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    Can we have a social security net for the poor, this way?

    Recently, I had been to the temple town of Kumbakonam with my family members. We gave Rs.20/- to a very old person, who was in-charge of cleaning all the banana leaves on which we had our breakfast and also wipe the table clean. His age would be, at least seventy. His face lit up and tears rolled down his cheeks. Perhaps he is paid some Rs.500 apart from free food, in that typical Brahmin, middle class hotel.

    We were shocked, to say the least. Perhaps, he had never seen this money for such a long time, as tips. That struck me: why not a social security net for such very poor people this way?

    If all people in a particular locality were to contribute just Rs.10/- minimum per family, and those who are willing to give even more, per month, we can give some money to such poor people, as some sort of allowance for such people. Imagine if some Rs.50,000/- were to be collected every month, through a trust. Money should never be wasted on any publicity, but used to help only those really in need, like a brilliant child, needing some help for education in plus two and so on. The State Government should never come in at all. Some very honest elders, should administer such a trust.

    Members may please share their views on this suggestion. Of course, it has to be localized. It cannot be State wide, as it will be difficult to administer.
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    Why get into such collection, trust and what not and all. If every rich Indian can adopt one poor child or a poor person, the problem of poverty can be solved without thinking about social security. We all should become broadminded and come out from the narrow minded selfish thinking and living.
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    It is a good idea to form a trust and provide some help through the trust for poor and needy. But the trust organisers should be careful and see that the money is not wasted on unwanted issues and reach the really needy people. It will provide some help to the real needy people. Where ever there is money, there is a chance for misappropriation and misuse. If we can control this, the scheme will work out nicely.
    Coming to adopting a poor child or old man is also a good plan. But many people may not have that much time and money to take care of a person completely. So a number of families coming up for such adoption may be very less and many people may not get the required help.
    But forming a trust with contributions as per their capacity and willingness will make many people come forward. So I feel it is a better way to help poor people.

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    I salute the old man, instead of taking the easy way out and making a living through begging, he chooses to work and make an honest living. Not many would do what he does, not at his age. Seeking alms at temples could surely be more lucrative for him.

    Yet, I am saddened by his story. An old man having to work, in a temple town. I am laying stress on 'temple town', for this is a place people throng to, in hope of graces. They make huge offerings in answer to their prayers. Why is that money not being used to care for the underprivileged aged?

    If a tip of Rs.20 could bring the man to tears, I can imagine the heartlessness of everyone else who ate in that eatery, in the past. Did no one see his plight? Did no one come forward to help him, before you? A visit to a place of worship is worthless if one fails to recognise the suffering of another human being.

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    Tips to such people are never given at all. At best the server is given a maximum of Rs10. Yes Madam, you are right. The old man was moved to tears. He was wearing a dhoti folded right upto the knee as the poor man has to collect the banana leaves and transfer that to the bucket. The hotel was very neat, though. Yet, what was shocking was the age. He was seen standing in a corner with worries writ largely on his face. I did not enquire his background. It was only then that this idea struck me. Yes, we can adopt a child. But that is always a collective decision which is complicated. Instead, if we could localize such help, it can be more meaningful.

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    Many people do their bit, silently helping the needy.

    Just reading the plight of the old man, disturbed me. What must his story be? Why does he need to work in his sunset days?

    Since you have identified the man the best way forward would be to approach an NGO with the man's whereabouts. There are many NGOs operating in Chennai with networks across the state. They would be able to help.

    The able among us must support causes, with our time, money and skills. We must give back to society, in our own little way.

    Little gestures, if done with sincerity can make a world of difference. I recently had a video pop up on my FB feed, about a 4-year old American boy who saw a homeless man and asked his father if he could give the man the sandwich he had. The boy went on to buy food for homeless people, whenever he saw them – paying for it from his kitty. Soon stores in the town got to know of his deeds and offered to help with essential items for the homeless.

    The boy is known as 'President Austin' because he thinks it is the 'President's' job to feed the homeless. Check him out on Google.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Madam, am doing this in whatever little ways I can, near the place I stay. I do not live in Chennai, but go there so often. The incident happened at Kumbakonam, some three hundred kilometers from Chennai. My idea was just a spark. We need to identify small little ways to make a difference. Reducing our conspicuous consumption is one such. Am networking with some people in my own little way to impress the present IT generation. Let them not always make the multinationals rich. KFC is high on their list. I have tried to impress upon them to save that little money and get that across to those who need them most. It is an uphill task. I guess we need to go on doing it.

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    The idea mooted by the author to reach out to the poor is exemplary and should be implemented. But in India the real beneficiaries are denied of getting the right money and thus goes to the pockets of the middle men or the officer handling such funds. What I too support the idea told by Sun. If every rich person takes care of his immediate known poor person, there wont be poverty, hunger and greed too. In India wealth is concentrated with some and it is not being distributed properly to the needy. And even government schemes are good on paper and the implementation is worst .
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