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    Are you comfortable with travelling in sleeper buses.

    These days the Volvo buses brought a revolution in the long-distance travel. The journey from Hyderabad to Vijayawada is faster by bus than by train. Similarly, the journey to Bangalore from Hyderabad by road is faster than the train. Even we have a bus from Hyderabad to Cochin. These days sleeper buses are also on roads. There are some buses in which all the seats are sleeper seats only and some buses some sitting seats and some sleeping seats.
    In one type of sleeper bus one side, you will have a sleeper seat for two people. There will not be any partition and if we book only one ticket we don't know who will be sharing the seat with us. This is very inconvenient and I never book a ticket in such seats. What about you?
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    Well I have never tested or traveled by sleeper bus so far but watching the narrow head space which almost touch the upper body of the so called luxury bus seems to be inconvenient to the traveling pleasure. And more thing is that there would be lots of jerks when compared to train journey where in only sound is the problem and not the shaking of the coach. But sleeper buses are subject to travel by bad roads and path holes and thus the comforts cannot be guaranteed. And the spacious birth in trains where in one can stretch fully with freedom is not present in the bus births I believe.
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    I find that present-day sleeper buses are very comfortable. As I don't have any control over the co-passengers, so I don't bother to think about them. Generally, I don't talk with co-passengers on buses or trains, so I don't consider this as an issue.
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