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    Why Mr.Arvind Subramanian, CEA deserted BJP government at the nick moment of elections?

    Mr.Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic advisor of Indian government quit his post at the nick of election movement. Previously two more CEA's Mr.Rangarajan and Mr.Panagaria left from BJP government for various reasons. Mr.Subramanya Swamy of BJP in a rhetoric way commented the reason given by Arvind to Jaitley is not true but he returned to his professional work in USA. He also mentioned in his tweet, before 2013, Mr.Arvind Subramanian commented against Mr.Modi and about his major Gujarat development. Dr.Arvind Subramanian once described that 2005-2010 of UPA was a boom period for Indian economy. Once in a meeting he commented 'social divisions of a people also will affect economic growth' caused a lot of alarm in BJP and media. SJM an ally of RSS slammed Mr.Arvind for lacking in him Indian ethos. In your opinion a brilliant CEA of Indian government why he left suddenly?
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    Mr. Aravind Subramaniyam was the Chief Economic Advisor of the Government. He has not been associated with the ruling party. And as the post of Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) is a nominated post. his joining or resigning does not depend upon elections. So, we may conclude that he resigned his post of CEA for greener pastures in America.
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    Mr.Partha I mentioned CEA of BJP led Indian government and also at one place I mentioned Indian government.

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    I think he resigned because of his family commitments and he is planning to go back to America. It is nominated post and he was nominated to that post. Now because of his personal reasons he is leaving. There may not be any other reason I am thinking about this issue. I am not clear about the view of the author in this issue.
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    He made it clear that he has certain personal commitment to which his personal presence is required and hence leaving the post. One should not attach political importance for every move.
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    Dr. Rao: You have said: "I am not clear about the view of the author in this issue". I am trying to explain. The former CEA returned to the USA due to his personal reasons. But the author, like the opposition leaders, is trying to find fault of Modi in this case also like every other case. To him, there is no need to honour the personal commitments of people.

    But there is no doubt about it. Modi is responsible for everything, even for the 190 years of British rule in India.

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