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    Do you see the hand pumps still?

    They used to be everywhere. If we do have a small pond, or even a small lake, some one hundred meters from such places, we would seen the hand pumps, from where we will get the purest water. So sweet, and so tasty. It would be far better than then mineral water, anyway.

    This can still be seen in a few places in Tamil Nadu, particularly in the agriculturally rich districts of Tanjore and Tiruchirapalli. In the villages, right on the roads, just a foot or two away from where the buses ply. These hand pumps also quench our thirst, during car journeys in the hot summer, as we can easily stop our cars to help ourselves to just start pumping the pure water.

    Do you still see such pumps? Am not too sure of parts of North India, as I have not been there recently. I did see it in a few places near Udaipur, some years ago.

    We should preserve these for ever, should we not?
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    In the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, many houses will have these handpumps even today. In our native place in our house, we have a hand pump. In summer whenever I go there, I will have a bath with the freshly drawn water from the hand pump. The water will be cold and you will feel fresh after the bath. Similarly, many houses have these hand pumps. The Panchayats also will arrange these hand pipes in the street so that people can collect water from these pumps. If the waterbed is more you can easily pump the water. Otherwise, you have to apply a little more pressure to get the water from it. During our school days, we used to collect water from these pumps in the school and use to drink it during lunch. We even used to clean our SS carriers here after completing the eating. But slowly now these hand pumps are being replaced by motorised pumps and taps wherever we want. Now people don't want to take that much difficulty and use their energy for getting water.
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    The hand pumps are still in vogue in many places of Tamilnadu. As a child, I used to enjoy the pleasure of jumping and pumping the water. Still there is a hand pump available in Tirunelveli that was used during my childhood. It is fully operational now. Old is gold. Very recently, when I constructed a house in my village, I thought of having a hand pump, but due to the depth of water which is not sufficient to pull by the hand pumps, I have installed an Air compressor pump.
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    Yes hand pumps are still seen in areas away from the city and the people are getting benefited from the water drawn from it. In Chennai the Corporation drinking water is supplied through the hand pump and one has to toil a lot to draw water. During early morning hours especially in Triplicane area we can see every house has the hand pump making lots of noise to draw water, The more hard pressed, the more water you get. So those who are healthy and fit, gets more chance to draw water within the stipulated time. But in Hyderabad the hand pumps are seen here and there and mostly labors use them for their use.
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    Hand pumps are seen in many places of West Bengal Iit is called tubewell) including Calcutta. But I don't see hand pump in Delhi, most probably because the water lebel is much lower in the capital.
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    Hand pumps are still used in the western parts of Kochi corporation. Those places are still facing water problem and the pressure is very low in the areas where the municipal water is available. Hence people use hand pumps to draw water from the public taps. Similarly people use bore well water for which also they have to use the fixed attached hand pump.

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    Due to more use of motor pumps at our homes as well as for professional services, we can see the down trend of handpumps at our localities. Due to easy access of electricity, the household are most commonly wanting to have their independent water sources & so evident of less water pumps to our nearby locations. But yes slowly losing its importance & soon these will be like post offices which although can be seen but doesn't work.

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