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    What is your take on flexi timings in offices?

    Do you know about flexi time systems implemented in new age offices? How do you feel about this?

    If people are allowed some flexi time within rules, will it not lead to less crowd on roads, less petrol wastage,less pollution and the like? Already many IT sector companies and IT lead companies have work from home facilities for their highly skilled staff and women staff during pregnancy times.

    Why not get this implemented even in other industries? To a limited extent it can be tried out in the materials department, for instance. This is more so, as suppliers might want to meet company people in the evenings. This is not shift work. But total eight to ten hours split into two halves so that the employee can do some personal work and yet get the work done.

    What is your take on this? Will it work out?
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    In many of the manufacturing Industries and continuous process industries, IT companies and BPOs are working 24 X 7 and there the employees will attend the duties on various shifts. They will come in any one of the three shifts or general shift as per the shift arrangements. So the proposal of flexible timings is already in existence to some extent. But some activities are to be done in correspondence with government departments and other organisations. Such activities are to be carried out during the active hours of the day only. So they will be coming to duty in general shift only. But many offices start at different timings. Some will be starting their day at 8 AM itself and some will be starting at 10 AM. All banks will start at 10.30 AM. Like this, the scattered timings are also in the application now.
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    In an office all the departments are inter related and the officers or managers of each department need to be present so that the works get on smoothly. There cannot be flexible timing as the factory has to work at its time. The time office has to work coinciding with the factory time and the main office has to follow the factory timing. On every Saturday the weekly payments would be there and the vendor payments would be there, for that regular office timings will only suit and there cannot be selective timing for the material or the purchase department as envisaged by the author.
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    It basically depends on the type of organisation and type of work and job functions, where a decision for flexi timings can be considered. In IT sector this is a common concept and there are employees who are working from home except to attend some administrative meetings. In many organisations a plus or minus of 1 hour in the morning with a corresponding extension in the evening can be adopted without much problem.

    There are some practical issues that are to be seen before implementing such flexi timings. In some organisations until unless the reliever comes the person can not be discharged from duties and if he is unwilling to work for a long extension, he is to be relieved with a backup reliever within 1-2 hours. So organisations have to consider the crucial places where even a overlap of 1-2 hours is desirable and flexi timings may not be suitable in those situatiuons.

    In shifts or day and night pattern of duty, swapping of shifts may not be agreeable to some employees as no one will like to work more nights or odd time shift. So the concept of flexi timing is only applicable to places where such conflict is not there.

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    The different industrial segments are already having this flexibility of having different shifts of eight hours each. This is so arranged so as not to negotiate the productivity of the organization but at the same time keeping a fresh to the efficiency of their employees. The companies are doing this by providing proper training sessions along with different remuneration packages to the employees.

    In context to the flexibility for allowing the employees to manage the job from home hasn't been a success so far as this leads to distraction because the same mixed up with the personal life too. However, in the rarest of the rarest scenario, the employee can be allowed which is the case already. Now in addition, the employee needs to go for extra hours for the work to get completed & this could be on the customer's as well as on vendor's side because everyone is in competition & we are left with a little choice.

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