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    How to corner the rats : with rat traps or the rat mats ?

    Rats are the natural enemy of human beings because if they enter inside the home, they will destroy anything. Just now I saw a video in which rats have entered the ATM of SBI in a village of Telangana and destroyed currency worth 12 lakhs and above. At the home also many ways are adopted to stop the rats from entering, but the rats know the short cuts to gain entrance. If one wants to completely get rid of rats what is the solution, is the rat traps or the rat mats. Rat traps can at the most catch one rat and rats have the idea to skip the rat mats smeared with gum.
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    Rat traps and rat mats are not good solution to overcome rat menace. It is better to have few cats at home that will eat away all the rats. Also, If you are not fearful, you can have few rat eating snakes at home.
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    In the market rat poison is available. It is basically a composition of Zinc Oxide. You can keep this in this house by mixing with some food and if the rats eat it, they will die. But you should be careful. If the rat goes to any other food item after eating this that will get poisoned. So you should see that all other containers having food items are carefully closed and a rat can't open it.

    Another way is as suggested by Sun to have a cat in the house so that they will take care of rats.

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    Are not rats sacred to Hindus? There is a temple in Rajasthan dedicated to rats.

    To answer your question on what to use, rat traps or rat mats or as Srinivasa Rao suggested rat poison.

    The use of rat mats is an inhumane way of getting rid of these creatures. Rats get stuck to the glue and die a slow, torturous death. The use of poison does not cause instant death. The animal suffers from organ failure, suffers internal bleeding and dies a painful death.

    Mouse traps are the best way to get rid of these animals. Trap the rats and release them outside. It is also advisable to plug all possible openings that the rats may use as an entryway into homes. That should put an end to the rat menace.

    Most rodents dwell in unhygienic conditions. Make sure there are no open drains and sewage is not being drained in the open. Garbage bins should be neatly maintained and regularly cleared.

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    Yes, Mouse trap is a good way of getting rid off rats from the house. In mouse trap we have to hang some eatables like pakoda or bajji or onion. To eat it, it enters into the trap and pulls the eatable and immediately the door closes. The trapped rat can be released in open place far away from the residential area. These Mouse traps usually sold in Iron goods shops and market places. If we use rat poison, the rat may go to some unseen place of the house and die. If we don't notice, the dead rats may decompose slowly and cause unbearable smell.

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