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    A park in my neighborhood.

    There are few parks in our area and though some of them are maintained by local municipal authorities but there are others which still require care and maintenance. Some of these parks are developed as gardens while some are kept as playground for children.

    One such park, in my neighborhood, was big enough but was not in a good condition and required a lot of maintenance. It was almost a neglected place and people used to throw even garbage there.

    Some of the people staying in housing societies near this park took an initiative of cleaning it voluntarily and after about one year time it is full of flowers along its periphery along with the already existing old tree etc.

    The local administration was also impressed by this great action of these volunteers and provided a walking footpath around the park and some benches to sit.

    Mean while these volunteers have continued their work and this park has become a good place for the walkers and children playing sports.

    Most of these volunteers are retired people and have really brought out a remarkable improvement in the park right from cleanliness to large scale plantation and designing flower beds along the boundary of the park.

    I am also using that park for my walks and was so much impressed by these volunteers that I thought to share this story with my fellow ISCians.
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    I don't know whether it is a coincidence. Near my house in our colony, there are two park areas. One area was kept as it is with compound wall and that area is being used by the people as a playground. The other park was not in a good condition. Of course, nobody is throwing garbage. Then the morning walkers group mainly the people above 60 thought that if that garden is developed it will be a good place for walking. They started cleaning and planting trees. The Corporator of the area liked the work and he has taken the initiative. The footpath was laid in the park. Tables were arranged for people to sit. Some play tools for kids are arranged and a take career is appointed. Now the park is lovely and all the people go there for a morning walk. Greenery is developed and lowers of various types can be seen daily there.
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    Good initiative from the colony members and yourself to restore the park which was in shambles earlier and now has become the walkers paradise, children play area and for the others to visit and relax. Good that some Samaritans thought in a right way , other wise the hooligans would have encroached the land. I appeal to every person to take up such work to bring old glory to the places which were either too neglected and bring shame to the civic authorities and also the corporator representing the area. My applause to your friends and yourself for standing to a great social cause.
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    This has become the scenario wherein we are discussing only the negative things around us like the politics & the growing concern of unlawful activities in the society. And we really are fed up of such things that we don't even an idea that good things are also there. And so I appreciate the author for diverting us to the beautiful aspects of our life.

    If we observe around us than there are activities which are to increase the awareness for others & those are not form any different world but having different beliefs which is more positive with an intentions of making the locality better.

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    Having gone through the above thread and related comments, I feel that I shall also contribute the history of a park here in my neighbourhood. It is known as Changampuzha Park at Edappally. This area where the present park is situated was lying as a waste land and partly as water logged place. On one side a row of small semi permanent buildings were there accommodating shops. This open area was used as temporary meeting place and slowly developed into ground. Then the authorities of this area decided to go for a shopping complex facing the road side and a gallery along the other side. There were enough greenery in the form of large trees. Then some people of the area decided to protect the place without allowing the construction of shopping complex.
    The idea was to have an open space for spending the evenings witnessing cultural programmes.
    Finally the area got protected with permanent fencing using iron bars and entry gates to both sides. On one side is the main road and on other side again a road branched out from the main road. In side covered area a small stage was constructed for conducting meetings and art forms. A walk way was made inside the fencing around the ground which is being used by hundreds for walking during morning and evening.
    Slowly the number of entertainment programmes increased and it demanded a larger stage, which was constructed on the opposite side. Together with this growth a group of volunteers formed a Cultural Centre and took up the responsibility of maintaining and controlling the programmes. The whole ground is officially under the control of Greater Cochin Development Authority, a Government controlled organization responsible for the development of Greater Cochin area.
    Now this centre is fully engaged with programmes. There will be talks, seminars, children's programmes, conventions, different art forms including Kathakali, dance programmes, literary programmes, music concerts, dramas, and others. Different committees have come up to organise the respective art forms. Kadhakali group, music group, dance group, literary group, ladies group, poem reciting group, sloka reciting group, above all a senior citizens forum.
    Every day there will be one or more programmes. A minimum of hundred people will be present there.
    This Park is named after the late greatest Malayalam poet who belonged to this place , Changampuzha. This is Changampuzha Park is now about to get UN attention. Refer:


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    So many positive things happening here and there. Thanks all the members for sharing their experiences. I am enthralled to get so many responses so quickly.
    Knowledge is power.

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