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    Are we being brainwashed by Media

    I was going through a video where the author very logically explains that we are being brainwashed by Media, especially the Television media. He explained that we are mostly shown negative news and information on the television and our brain is wired to catch the negative things much easily than positive news or things. We are bombarded by negative news day and night 24/7 on all the news channels and then comes the advertisements of products and services.

    As per him, when our mind is filled with so much of negative news then, any advertisement of any product or service which seem to be of any or little or even of no help to us is easily digested by us and we tend to purchase it sooner or later. This is the way business houses by way of adverts compel us into buying their products and services even if they are of very low utility to us.
    For example, when our brain is filled with all negative news and during the commercial break comes an advert of a beautiful vacation, it immediately catches our fancy and we fall prey to such marketing strategies.

    I did find logic to his submission. At the same time the Conspiracy theory also came to my mind where an event is created rather than just being a coincidence as everything is connected.

    What opinion members have for the same.
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    I have read somewhere the talk of our Ex-President DR.Kalam. He was telling in that talk that in other countries if we open a newspaper the headlines will always be the positive news and any negative news are there, they will be published in inside pages with small letters. When we read this news everyday morning we will have positive thoughts more. In India, the top headlines will be always about negative news only. He also said these newspapers are only responsible for people becoming negative minded.
    Now with the advent of so many 24X7 news channels, the negativity is more popular these days. I personally never feel like watching these channels. I 100% agree that these newspapers and news channels only are responsible for the negative feelings of the people.

    always confident

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