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    Which State deluxe buses are the best?

    I have travelled to many States and of late, i find the intercity buses of both AP and Karnataka streets ahead of the useless State buses from T.Nadu. Once upon a time, T.Nadu deluxe buses were very good.But they are now so bad as the new buses are just not available.

    What is your experience? Which State express buses are the best in India?
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    I rate the Telangana and AP buses traveling to long distances are the best. There are varieties of buses to cater to the needs of the passengers, starting from Palle bata or Palle velugu buses which are ordinary and yet new, to the super deluxe Volvo buses, both the corporations operate other varies of class like Luxury, semi luxury , super express and non stop buses. All these buses have good cushion seats and push back seats. The drivers are well trained and the buses would run in time. I have not seen such neat buses running to and from other states and I just wonder why Karnataka and Maharastra buses wont change the looks at all ?
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    I have travelled by buses in Maharastra, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. Of all these buses I am very happy with the buses of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Long distances buses they are running are very good. They maintain the buses very well. The online booking services are user-friendly. Volvo buses of both the States are very well maintained and I find it safe to travel by these buses than going by private buses. In Tamilnadu and Maharastra even long distance buses also are not comfortable. Karnataka buses are next to AP. Push back seats, AC buses, sleeper buses and other long distance services are very comfortable for travelling. Another advantage is we can expect these buses always on time. Generally, there will not be any delay. Another feature is once we take a ticket to the place, nearby any other places also before the actual place buses will be stopped for us to get down.
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    I have not travelled by AP, Telengana and Maharastra buses. Among the TN, KL and KA buses, I feel Karnataka buses are the best. Even the ordinary Karnataka buses are damn good when compared with TN buses.
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    Few times I have traveled in between the Pune & Ahmedabad though a brand as "NATIONAL BUS SERVICE" & was found out to be the more then required. The good services along with the good condition buses.

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    I don't think anyone would be able to make a comparative study and give an opinion unless he has traveled by deluxe buses in different parts of the country. How can I say which State deluxe bus is better if I have traveled only in my State or say at the most only in the South or the North? I would be able to give a fair opinion only if I have traveled by deluxe buses run by at least a few different states across the country. Such discussions, I feel, does not bring out any concrete results other than different people narrating their experiences of traveling.
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