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    Which section of newspaper you like the most?

    Although it's always the first page which creates maximum impressions onto us but still other sections also contributes to its selling. For example the news of share market or the entertainment section or the PAGE-4 section also creates an interest to us.

    There is "Economic Times", which is less political but more based on financial aspects. On the other hand there are other brands like the "Hindustan Times" & "The Times of India", which put emphasis on the political arena & socio-economic stories but less dedicated to the financial side. Similarly, there are other newspapers that are sold locally & so consisting maximum of local news like that of the city or the town wherein it is based out of.

    So, out of whole lot of the brands & the type of news, which one is your favorite?
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    I generally, first go through all the headings which are in bold letters. Then I try to read the Editorial completely. Then I will go through the business section of the paper. In this page, we will have the shares details and business-related issues. Then I will go to the sports page. I will see the sports page first if any interesting series of matches are in progress or otherwise I will go through after business page. Then I will be tempted to go to the cinema page wherein some news about movies will come.
    Once all this are over, then I will read the news items in detail if I feel they are necessary to read. Otherwise skip them, After completing all these I will go to the district edition of the local newspaper and see if any interesting news is there. I will fill SUDOKU if it is available in the newspaper or any word puzzle is there, that also I will try to complete that. Almost I will be spending an hour on this

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    During my childhood, sports page was my favourite. Now, I mainly read the first page, editorial page and the foreign affairs page along with the sports page of the newspapers.
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    I always look for the first page and the last page for the main news and the sports news. However I will also look for the editorial as some of them deal with current topics in depth. But most of the local news papers are having more than half page ads and thus giving fewer space for the news. And many news papers carry on the front page news to back page to which I am against. And some news papers give credence for the daily and weekly horoscope which are interesting to read and sometimes it is correct too. But nothing comes like the first page banner headings which are different in any news paper.
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