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    Do you bargain at the "fixed" rates shops ?

    Now a days even road side vendors have taken cue and idea from the shops that by displaying the rates on the slate and by writing the word "fix " they think that the chance or bargaining wont be there and the customers would purchase for the rates mentioned. In big shops they do display the fixed rates boards and we can agree with them as they sell branded items and the profit margin would be less but what about road side vendors who are also resorting to fixed rates and wont come down. How do you bargain with them ?
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    Price tags are commonly used and purposely put a price tag by the business person. In my opinion, many people would compare the quality. However, it doesn't matter whether it has that kind of tag or none. I would bargain with the shopkeeper as per my budget to buy that stuff.

    Nowadays, even innerwear, slippers, handkerchief has a fixed price. When you ask the seller to give you a discount, they would simply respond a big No.

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    Every shop owner says fixed prices only. But we bargain there also. Sometimes they reduce and sometimes they say NO. But I feel it is always better to have a fixed price. Otherwise, we may be losing sometimes. If he adds some extra and gives us a chance to bargain the price we bargained may be more than the actual price. So we may lose. instead, if it is fixed price there is no chance we may pay more.
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    In the market there are various qualities of the materials available and have different price tags. Sometimes the price tags may not be realistic. As everyone is not an expert in assessing the quality of a product so the only way is to bargain and insist for reduction in prices. If there is a margin the shopkeeper will definitely come down as he fears to lose the customer also in case he does not bring his prices compatible to the quality as well as the prices in other shops in the neighbourhood.

    We are habitual of bargaining and in that process many times waste a lot of time in different shops. Most of us always feel proud if we have got the same quality thing cheaper from a shop and suggest our friends to go there.

    Shopkeepers are also well aware of our bargaining nature and inflate the prices for us accordingly.

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    It is foolish to bargain to get a fixed price item. If we know the quality of the stuff and the abnormal price tag, we should ignore it rather than bargaining.
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