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    Can spittoons make a difference?

    As Indians, we have this horrible habit of spitting on the road. Most of us just tolerate it. If we try to discipline others, we will get into unwanted problems. Verbal abuse is one of them.

    A vast majority of Indians, think that it is their birthright to spit wherever they want. The supari or the betel leaf is relished and then there is spitting on the roads. Even in Mumbai, I have seen it going on. However, I am told it is far less now. In Chennai, the less said the better.

    Can we have spittoons, with a warning that the traffic police can fine the offender, a sum of Rs.500 if he spits outside the spittoons? These can be placed at various places and the CCTVs will also reveal if the rule is being followed at least to some extent.

    Should there not be some method in this madness?
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    Spitting on the road amounts to bad habit and I get irritated over such display of behavior. In Hyderabad the old city people are habituated to pan chewing and thus they have to spit now and then. Though spittoons are provided, they wont do on that. And what is more annoying that those who travel by auto or the bus would spit from it and the passerby has the tiff with them. In High court premises there are boards that 200 rupees fine would be levied for those who spit. But we see everyone doing so unmindful of cameras recording their misbehavior. I think one must start a agitation or awareness on the likes of Swatch Bharath as Spit free Bharath.
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    It is really horrible. Some people while chewing betel leaves spit on the walls of the malls and multi storyed buildings where many offices are situated. They think that they can do anything and they can spit anywhere they want. Even on roads while walking also they do the same thing. It gives lots of irritation if we see such people but we are not in a position to argue with them because it is of no use except a waste of energy and time to us. Making rules and imposing fines many not improve the situation. The mindset of the people has to change.
    Smoking is prohibited in public places. But you walk out a few steps from your house on the road you will find many people smoking. What police will do or the government will do? The common man has to know the importance of keeping roads and buildings clean. Then only we can see some improvement.

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