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    He is the Minister for education but he wont see the files and pass the same to the CM

    Yes G T Deve Gowda , he is new Higher Education Minister of Karnataka and obviously every day many actions has to be taken and orders has to be passed. But the 8th class passed Minister publicly admitted that he is not educated enough to decide the files of higher education and important matters and thus passing each and every file to the CM Kumaraswamy"s office. One must admit his humility and feel pity at the state of affairs. Why the people irrelevant to the post are given the authority of Minister-ship and then get bad name in the public ?
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    I am very much impressed by the free and frank admission of the Minister. Such a great soul! I also congratulate the Chief Minister for allotment of portfolios so prudently!

    Jai ho!

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    At least we should be happy that the Minister openly admitted his lack of knowledge on higher education matters. We are seeing many leaders at very top positions either in the government or in their party pretending as if they know everything and becoming the target for many people to make jokes on them. It is good and we should appreciate this man for accepting his ignorance.
    The question is why such man was given Education Portfolio. Here the qualification is not important for a person to become a minister. Even a person we can't sign can become a CM of the State. The Chief Minister will decide the ministers as well as their portfolios. He will have to decide based on so many other issues but not on the qualification or ability of the candidate.
    This is a good example of the state of the affairs in our country.

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    Though not literate to be an Education Minister of a state, the free, frank and humble minister will pick up soon and might get a University certificate, and will continue to hold the post of Education Minister.
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    It is a welcome decision by the Minister to pass those files on which he cannot take decisions to the C M. The Minister admitted his incapacity to handle certain files, which must be noted by other Ministers. When a ministry is constituted, the CM must see that proper persons are selected for respective ministership. However, this may not be possible very often, because the MLAs available may not consist of specialists. However, in possible cases this could be done. In other cases suitable personal staff may be appointed to help the Minister.
    I remember the constitution of the first ministry of Kerala (1957). Education portfolio was given to a retired Professor, Health to a Doctor, Law to a Lawyer and so on.


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    #639864, I appreciate your views which is moderate & convincing too. But how that any individual could be given the post of which he is not carried with such background. Don't you feel that at least some resemblance has to be there with the post & the profile?

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    I liked the subtly hidden meanings in#639835 & #639853.
    I do not consider the minister's admission as acceptable. Either he could have remained silent about it or he could have asked for some other portfolio if he was really sincere to himself.
    As of now there is no mandatory requirement of educational qualification to become a minister. A minister leads the ministry which has many layers of officials who do the works. An efficient minister just needs to lead the team, have some vision, have an attitude to learn things fast,have a heart and mind to serve the counter and people.

    By discharging his role well and doing something good for the state and its people , people and media would have acknowledge him and commented that' in spite of being only 8 th class the minister did excellent job.'. That would have given him an honour. Now it is just a feeling of some complex.

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    If Mr. Kamaraj of Tamilnadu who was not qualified educationally could be a CM and advise his group of ministers of various fields, why not this Gouda of Karnataka do good to Education. I think, the CM of Karnataka has not made a grave mistake. He might be right in appointing Gouda as EM.
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    But certain files pertaining to higher education and development which are pending since last government exit and the new Minister just passed on the file to CM.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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