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    Contractors who are digging for new drainage or pipe lines should also complete by laying roads.

    Development is the continued process to which the public are not averse. But what annoys every one that different contractors are being given different tasks and there by the work gets passed to one another and the ultimate sufferer are the general public who has to suffer for the incomplete jobs done by the contractors. What I suggest that suppose those contractors who are given the task of laying drainage or water pipe lines, they should finish their jobs by laying roads on the finished work and that would be full and satisfy the people.
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    The unfortunate part is these people are working in isolation and there is no combined strategy. Every department does its job and has nothing to do with the job of another department. There is no coordination. As soon as a footpath is ready the pipeline laying activity starts by digging it. Even for plantation which is the oxygen for our life holes will be made only afterward which is superficial and does not give a plant to go to the soil as the pebbles, stones and concrete pieces will come in the way and the plant will soon dry up.

    So whether it is the overall governance that is missing or the bankruptcy of common sense, there is something gravely wrong somewhere.

    The general public can only exclaim their anger and anguish and tolerate these jocular conditions.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In our Guntur city also the same thing happened in our colony as well as elsewhere in the city. In our colony we have perfect cement roads for each and every street which were constructed few years back. Last year the contractors of underground drainage department dug the roads of all streets to complete their work. After their work is over, the roads were left with full of pits in the whole colony. When and who will lay the roads again no one knows. In rainy season the situation become still horrible. There is no co-ordination between different departments while they are taking up the work.

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    This is purely due to lack of planning by the concerned municipal officers. There should be a coordination between the contractors of different activities. The planning should be done by the authorities by conducting a meeting and deciding on the priorities of the works. Based on the works, dates and durations will be decided. But it will never happen.
    In our native place, the Panchayat started laying roads with cement. The planning is done so meticulous, first, all the electrical poles were shifted. Then the side wastewater canals are cemented and whatever items are to be shifted before laying the road. Once all these works are completed then they started laying the roads. Today roads are very good and it looks very neat. The Surpunch of the village got the best surpunch award bt the government. The same way is to be followed by all the local authorities which are not happening.

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    I am in opinion with Mr. Umesh wherein he emphasized the lack of coordination as an important factor behind all this. But I feel that the below could be the important as well.

    For any of the contractor's job the main problem is the lack of liabilities with the governmental departments because these governmental departments are responsible for the allocation of funds & getting the things done. So in due course if there is a delay in the job allocation or the fund allocation they the whole jobs get delayed.

    In respect of the above & if we could recollect the memories of the situation in Delhi wherein the garbage couldn't get removed from the localities because of the strike of the contractual labors as the salary wasn't given to them.

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