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    Whey some people go for plagiarism?

    There are many people who are creative and believe in writing or creating articles etc in their own style. You can see their hidden stamp in their writings. Many famous writers and philosophers are known by their style of presenting and handling of a language in a particular way. The history of literature or creative thinking is the image of the work of these people.

    At the same time, there are people who do not exert their mental faculties and simply copy the contents from a source, sometimes even not checking its authenticity also, and reproducing it somewhere else as it is, which is called basically copy and paste technique. This is nothing but plain plagiarism.

    People doing this type of cheating are caught sooner or later and lose their reputation overnight and sometimes that is the end of their career in the world of creativity.

    Why people resort to such means? What is the view of the members on This?
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    Some people are very creative. They feel restless because they can't put down their creative ideas in black and white due to the paucity of time and other genuine reasons. But whatever they write, that reflects their creative mind.

    On the other hand, there are some people who are devoid of ideas but they want to go on writing. So, they are forced to copy not only ideas, but also word-to-word sentences, paragraphs and even entire article/essay/story. Thus plagiarism takes place.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Plagiarism was once very common in our cinema, storylines and music were blatantly lifted, without giving credit to the original writers and composers. This is true of Hindi cinema, I do not know if the same trend existed in regional cinema as well. Some 'celebrated' music composers went on to win awards for their supposed creations. There were no means of identifying 'theft' but now the scenario is different. There are stricter laws against plagiarism and it has become relatively easier now to identify such theft because of the internet.

    Copyright rules are more stringent today, in most countries. heavy penalties have to be paid if you are found guilty.

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    In many movies of Telugu, we see this trend. They never acknowledge where from they got the idea also. They show it as if it is their own idea. The storyline, the music and the lyrics everything will be copied from other areas and try to fit in with their new production. Even the background music also will be copied from other places. This is known to all and an open fact.
    But in writing, I feel it will be less. For example, if you take the famous books like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Mahabhagavatam, was written by many people in their own way. Basically, the content and storyline are same but the way of presentation and the sentences and the words will be different and the style will also be different based on the writer. I don't know whether we have to call them as copying or not.

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