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    Do you know that there is no opposition party as such in the Lok Sabha?

    There is no opposition in the meantime as even the Congress party doesn't have much share of seats to be declared as the opposition party. In exact, any political party is officially accorded the status of an opposition party in the Lok Sabha, only if it secures at least 10 percent of the seats & so & as there is no political party of having this much numbers, we are not carrying any opposition party in the formal way.

    Do you have anything to add onto this?
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    The party to be recognised as an opposition party and give cabinet rank to the leader of such opposition party, the party should have at least 10% of the total seats of the Loksabha. But in this elections, no party other NDA got more than 10% of the total seats no party is declared as officially as Opposition Party. But except NDA all other parties are opposition parties only but they will not get the official status.
    In Andhra Pradesh YSRCP is the opposition Party but their MLAs or their president will never attend the assembly and sessions will be conducted without their attendance only. They never bother about their responsibilities as Opposition party MLAs but always talks about becoming CM and Ministers in the next assembly. Such is the power craze for those people.

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    Yes the ruling party is not having a formidable opposition in Lok Sabha, thanks to the verdict of the voters who gave fractured seats to all the party but non could qualify for the opposition.Yet Modi government considers Congress as the main opposition and even cares for the good suggestion put forth by them. But over the behavior of Rahul Gandhi and his day in day out criticism of PM Modi. the government seems not serious about opposition Congress as technically they have no numbers. That is the reason so major decisions are taken by PM without even convening meeting with opposition parties.
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