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    The revelations in the Rohith Vemula’s case :- What next?

    During the time of somewhere in Jan'16 a case surfaced of Rohith Vemula, the Dalit student and PhD scholar from the University of Hyderabad who committed suicide. Thereafter the whole episodes moved around the word "DALIT" & with this the leaders of various political parties left to this place in order to show sympathies with the family & at the same time point out the atrocities to the Dalit sections of the society. The matter doesn't end here but continued with blaming the Central government which is BJP for this happening. Again the slogans were raised by the so called the secular parties & the human right activists for injustices in India against the Dalits & poor.

    But now there is a twist here with few revelations by the Rohith Vemula's mother that Muslim League made false promise to build house for 'political gain'.

    We can imagine that this has again sparked something to the activation of political blame game. But one thing I don't feel I am comfortable onto is that why after 2.5 years of the incidence the Rohith Vemula's mother has organized the press conference or is another political game being resurfaced so as to impact the elections of MP which is going to happen within the few months.
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    Probably Rohit's mother all these days waited for the construction of the house by the people who promised her. But it might not have happened. The result is the press conference. This is the state of affairs in our country. The death of a Dalit is used by the so-called the secular parties & the human right activists, for their political gain. These people want to convert every happening to their advantage by all false ways and methods.
    They wish another one or two such deaths so that they can take an advantage and try to defame the central government by offering favors to the deceased families and asking them to give false statements. The poor people thinking the promises made by these false leaders will be fulfilled accept and later on repent like this. Oh, God! These are the people who want to rule the country. Let sense prevail upon the voters and let them vote for the best.

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    Organizing a press conference is not easy & so how did Rohith Vemula's mother got the awareness for conducting this. If I take an instance of myself then in the mean time I am completely absent minded or blank on about how I should be handling with all those journalists. It's important to note here that she gets her livelihood through stitching clothes & staying in a rented accommodation but she able to call the journalists.

    One more thing which I am not able to digest is that she admitted later on that she wasn't aware of the political motive behind the offerings but still was in the different rallies speaking against the BJP & the PM Modi & now addressing the press conference. Once a 24*7 coverage by the news channels but still being ignorant of the fact. What do you call this?

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    This is happening then and there to come to the news front. In May 2018, when the son of BJP leader Dattatreya died due to cardiac arrest at the age of 21, her name flashed in almost all news portal that she sent a condolence message to him '"I know the pain when someone lost their son".
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    This is one more case of how the opportunistic politicians stoop to the level of using religion or backward class name over the ordinary person death and make the big issue.
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