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    Is it our constitution is biased on religion context?

    We can be evident of the different scenario wherein the existing ruling party or the government at state or to the central level keeps something or liable to formulate policies for some specific communities. This is required by them in order to attract more votes so as to increase the vote share for any upcoming elections. We know that this is the fact & being followed everywhere.

    But does our constitution really made up of which is highly biased towards different communities or in terms of religion? The answer is "No". Our constitution guarantees the growth & development irrespective of any differences for whatever basis & background. In addition, the term 'Equality' in the preamble to the Indian Constitution pledges to secure to all citizens of India which is equality of status and opportunity.

    So, this principle has been coined by the different political parties which are as per their convenience & being presented to us in a most manipulated & fragmented way possible. What do you feel about this & how do you take this?
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    I addition, I would like to clarify that our country has already been divided on religion ground in 1947 & so there doesn't remain the possibility for further divisions & for whatsoever reasons.

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    Our constitution does differentiate the people from the region or the religion and every one is given the equal opportunity in every field and that is happening in every walk of our life.
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    I am locking this thread. Let us put on hold the discussions on religion for some time. Also, another thread on religion is in live by the same author.

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    Our constitution never made any discrimination between religions or regions. It has given some provision for some people who were denied proper part and benefits in the society. That benefit is also for a defined period only. The policy given in the constitution is a very good one. But later on the politicians for their selfish benefits changed many things. Even today our people will never have any differences based their religion but the middlemen only are creating the differences and trying to exploit the differences. Here there is nothing to blame the constitution but only politicians.
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