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    Even Film directors are passionate towards Mathematics. How?

    Recently the Directors especially those who are taking the sequel or part 2 of a film are keeping the title of the films based on mathematics and technology.

    Few examples are 2.0 an upcoming film from director Shankar which is supposed to be sequel of his previous film Enthiran(in Tamil) Robot in other languages. There is another film sequel of Saamy (Vikram's film directed by Hari) is named as Saamy Square(2).

    The release date of 2.0 has been postponed several times and yet to release and a suggestion from my side to Director Shankar is to release the 2.0 may be appropriate on July 8th because July 8th is considered to be Math 2.0 day being the intersection of Maths and technology to celebrate as a fun math holiday.

    Members you may come up with interesting maths factors involved in days like in this thread where Aditya came with an idea of i-day which is square root of -1 though there is already a Square root day(where the first two digits of the date is the square root of the last two digit) is there but this is surely an intelligent idea.
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    Totally confused to know the mathematics in this thread.
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    There is no direct mathematics involved here in this thread @Sun. I have only quoted the love towards maths by film directors.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Some directors are fond of numbers and the good auspicious days to release the film because lots of amount has been involved and it is the question of prestige and earning.
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    Many of the film directors have a very good belief in numerology. So they will take the help of numerologist who will guide him on the date of release of the movies. For example, let us say a movie director was born on 3rd August 1980, His lucky number will be 3 + 8 + 1+ 9+8+0 = 29 = 2+9 = 11 = !+ 1 = 2. So he will advise him to release on any date whose some will come 2. In Telugu field, 99% of the movies will be released on Friday. So they will try to get the combination of both the two.
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    Haha I was being a bit sarcastic back then. I didn't know you found my idea interesting. Thanks friend.
    You'll see that this is something Bollywood and other Indian film industries borrowed from Hollywood.
    For an example, "Fast & furious" had the sequel called "2Fast 2Furious",a clever wordplay,because it sounds like" too fast too furious". Movies with boring sequel names such as Race and Race2, aren't that appealing. So directors come up with intelligent ways to showcase their creativity. So that is what makes Swamy Square interesting.

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    As film-making is a very risky business (of course I am talking about commercial 'masala' films), many producers, directors, actors, actresses, music directors and other people actively involved in the venture are firm believers of astrology, numerology and many other '-logies'. Basically these people are very superstitious because of the nature of their profession.
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    Numerology or astrology is different from actual Maths. So think of some maths, maths fun related to films, film names.

    There is another film Amma Kanakku(in Tamil) which is a remake of Nil Battey Sananata which really shows the classroom and reality of education and a dream between mother-daughter education and shows how both of them handle the mathematics and at last landing daughter to be an IAS.

    @Aditya, though you have given as sarcasm in the other thread, I got a cue that this i-day can be celebrated once in 100 years on 1st of every century if we write the date as 1-1-1 that is 1 is equal to the square of -1.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Hmm yes, we could say that. But does that work for every century?
    I was thinking more like, (11-01-....) this would not make the combination rigid. 11 can be thought as 1 square, which would land on the (-01) making it root, which means "i". So eleventh January every year would be an "i" day. I will call it "i'd Mubarak"(just for fun. Math is a religion in itself).

    We are open for more perceptions and advices. I'm eager celebrating this "imaginary day" dedicated to the imaginary number.

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    Thanks at @Aditya for working on this line to think to relate maths and date. To think of date and maths there exists another day which is related to the Pythagorean theorem the last one we missed in the discussion is 15.8.17(that is 15 square + 8 square = 17 square). Nearest dates in future are, 16th December 2020(16 square + 12 square = 20 square) and 24th July 2025 (24 square+7 square=25 square)

    That reminds me of another film of Anushka the 'size zero' in Telugu which is awareness creating film on weight loss centres.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Wow that was quite amazing to note.
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    Mathematics is the root of this nature. Everything is calculated in this world. So, is the entertainment world. Even in music, there is mathematics, the beat, and rhythms all work with timing and timing is associated with math. Even when a singer sings, he has to calculate the timing in his mind when he has to start voicing and when he has to stop. The universe in which the human being is still not able to understand revolved with the calculation of timing. And this is happening for thousands of years when we do not have the subject called "Mathematics".

    Forget about all this, our heart beat with its own timing and it has its own mathematics.

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