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    Have you travelled by a mini bus, where human relationships are still intact?

    There are many mini buses that ply between smaller towns and the nearest big town, in Tamil Nadu. The first bus starts at around 4AM and the last bus is at around 11PM. It is a big fun and a great experience to travel by a mini bus.

    The conductor and the driver are well known to most passengers. At least fifty per cent of them, bring in milk, eggs, fish and fresh vegetables, to be sold in the nearby towns and the biggest town, normally some ten kilometers away. The seasonal vegetables like cabbage and tomato, get sold in huge quantities through the numerous vendors.

    I traveled by one such mini bus, some months ago, between Swamimalai and Kumbakonam. The former is a temple town, one of the abodes of Lord Muruga. The bigger town of Kumbakonam, around 11 kilometers away is a huge agricultural marketing center.

    The mini bus is a superb example of innocent fun, jokes, and superb human relationships. People know each other and are helpful to each other. The rural environment is in tact, and they are proud about it.

    Have you traveled in such a mini bus?
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    Yes I too traveled in a mini bus in Hyderabad which is called SETWIN service which are in parallel run on RTC routes and charge the same fare. The full form of SETWIN is Self Employment Training with Income and that was in vague during Congress regime and it is still continued. There is no ticket issued and the conductor would shout for the bus stop and we can stop the vehicle en route at any place and that is the advantage. Most of the elders who want to get down away from the stop would travel by this service. And to attract the new passengers, the buses as painted like RTC buses.
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    The buses which will run from villages to the nearby town will be of this type only. When I was doing my B.Sc in Kakinada, I was staying with my grandparents and I was travelling to the college by bus. That village is having only one private bus, not a minibus, at fixed timings. So the daily commuters used to occupy more than 50% of the seats. Daily same bus, same conductor and same driver. We all became friends and used to have lots of fun. Some people used to bring some items for selling in the town and they used to offer those items to us at some concessional rates. The conductor and driver used to get some items free of cost from these vendors. This experience I had almost for three years. I like to thank the author for giving me a chance to recollect those days. I have no relatives or friends in that village. But I always try to visit that place whenever I get a chance. it is very difficult to forget those days, those people and their nature and attitude.
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