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    How about the Tamil dish called Adai? Have you tasted it?

    This is a hugely popular dish, made out of soaked boiled rice and a couple of dall mixes. The grinding of the ingredients has to be done in a very nice fashion.

    It tastes very nice. It is tasted with Jaggery and the tomato chutney. More so, it is superb with the mix of tomato and onion chutney. Originally made in most Tamil Brahmin homes, it has now spread to hotels, that charge a huge premium for this item.

    Have you tasted this dish? If no, come to Chennai, walk into the superb Saravana Bhavan in the evenings and order it. Of course, for a family of four, be ready with at least one thousand five hundred rupees. Or even more. Everything is so costly,but the taste is very good.
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    I have never tasted this dish called Adai. I even never heard about it. I had been to Chennai number of times and I ate food in famous Saravana Bhavan many times. I alone went and I was there with my family also many times. Now I came to know about this dish. Next month we have a plan to go to Chennai for some official work. Then definitely we will go to that Saravana Bhavan and try this dish.
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    Thanks AB Sivakumar-ji

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    Yes Sir. It is available in most places in T Nagar, but in Saravana Bhavan, it is normally available in the evenings. You can also try it in a restaurant called the Adyar Ananda Bhavan. It is also called A2B.

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    After Masal Vada, the author is telling about Adai, which is also a dal mixed snack. If taken more, it can be heavy on stomach, due to its dal content. But in moderation, it is a very tasty snack. At home we use fresh butter on top of Adai.
    Somehow the combination of 'Adai-Aviyal' has come to stay as a special evening menu in Tamilnadu hotels. Usually Adai is made thick like 'Uthappam" But I like it thinner and and crisp. Adai goes well with Jaggery or some sour side dish.

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    Yes weekly once it is prepared in our house and that is liked and eaten more by the children for its rich taste and better than the regular doas. Being heavier in taste just two adai is enough to have the feeling of stomach full. But one should not take more quantity or repeat the same again and again. Because adai is prepared with mixing various dalls and dalls have the effect of creating bulging feeling and also the formation of gas inside the stomach. Once in a week it is ok but it should not be a regular dish. And it would taste more if it is taken some time after the cooking is done.
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    Mohan Sir is correct. Once a week is fine. More than that is not desirable. In fact, the following day, people generally go towards chappathi, as it is made of wheat and has a quality of keeping all stomach related problems under check. The avail is nothing but a superb mix of so many vegetables mixed and boiled together, with coconut and curd mixed in a fine form. Many housewives are lazy and do not prepare this as a side dish. Jaggery and good curd is fine.

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