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    Is Chandra Baabu Naidu justified in taking away fertile lands?

    I have been to areas very near the new Capital of Andhra Pradesh. Those areas were so fertile and so beautiful. However, one does not know what is left now. Am told that our otherwise very intelligent Chief Minister, who really has IT to break corruption in some fields, has really taken away so many thousands of such acres, some 33,000 of them.

    How justified is he, in just giving Rs.50000 per acre to the farmers? One is not even sure what else the farmers will get. There seems to be a crash crunch, as Modi has not kept his word.

    Forget all this. Why should such a lovely natural environment, be destroyed? Is Mr Naidu justified in doing what he has done? More so, when the Krishna river is such a lovely river, providing so much of employment to the locals?
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    So what, the center wont keep the word after bifurcation, CM Chandrababu has been left in the middle of the ocean and PM Modi wont care. So he hit upon the idea of making the farmers as the partner in the government and thus convinced them to part the fertile lands and in return they are going to get returns in prorata basis which was agreed upon and no controversy so far. In fact AP CM has to be appreciated for the peaceful transfer of fertile lands in spite of the fact that the center is hostile towards AP needs. Many things has to be learned from Chandrababu Naidu who has created a earning opportunity for farmers whose lands were either too not fetching.
    K Mohan
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    I feel really pity for spoiling such a beautiful fertile green land into a concrete jungle. He might have chosen a place near Ongole where the lands are not so fertile and the government owns a lot of lands there. But Naidu opted for this. But he made the whole affair very transparent and he is giving them the ownership of some apartments which they can sell at the rate they wanted and that way they can make money. That way he should be appreciated.
    Babu was a very shrewd man but what made him select these lands for Capital is not well appreciated by many.
    The greenery has gone, The environmental balance is lost. Moreover, very good lands became residential areas. But if he is giving importance to the plantation and developing greenery it will be a consolation to some extent.

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    Development requires sacrifice. In earlier days, fertile lands were used for agriculture and arid and semi-arid lands were used for other purposes like setting up of the industries, towns or similar other purposes. But with the increase in population, it is not possible to set up industry and infrastructure only in arid lands. So, everywhere in the world, agricultural land is being taken up for developing infrastructure and industry. It has become a common phenomenon.

    In developed countries, the problem is being addressed by increasing the production level per hectare. Moreover, reclamation of land from the sea is being used in some countries like the Netherlands. Israel has been developing desert agriculture to increase agricultural production from decreasing agricultural land. India will also be forced to do the same in very near future.

    At least on this issue, I can't blame N Chandrababu Naidu. This is inevitable.

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    What Chandrababu Naidu has done is correct. He wants to see that the access to the capital from North Andhra and Rayalseema matches with distance and hence chanced upon to decide Amaravati which ideal and with tolerable distance from these two regions.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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