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    How is the Next Ratan Tata?

    From time to time, we need good business leaders who are towering personalities. People who can mean a lot to business ethics, whom thousands of MBA students can and do admire, as role models.

    Though Ratan Tata is still around, he is not too active. Whom do you think can replace him?

    That particular person, should have impeachable integrity, should know business parameters and laws very well, should command a huge respect from the Government, and no corrupt politician should ever even attempt to utter a single word against him. Even Lallu did not say anything against Ratan Tata.

    Do we have such towering personalities? Who is your choice?
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    As of present Ratan Tata is the chairman emeritus and he has been getting all the recognition and attention in the industries and also in the government. Tata group is the most versatile , non controversial business house and they wont indulge in corrupt practices to garner the projects of the government and then support the politicians. They are professionally managed and the government must comes to their terms. Never ever we came across the fact about any Tata firms indulging in corruption or untoward activities to have the projects in their favor. So all these could be possible with a formidable person at the top and he will stay.
    K Mohan
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    I am not able to visualise a person who is similar to Ratan Tata. From yesterday night after seeing this thread my mind is working on that but I couldn't specify any name. Tata's have some business ethics and that is mainly due to the person standing tall at the helm of affairs. Internationally he has that recognition. A TATA group company will have its speciality always. Today TCS is the number one Indian promoted MNC in the country. They are in all sectors and everywhere they established their speciality. Unfortunately, they failed in Teleservices and they have closed down their unit.
    There are many big business houses but none of the promoters can stand by the side of TATAs who are very ethical in business.

    always confident

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