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    Do you buy unbranded but standard goods or even unbranded clothes?

    Are branded clothes more popular than local, unbranded ones? Share your experiences of using both types and why you prefer a particular type.

    There are so many brands of ready made shirts and pants, in India. Many of them are big brands like Raymond's, Arrow, Peter England and the like. Yet, there are hundreds of local brands, that are specific to a small city or to say, certain cities in North India, or South India.

    There brands sell at far lesser prices, and are good value for money. They are good for evening wear, or casual wear. More so, because none of us will desire to wear a Rs.3000 rupees shirt to an informal party, to just receive someone from the railway station, or to even watch a movie in a local theater. There are T shirts and even saris of this variety. They may not even have a brand to support them, but the quality will be good.

    What is your experience with such local brands? Are they value for money?
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    I am an old-timer. I prefer to purchase Indian made clothes. I never go for foreign brands. My sons will always go for branded material only. The cost is very high and durability is also not very high when compared to normal brands. I prefer Reymond's clothes always. But very rarely I go for them. I prefer tailor-made clothes. Many times I purchase cut pieces and get them stitched by the tailor.
    I never go for very costly clothes. I prefer medium cost clothes only. Many branded wear also I tried but I feel more comfortable with normal clothes than branded clothes. Indian brands like Arvind mills, Reymond's clothes are much better than MNC brands. But many of the younger generations will go for foreign brands and they feel pleasure in wearing those clothes.

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    What is there in brands and branded shops. They earn profits because of their brand image and they spend huge money on ads promoting their brand and that is taken away and recovered from us. I wont go for the brand and even if non branded items look good and has the feature better than the branded one, I shall go for it. By the way the branded items have already enjoyed he privilege and preference of the people and we have to support the non branded items. Why because they do not have much money to promote and just for that reason we cannot come to the conclusion that the quality would be inferior.
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    I prefer clothes from local sources rather branded ones. Branded items are costlier because those companies have to spend a lot in the maintenance of their show rooms and they also have expenses towards advertisements etc.

    I do not see the substantial difference in quality between branded and non- branded in proportion to the differences of their prices.

    Generally people follow fashion and craze and these branded companies advertise their product accordingly.

    People, who can afford or have desire to show off or believe that branded products are much superior to the local ones, go for branded products.

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    If we are able to judge the fabric than even unbranded are ok but in case that you are not having an idea of the type of fabric being used than its good to opt for branded products. In today's competition we can see the discount being given 24*7. In addition to this, the options & the availability are also good & of different ranges making you comfortable to choose from them.

    In my case I usually go for the branded products as I don't get the idea of different formats of fabrics. One more advantage of the branded & readymade products is that you can go through different designs which are exclusively of the latest trends in the market. You can also try the clothing whether if this fits you or not which is not possible in the otherwise cases. However, I am totally in agreeing with the personal tastes of each one of us & not with what other is following.

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    In addition, I do feel that the branded commodities may lead you to have more internal satisfaction in terms of quality while the local products may not have the same result.

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