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    Do you believe BJP acted strongly to bring peace and harmony J&K as assumed by the voters at 2014?

    People at the time of 2014 elections strongly believed if BJP comes into power and they will settle Pakistan issue once for all. BJP may even go for a war to settle the matter for ever. But we have not seen any of these assumption of 2014 voters in the actions of BJP government. To provide some enthusiasm for people some routine army operation they carried out and they gave an interesting name for it and called it as 'surgical strike'. But it does not create any fear in our enemy country but their brutal activities further increased and cross border terrorism increased all times high in BJP's rule. Due to BJP's unethical ruling alliance with PDP which is favoring terrorist groups made things worsened further. Do you think BJP has done full justice to this grave issue according to the belief of the voters at 2014? Do you think there is any other way if BJP has followed that might have been helped to create peace and harmony in J&k state.
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    Pl. clarify on below two points,

    1. How this Kashmir problem came up & who is responsible for this.
    2. You had a problem with PDP-BJP alliance. Pl. clarify on about what other options we had left when no one got the clear majority three years back.

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    In against your statement that, "People at the time of 2014 elections strongly believed if BJP comes into power and they will settle Pakistan issue once for all" & although I have seen the Congress party & the Arvind Kejriwal making fun & asking proofs of the 'surgical strike' but first time any ISC member questioning the relevance of the same. Believe me that in no other countries on this planet that their common citizen wouldn't feel proud of when their army carries out such action which is within the boundary of their biggest enemy.

    I feel delighted to have this initiative of the current government & I support it. Who cares of what others may have manipulated this to any other way.

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    Yes BJP did strong actions against those who want to create commotion and uneasy situation in the valley but the blessings of the erstwhile government has tied down the army not to take stringent action. We have seen how the stone pelters were having field day and the army was restraining as the police were also mute spectators. Army is the dignity of our nation and we have to respect the regiments. But youths were wrongly misguided and taken to wrong path of confrontation with army and that is dangerous as other enemy countries would be waiting for such situation which is conducive to their strike too.
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    Yes. BJP has taken a correct decision by withdrawing its support to PDP in J & K.
    When there is no majority for a single party. to avoid reelections immediately BJP supported and the government was formed. At that time that was the apt decision. They have supported the CM for almost 3 years. Even they tried to see the pulse of the people by stopping the firing from Ramazan month beginning. But the youth there has not utilised the chance properly and created problems there. The State Government was not able to control the things properly. So BJP thought that there is no other alternative than withdrawing the support. Now with the Governor's rule where the administration may become strong and see that proper actions will be taken to protect peace and normalcy in the state.

    always confident

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