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    What is the real problem between India and Pakistan that we are not able to solve?

    What is the real problem between India and Pakistan that we are not able to solve?
    We are yet to understand the real problem existing between India and Pakistan that we remain enemies to each other for many decades. What pinches India and Pakistan to maintain cordial relationship between the two countries which was one country before 1947. Why we go for war? What is the ideal solution to become good friends with good understanding? Why are we not able to discuss this issue and live in peace?

    Intelligent members who are good in politics are requested to throw some good light on this subject.
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    Probably the partition has affected them severely as they are left with rubble and India had good natural resources to stand on its own. Moreover the public there are adamant to achieve the things with bad manners and that has worsened the situation for that country which cannot control and that is why Army is always alert and interferes in the administration to tow the leadership. Kashmir is the main issue for them and they know that place has the formidable potential to grab the attention of tourists through which the country can earn good foreign exchange, so they are playing dirty games.
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    The main issue of contention is river Indus. Pakistan is mainly dependent on this river. If India somehow blocks Indus waters, Pakistan may become a desert. That is their fear. As it flows through India first and next through Pakistan, Pakistan may never accept any amicable solution. The best solution is to weaken Pakistan by splitting it into three parts namely Balochistan, Sindh and Pakistan.

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    It is a deep rooted problem in the sense that partition was based on the difference of religion and also political strategy of a few. Frankly speaking many people did not move to other part thinking that they could always live together cordially.

    The poltics of vote deteriorated the situation in our country as many leaders started wooing the muslims in our country. Unfortunately many muslims also were carried away with their religious beliefs and followed these leaders though did not achieve anything significantly by following those.

    Due to all these factors the old hatred of Mugal versus Indians reignited time to time and the two countries could never come to a cordial and friendly relationships.

    Things are still same and there does not seem any improvement in this situation of hatred and enmity.

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    Apolitical problem is religion dominance. Like India all religions living peacefully which might not happening Pakistan. Example is to check their Census religion wise.
    Political problem is partition pain caused on both side to people due to land distribution.

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    There is nothing as such in between which we call the political. This needs to be understood that the Pakistan was created on the basis of religion differences. Since the time of Mogul invasion in our country many times back, they were only interested into the looting of the country along with forceful conversions of their religions to the Islamic religion. We were fortunate enough that our history has got many brave personalities & heroes who kept on limiting them to certain areas & that's why the Indian sub-continent got saved from being completely Islamic state.

    Our land is a land of seekers & accepts any kind of form for prayers. This flexibility of acceptance of different beliefs has resulted into the making of diversified culture & which is also unique in itself. But sadly, this is happening or the case with any other religion or belief on this planet. Being on the soft side we have suffered a lot & will continue to suffer till we are awaken of this fact & take initiatives in order to make sacrifices of some kind. It's disheartening that we see in TV debates wherein few who never supported the Kashmiri Pundits but always ready to sympathies with the Rohingyas.

    It's not about the boundaries but of the beliefs & the religion. It's never going to get sorted out. So the only thing remains is to make our defense much better & at the same time increase our internal co-ordination in order to face these. We have to go above politics & perform our duty & this is the only option left. In the another way & if we could able inculcate the best of education & awareness than this could do miracles.

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    There are two or three problems which appear outside to us.
    1.The Indus river: This is the river which is flowing to Pakistan from India. Pakistan always has the threat that India may stop the water to flow into their country.
    2. The Border: Both the countries don't want to lose their rights on the Kashmir. Here both the countries want to stick on their way only.
    But the main problem is ideological differences. We are secular. We accept any religion and give equal status to all religions. But Pakistan wanted their religion to spread its roots further in our country. But it is not happening in their favour. So they always find ways to fight with us. They encourage terrorists to attack our country and they always help those terrorists in creating problems for India. If they are changing their stand on India I think it is not possible to have a peaceful go together for both the countries.

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    Just count the population ratio in both the countries since the time of its independence. The whole picture would be clear.

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