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    How seriously is Rain water harvesting being implemented?

    Chennai is one city where the Rain Water Harvesting methods have made deep inroads. No fresh project is sanctioned if the methods are not scientifically in place. When huge apartments of over twenty storied buildings are becoming common in some localities, rain water harvesting becomes all the more important.

    Does it happen everywhere? Are there Government regulations in this regard? Apart from rain water harvesting, in huge gated communities, are there any other methods being used to collect water in a scientific way and store it?

    Members may please share their experiences of innovative methods too, even in villages.
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    I am not seeing that much seriousness in Hyderabad. When Chandra Babu was the CM of undivided Andhra Pradesh, the government was insisting about this water harvesting pits in all apartments and multi-storied buildings. But it was never implemented seriously. Even now also I don't think that much importance is given to this. Presently the government is busy implementing many other water programmes like Mission Bhagiratha etc., Probably the will start concentrating on these issues once these big projects are completed.
    It is good to implement this soaking pits schemes in the houses by the individuals instead of allowing the rainwater go waste will definitely a wise thing and it will help in increasing the underground waterbed. So the construction companies should make it a point to keep the slope to one side and make a harvesting pit there so that rainwater will not get wasted.

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    It's a good concept but the government or the local authorities are not taking this seriously & therefore haven't been a success so far. I do notice that in Gurgaon we had a big park & in that the administration had dig a lot but vain as now not in use.

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    Who said that rain water harvesting is not being done any where. In Telangana and in Hyderabad we have long back implemented the scheme and those who are applying for the existing permission or the extension permission they have to submit the rain water harvesting pit photo certified by the Municipal Engineer and thus the rain water conservation has been going on since many years and the ground water level in our area has also increased .Moreover Telangana is the first state to reclaim the lost lakes and developing them so that catchment areas would also get water without problem.
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    Rainwater harvesting is a great concept and very useful in storing the water in sumps or underground rocks. Unfortunately it's practical implementation is very poor.

    There may be many reasons for this slackness on our part. There are also reasons why builders do not want to incorporate it in their design.

    Probably it requires more governance at the administration level where building designs are passed and inspections are carried out for such aspects.

    The management at society level can also think in this direction but if the proposition is costly then it may not be practical to force the residents for it.

    So there are practical hitches and glitches in this endeavour.

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    We get water from nature mainly through rain. Wells, tube Wells, rivers and such other natural sources. But we are not giving much importance to saving them. Rain comes only during specified periods. Water falling on earth reaches rivers or sea. In wells too a small amount is collected. But the maximum amount go into the earth. It gets collected there. This water comes back to us when a well is dug. This saving method we can artificially do. Much water fall on our terrace. Water from the first rain can be allowed to go to earth. Afterwards the same can be collected into our well. A simple filter may kept in between terrace and well such that the water will get filtered before reaching well. If no well in the house a sump, some what large, may be kept (made of ferro cement).

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