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    When will we begin giving respect to our cultural heritage & national property?

    It was a proud moment for us when the Delhi-Meerut highway was opened for the public. This project is unique in terms of the quality work & use of solar plates to light up the street lights. I have witnessed to this & I too have posted few clips taken from my mobile camera. But there is news that few of the solar panels have been broken & few also led to the theft activities. In addition, the batteries of these solar street lights are stolen too by the local people. Along with this, we have observed the monuments being damaged because of mishandling by the visitors there. In the other news, the taps from the toilets as well as the earphones had also been stolen from the Rajdhani trains. The stories doesn't end up here but continued to the AC buses of the DTCs in which if the travelers doesn't get to the open windows then they don't even bother to spit inside the bus.

    Do we really not caring for our national properties or we are just too mean to think of all these? But for whatsoever reasons we need to seriously think of our attitudes. Do you believe me?
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    Yes, the belonging feeling must come from the heart and no one has the right to damage or steal the government properties or the fittings. Where there is no vigil such silly things would be happening but in cities people wont dare to do such dirty things. Nevertheless the government also should arrange for the vigil in the area where there are government installations with lots of fixtures and fittings and CCTV cameras can track those who are bent on creating damage and disruption to the properties. The highway paroling should be done to have the control on hooligans from the local level.
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    An average Indians mentality is like this. They never care about the common property. They clean their house and the waste will be thrown on to the road. They never think that the roads also belong to us and the waste on the road will come back to our house only. A very unfortunate mindset. One of my neighbors washes their house every day with lots of water and the water will be left on the road. They will never know that they are wasting natural resources and spoiling the common property. They use toilets in AC coach of the train and never bother to use flush so that the next passenger will not have any problem. How long we can have a watch on all these things. I don't understand why these people behave like this?
    A methodology to be evolved to protect these common properties from such people and the national wealth will not get wasted by these people.

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    Generally, average Indians don't try to analyse that the Government properties are also their personal properties and they have paid for purchase/acquiring these properties. They tend to think that Government properties are some others properties who can't be seen. So, they behave in a negligent manner. They must be made conscious.

    But there are some people who intentionally destory Government properties to harm the country. They are very dangerous and law-enforcement authorities must give these people their special attention.

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    #639834 made an interesting observation with the statement - "...average Indians don't try to analyse that the Government properties are also their personal properties and they have paid for purchase/acquiring these properties".

    This reflects the typical mindset of Indians. In other words, it reflects a very narrow thinking. Keep safe what is ours and show disrespect to things that are not.

    We do not need an analysis on the ownership of Government property. What we need is to learn is to show respect. We need to show respect, irrespective of it being our property or another's.

    We lack basic ethics. We do not need to be taught that Government property is paid for by us. We need to be taught to maintain and not vandalize it because that is the right thing to do. We cannot choose to value our heritage and national property based on ownership. We need to learn to differentiate between what is right and what is not. We need to revisit our values and set them right.

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    My comment has been totally misinterpretated, may be it is unintentional. People tend to care their own properties much more than the properties of others. Government properties are our own properties because these are acquired/purchased by our own money collected by the Government in the form of taxes. So, we must know that these are our own properties, and not those of any other entity.
    Government is our Government, not others. Indian people think Government properties are some one else's property, who can't be seen, or whose presence can't be felt. So, they treat Government properties badly.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I would have humbly acknowledged a misinterpretation on my part if you had provided a reasonable explanation. Your response remains the same - people take more care of own property as compared to that of another.

    I think it is important that people be taught to realise that property that isn't theirs is equally precious and should be protected. It boils down to respecting and valuing things - property, people, beliefs, faith etc. The attitude that only what is mine should be cared for and protected is totally wrong.

    Government properties are National properties. We should take pride in what belongs to India. They are ours, but we cannot claim ownership of them. The money paid as taxes ceases to be ours and becomes the property of the Government. The infrastructure the government provides is for everyone. People should realise that it is there not just for them, but for everyone.

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    I do feel that we have lost to our self respect or we have become too mean to look at the bigger picture.

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    Ved Prakash Anand your oneliner makes no sense to me. Can you please elaborate on what you meant, so I could either agree with you or disagree and take the discussion forward?
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    #639858 "I think it is important that people be taught to realise that property that isn't theirs is equally precious and should be protected. " I fully concur with this view.
    While the majority does not destroy others' properties, they are at fault for being inert or indifferent about 'protection'.

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    #639866, our life has been restricted to "us" only & at the same time we have failed to understand the existence of others. In fact we are only concerned with our businesses in terms of profit & loss but other's businesses hardly matters to us. "We have lost to our self-respect", depicts an image wherein we are no more serious of being criticized for doing misdeeds or being the cause for bringing miserable situations to others.

    In one of the incidences, someone damaged the benches in the park & in other the bikers are creating nuisances for the commuters with rash driving & unnecessary use of sirens. In the bigger picture & if they realize that this uncomfortable situations can also happen to them then perhaps the situations could be improved.

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    Ved Prakash Anand,

    Thank you, your explanation brings so much clarity to your earlier statement. It is a definite lack of social consciousness in people that makes them behave the way they do. We live in an era where 'I, me, my' is all that matters. We need to step aside from this self-centered attitude and learn to show respect to others.

    This is not going to happen overnight, because selfishness is ingrained in us. We have been taught to value our own needs, feelings, and possessions. We need to learn to value others too and their needs, feelings, and possessions.

    I am glad that you voiced the same sentiment as mine, albeit a little differently.


    There are many among us who do not love or respect things, which are not their own. That is the stark reality.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    It is really unfortunate that people do not have respect and concern for public properties. This shows a type of indifference also as if they are not with the main stream people.

    There is an issue of governance also as local administration is not strong enough to nab the culprits and award them stringent punishment so that other bad elements fear to repeat such misdeeds.

    Summarily, I can say that to some extent it is lack of patriotism on the part of these people.

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    For any local administration to be available 24*7 isn't possible & so this will again restricted to us only. We need to start from ourselves & not waiting others for any initiatives.

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