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    Do you recognise these changes?

    People often ask what is the change in last few years, what is so different about this government but deep down we all know that this government has definitely brought so many changes within the last few years.
    And this change is recognized in terms of the optimistic attitude of the public, the attitude of people which was once very casual and pessimistic is now changing and they are looking with hopes and aspiration towards the government.
    And not only within the country but in the whole world India is being recognized more than it was ever during the regime of any other prime minister it is because of the foreign policy of the present government and charismatic personality of prime minister Narendra Modi
    I have seen these changes in my locality as a construction of all-weather roads in the hilly areas, the roads which get affected by landslides every year due to the heavy rainfall and causes of death of many people are now changing and getting constructed again.
    Youths who were confused about their future are getting a way forward through digital India campaign and through the various scheme, they are finding interesting ways to get recognized and showing their talent at state and national level.
    Are you also seeing some changes around you?
    Did you notice such changes in the time of earlier governments too?
    Do you think the Personality like present prime minister will be easily replaceable or to find a new substitute for him in future?
    The way in which personality of PM Modi has influenced the public wouldn't his absence create a vacuum for sometime in the political corridors?
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    I agree with the author that changes have been taking place and the central government is not making it known to the public and thus the blame game of not doing anything in four years making rounds. If good center and state relations are there, surely the development would be all round and noticeable . But some states are up in the arms against the center and even the center funds are named as state projects and projected wrongly. The rural electrification and replacing the sodium vapor lamps with the digital lamps has helped the government to save in electricity consumption to much extent and this is not known to many. And many youths are drawn towards self help business. The banks are giving loans to buy cars and operate it on own with pride and dignity. All these things and many more happening in silent and the beneficiaries are also mum on the progress of there stature and the help from the government.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes. I too say yes to the points mentioned by the author. The central government is doing a balanced activity nationally and internationally to see that the public will be good in the country and the foreign countries will be helpful to our country. I have not seen such changes in the earlier days. These days we are seeing that many people are coming openly and submitting their income tax returns. The tax collection increased. The registration of assets purchased is being registered at the cost of the transaction. Earlier days only on market value registration was taking place and the remaining money is going as black. But now the registration is being done at the original price and ho black money is involved. The tax collection from this also increased and the governments are becoming richer. The purchasing capacity of people also increased. As said by the author if Modi's absence will be definitely a heavy vacuum will be created for that PM post.
    always confident

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    People want drastic changes and that also in overnight. That is not possible. Whenever a Govt wants to bring change, there is a great resistance by not only the opposition but the normal people like us.

    So today if some changes are perceptible it clearly shows that present Govt is sincerly trying to bring them.

    There are many people who do not like the ways of present Govt and are fearful for their future if the present regime continues. These people want that somehow this Govt should not continue. Let any Tom, Dick and Henry come but not this one.

    Why are they so fearful? What wrong have they done that they do not want a good governance in the country?

    Those are the questions which come in the mind of ordinary people.

    If the governance is good and the public cooperates then more changes will be there and things will improve as expected.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is to be noted that only now that we are interested in questioning the government which wasn't there during the regime of the previous governments. We were so pessimistic that we never believed the elected government for any development & growth with the corruption all around. This is the first time that someone has come to the PM post who is proud of its culture & also the first time that world is interested in our country. We never felt our existence at par with the world level but now this seems possible & its a fact.

    The tea seller during his childhood days is now being followed by the leaders of the world in terms of the political strategy & policies like the demonetization & GST. Our previous PM & the FM is still couldn't figure out the implications of these to our economy, although huge differences in terms of education & qualification. But only the intentions are different & which can't ever be matched with the PM Modi.

    Do you believe this?

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    Though the work done by the prime - minister in uplifting the standard of the rural people by giving a thrust to Ujwala - Yojana, PM Pension- scheme, Provision of cheap but effective - medicines at the health - centres are the encouraging steps to ease the lives of the common - people.
    However, the way he is taking to narrow the bridge between poors and affluent classes can be anticipated in the long term. Let us hope, you will see a better transformation of his dreams in the future to come. We need to analyse the entire persepectives in a rational way.

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    The generic medicine provided through various shops under Ayush scheme has really benefited the elders who used to spend lots of money on English medicine. Now they are cheaper by 40 to 70 percent in many cases.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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