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    Do you want to sell old items?

    Nowadays some people are purchasing new design materials and new fashion items and in that process the old items in the house are becoming redundant. When they want to dispose the old items, which are good and in working conditions, they find that there are no takers for those items and even if if a buyer is coming ahead he will be offering too small an amount. In many such cases, people are donating these items rather then to sell.

    This problem is being faced by people especially in big cities where a lot of old items are dumped in the market for second sale.

    Do you face such problems in your household? How are you disposing your old but in good condition items?
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    What I feel that quality wise what we procured long back are the products which are still in working condition and wont give trouble to which we need not think of disposing it. For example the pressure cooker which were rigid and strong some 15 years back are still working and has the potential to beat the performance of even new cookers. In that case why should we dispose. Yes the vehicles which are giving trouble due to non availability of spares and mechanic services, can be disposed off for exchange offer. Or give unwanted items to those who need them to clear the mess in our house.
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    Generally, such items which we are replacing with new items will be offered to our servant maid or driver. If they accept and take it, it is OK. Otherwise, we will ask our Dhobi whether she is interested. If she is also not interested we will give it to the Goorkha we stays in our colony and taking care of the colony in the nights. We have never sold any item so far as 2nd hand item. My elder son and 2nd son sold their bikes. Elder son purchased a car and the second purchased a new model bike. These are the items we sold as a 2nd hand so far.
    It is better if we offer our items which we want to replace with a new one for the needy instead of selling them for a low price. it will give a satisfaction to us that we have done some help to a family. The clothes also will be given to Orphanage home near our house.

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    Why sell? Better preserve your own items from your birth to death. If at all you want to dispose it off, donate it to the needy and the poor. Why to think of selling and making no good money? After the death you and me won't know how our items are disposed off by our own family members. We will be extremely happy to see a dress we worn in our childhood at the age of seventy.
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