damaging the public property during agitation should be treated as criminals. It is only our poor governance that we are not able to nab them and punish for their misdeeds.

    In some countries if you destroy public property you will be soon behind the bars and land in big problem.

    A strong police vigil accompanied with strong will of local administration can definitely control these things.

    If it is proved that the party workers of a particular political party are the culprits or even had a partial association in such activities, they should be heavily fined for that.

    Until unless, we improve the governance such incidents will be happening time and again. It is only the fear of getting imprisonment or heavy penalty that these miscreants can be demotivated from doing such cheap activities.

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