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    Do you know about why the hot food tastes good?

    Often we mean by the spices used for cooking when we talk about the good taste. But the very interesting fact is that when the food is still hot than this taste even feel far better. Have you ever been to such thoughts before or just couldn't have thought of?

    There is a scientific explanation to this that while the time we picked up the handful of our favorite food in order to eat it, the same time our nose get attracted to the smoke coming out from the hot food. And so this adds to the good taste. But when the food is not that much hot or still cold then due to the reason that smoke is not possible & because of this we are not liable to enjoy the our food to its delicacies. So likewise, if we are offered with the fresh stock of food then our tongue at once feels being watery inside our mouth which automatically increases the improved digestion.

    So the next time you take your food than take care of the above facts in order to enjoy your food to its maximum taste & derive maximum benefits form it.
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    What I feel that instead of food is hot or normal that does not matter and really matters is the tasty food that is prepared to which we have perfect liking and that will force us to accept the food even it was served with not so hot condition. But rice items must be eaten when the food is hot and that will give greater taste and even good for digestion too. If the hot food is kept for long time and that becomes stale. the food gets spoiled and cannot be consumed. Likewise hot food should not be touched with hands and instead we must handle the food with special big spoons , so that the food stays for longer period.
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    Very true. Your taste buds are directly related to your olfactory sense. So the better your sense of smell is, the better is your sense of taste. The vapour rising after heating the food carry the aroma of the volatile oils present in the spices used. This aroma gives you the taste even before the morsel reaches your tongue. And the notion of fresh would mean, nicely preserved or newly cut here. Actually what you smell after cutting a fruit or a leaf, is the result of a panic response of the plant. In case of freshly cut fish, it is the oils once again.

    So yeah, fresh and hot food is more appealing to our tongues. Unless we are talking about savouries and sweets. Flour keeps out the moisture and savoury remains fresh for weeks. Sweets have high sugar content which keeps it fresh for days. So no heating or other preserving technique is naturally required.

    Moreover, aroma of sweets which would be emitted while heating them would cause you nausea. Sweets are better tasted cold. Savouries cannot be heated in the first place so they are better eaten cold. Then we have the sour taste. Sour stuff too isn't to be heated. They lose their property after being heated. So sour stuff too are better enjoyed cold.

    Only dishes included with spices are tasty when heated.

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    Before we eat if the food gives a good smell we will get our mindset changed and we feel the food is good or bad based on the smell of the vapours that are coming from the food. When the rice is hot on your plate if you add a little ghee, the smell you get will be excellent and you will be tempted to eat it without any side dish also. Many times I do that. When the rice is hot I ask my wife to put a little ghee on that and I start eating as it is. It gives very good taste.
    Especially some curries taste excellent when they are hot. The same curry may not be that much tasty if it gets cold. The reason may be the oils that are getting evaporated may be giving you a good smell and that is making you feel that the food is good. But some foods taste good when they are cold. If you mix curd in hot rice you will get a different smell and you may not like it. But if you mix curd in normal rice and then cool it, the taste will be excellent. A little pickle will add on to its taste.

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    The smell of food comes out better from hot and fresh food-items. The smell stimulates our taste-buds (olfactory nerves). So, hot food-items always taste good.
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    Whether the food to be eaten cold or while it is hot depends upon the type of food & so although we demand hot food but the cold drinks & the curd is appreciated in its natural course.

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