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    You can share your different co-travellers experiences.

    In my recent train travel from Delhi to Tamil Nadu, I met really very interesting co-travellers and would like to share it here.

    In our next bay, there is a girl who is a follower of some Baba chant always mantra. And there is another lady who had hurt her ring finger in the toilet door (that was in very poor condition) and came to a lady sitting next to this girl for a help to remove the ring from her hurt finger and with great difficulty she removed and the lady tried to wear it the small finger. But suddenly this girl, taken away the ring and throw it outside the window saying, just now you got hurt in one finger and you will get hurt in another finger too. This has happened in a very fraction of a second and the lady started crying shouting that the ring is gold.

    There is another interesting lady who came in a group of tourists who have visited all the north India Pilgrims like Kedarnath, Badrinath etc., But the greatness with the lady is, she is 70 years old, and not educated but self-employed village lady. About 5 to 6 years back, she lost her leg and fixed with an artificial leg, she had travelled all the places and she said, she had travelled every year like this to different places like, Amarnath yatra, Kasi Yatra etc., Also she said, for some two years, she ran with our National Flag in Wagha border.
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    An incident of many decades old. When I travelled from Chennai to Mumbai with my friend Vijay from Bangalore who used to speak good English and Tamil, became friendly with an eminent Bharathanatyam dancer travelling in the same coach. She showed her Bharathanatyam photographs to my friend and chatted well throughout the journey. My friend Vijay who was little handsome with stylish hair and fair in colour felt that she fell in love with him. Even he conveyed me that she loved him. I do not know what made my friend Vijay to feel so. Finally, when she got down at Dadar station, my friend Vijay helped her with her luggages. She said,"Thank you lot. Sorry Vijay, I could understand your feelings. You are like my younger brother. Thank you. I enjoyed your company."
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    Years ago, my husband and I were travelling from New Delhi to Madras (I mentioned the city's old name to give a sense of time).

    Another couple was travelling with us in our coupe. We were strangers. The journey was long and we got talking, At the end of the journey he shared his contact details with us, but neither of us contacted each other.

    Almost two decades later my husband got posted to Chennai, on deputation to an Army unit.

    One of the civilian staff who worked in his office invited us to his housewarming ceremony. We were introduced to his relatives who had travelled from all over the country to grace the occasion.

    As we were about to leave he said we must meet his brother-in-law. He asked someone to fetch him. And what do you know, it was the man from the train.

    Of course, at first none of us recognised each other, but I recognised him when he mentioned the ministry that he was employed in and that he had travelled from Delhi for the occasion.

    Small world, as they say.

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    Recently we travelled to Tirupathi by train in 2nd AC coach. We two (Myself and My wife) on one side and another young pair on the other side. They were also travelling to Tirupathi from Hyderabad. They made us talk to them and they are very friendly. They brought their dinner from their house and we have also taken from our house. They after the snacks what they brought and we have also given them our snacks. almost we discussed various issues for long and we slept almost around 12 Mid Night. While getting down they helped us in unloading the luggage also.
    Sometimes we meet very peculiar people whom we can't forget. I met one person by name Subba Rao like this only. He works for Indian Railways. We have become good friends. He helped us once or twice in getting tickets in emergency quota also.

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    Wow, this is really interesting to note such rare co-travellers and yes @Juana the world is small.

    That reminds me of my earlier(very long back about 2 decades ago) co-travellers through whom I have come to know about two to three pilgrim places and its importance and later I have visited those places and more precisely one is a tall Hanuman Mandir in Chattarpur, New Delhi and another one is Gaya and conducting of ceremony for ancesstors in Gaya.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    When we travel long distance , we are bound to meet varied people on the way and that would be interesting and informative. When I was traveling , a person who claimed to a PA of former Union Congress Minister and when I questioned as to why he is traveling in second class sleeper , he said that pre demonetization, every leader had the money but now no leader has the money and that has affected their staff also . This is really interesting as , money has been playing important in politics and I feel the next election would be simple without any huge spending as there is cash starvation.
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    During one of the occasions of traveling through train, that coming down to my native place from Delhi, I did get confronted with an individual who insisted in leaving the whole seat for her. I tried to make her convince that this can only be possible after 9:00 PM, the time while everybody were going for a sleep but she was along with her other friends who were not aware of the rules but contacted the Ticket Inspector for his assistance. However, the matter got resolved as soon as the Ticket Inspector came for checking the ticket. It was an interesting scene wherein the other co-traveler being a girl, the rest of the passengers were in support of her but still I did stick to my terms & conditions which was as per the law.

    To my personal opinion, these incidences are to get repeated as many times which is without our interest & intentions. But we need to learn, enjoy & share with others instead of showing concerns because it's not worth it.

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    Often we are not concern with the ethics of keeping up with the cleanliness attitude when we are outside & if we evident of something which is quite contradictory to this then this come up as a beautiful incidence during a journey called life.

    I wouldn't go much in detail of this but in short that once coming down to my native place from Delhi & while the time the train was at halt at one of the station, a child asked his parents that if he could attend the toilet & he insisted for this but the parents suggested him to wait till the time the train start moving & leave the platform & that small child could understood this instantly. Something which the grownup people don't understand but a small child is now being prepared for competing with his responsibilities.

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