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    What’s the importance of religion in our life & who created it?

    The existence of human civilization which goes back to the past is not known yet but during different times some belief existed. This belief was often gone beyond the imagination of normal human beings & so few referred to this as supernatural. The term later on manipulated to spiritual & like this things went on changing as per different times. This is to be understood that the "religion" has been created by us & as per our own comfort & so this can't be perfect at all & at the same time do consists of bias attitude & also carrying the contradictions with other beliefs as well.

    We are existed within this nature which doesn't come-up with any bias or do any partiality to anyone of us. This is called the Mother Nature & this remains the very essence of our origin & someday we will be disappeared in it. There is only one theory that counts here which is, "as you sow so shall you reap". It's important to note that irrespective of our beliefs, this Mother Nature provides us the necessities of life like the water, air & food. And so, if any belief who disrespect or shows the bias attitude towards with the other human being or any other entity can't be the true religion.

    If we can imagine the life with no boundaries with a respect to others will perhaps lead us to live a smooth life including creating more satisfaction within us.
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    There is no religion when the human beings are created in the earth. But as the population density started increasing and people from different areas started having different habits, the demarkation started based on the way they live, the way they eat and the way they behave. Slowly people started separating themselves from others and started creating their own groups based on the beliefs and customs. Here this religion, caste and other differentiations started.
    Basically, we are all human beings. The mother earth is providing all facilities required for living on this earth equally to all the living beings. The elders started teaching their own beliefs and ways to their children and that became their religion. But if we think more broadly and see the issues without any bias the whole universe is of the same religion that is human religion. If we can develop this thought process there will not be any problems with the fellow people.

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    Each one of us are born in a sect and that is expressly called a religion. Whether we agree or not our ancestors have been carrying on the legacy of a particular sect and to which we are born and again we create children to be carried on further with the same legacy. What we benefit from the religion is the question which can be answered by respective persons belonging to their own religion. As far as I am concerned, I belong to Hindu and born as brahmin to which I am proud off and carrying on the legacy passed on by elders and how far my children will take that is left to their will and wish.
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    I also believe that religion was created after the humans started segregating in different colonies across the world and different groups started following different rituals of worshipping mother nature or praying in fear against the natural calamities.

    Gradually, with advent of civilization these rituals and lifestyles were formalized by some social leaders in rigid procedures and those who did not abide by them were even penalised or punished. The concept of God was also promulgated by these leaders.

    Some of these leaders were considered as Gods by the later generations in recognition of their contribution to the society.

    So religion is nothing but a code of conduct and way of life of a particular society as envisaged by its leaders and modified by the subsequent leaders.

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    It is we the humans who created religions. We created it so that we can follow a certain set of beliefs and customs for our existence. Read it in the google and it says"People follow a religion so that they can find comfort in it during the time of crisis." I think religion is important for every individual.
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    We talk about religion a lot, don't we? Why? Because we can never find its actually origins,reason for its existence,importance of it and accomplishments of it. This very question is being asked since centuries. Thousands of theories are proposed and rejected. Religion is something you rely upon. If you count worshipping as religion, then religion is 40000 years old. If you are convinced that preachings and temples create religion then religion is 5000 years old.

    Religion is the leash of man. That is all I will say. Without religion, man would roam wild unfettered. Religion kept immorality in check for long. Now it is becoming a medium of immorality. A shield for the imbeciles. A sword of the ruthless. Religion is the biggest and the most powerful weapon that mankind ever wielded. I decided to forgo that weapon and walk the path of peace.

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