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    First bring out all the black rats from the train coaches, then bring out the black money.

    What Modi is doing? Nothing. He has promised to bring back all the black money and deposit it to each and every individuals bank account.

    Yesterday, I travelled from Kanyakumari to Bengaluru by an express. I could see many black rats moving here and there. Passengers were caring to safeguard their bags and baggages from rate bite. When I enquired my fellow passenger, he said it is throughout the Indian railways from north to south and east to west.

    I think, this is high time for Mr. Modi to think about the rats of the railways before the black money recovery. Modi should find a solution to this rat menace.

    What do you say?
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    I have also travelled quite a bit these days but I never found any rats on the train compartments I have travelled. Probably on some trains we have these rats problem. Definitely, it is to be addressed. I think for this we need not expect PM to intervene. The travellers can raise a complaint in the complaint book available with the TC and the concerned officers may take appropriate action. But a lot is to be done by PM for bringing back the black money.
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    As far as SCR is concerned , the maintenance of the coaches has been given to private agencies and they carry out thorough check out before the rakes leaves from yard to station and yet no rats present.
    K Mohan
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    I liked the satire in the thread. But that apart, we have to admit that there is rat menace in trains too. We humans have conquered the Earth, the Moon, the Mars and now on our mission to other planets and stars. But still we have no conquered the tiny mosquito and the rats. They still have the upper hand on humans.
    I think there is no railways station where there are no rats. So the train bogeys are stationed at some railway station, rats enter into trains also. If the situation is conducive,that is if the trains are dirty and dark, they are happy to stay there and breed.
    Though railways have been taking some measures to control pests and rodents, the menace still persist. When we say 'Swachch Bharat' it includes Swachch trains too. But as citizen and travellers in trains we also have to do our part, avoiding littering trains and railway stations and tracks.

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    I too liked the satire in the title. But the responsibility always we fix it with Modi but it is created by the common public whether it is black rats or black money. Of late, the percentage of corruption going beyond the limit and touches the sky, I said corruption not only in money but also in practice. I am a frequent traveller in train and that too last one year, there is no way to count my number of travels. Though there are many ideas brought by railways to keep the coaches clean, the public is not changing with their die-hard old practice of throwing bits and pieces here and there and added to it, the bio-toilets fitted in coaches are not handled properly by the public adding more rats and mosquitoes and other worms.
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    By the way not everything is reported to the PM and that is the reason he has delegated the responsibility to the Ministers. You can post a message to Minister Piyush Goel who is active on social media and this rat problem would be solved.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No Mohan, not all the time it is solved, I have tried once to a helpline (not related to rat but something else) I got a reply (like police station that it is not their jurisdiction) that I have to contact different number as it is not their jurisdiction to solve it. I hope if somebody is putting it on twitter, maybe sometime it is solved that is what I see in the different news.

    During my recent travel, I find a different situation where no TTR came to check for one and half days after the train departure at Delhi in morning 7.10 a.m though there is no berth or seating problem, one has to check whether genuine travellers(nowadays seeing their id at least I believe) are travelling or different persons occupied seats.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The rat is seen by the TTEs also. Why not the TTEs report this matter to the higher authorities to find solution to the rat problem. Why should the public lodge a complaint about rat menace when the TTE is also part of the journey?

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