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    What is the difference between deletion and locking of a thread.

    We have been posting some threads on the forum section on different topics. Some of the threads will be deleted by the Editors and some will be closed within no time. It may be a day or even less than a day it will be locked. What is the difference between these two actions?

    Yesterday I have posted a thread wishing all on the occasion of Yoga day. The thread was deleted saying that already one thread is on. I have not seen that thread before posting my thread. That thread's basic thrust is on the longest day. Anyhow, no worries as the decision of the Editor is final. After that one more thread has been posted on the Yoga day. The Editor has locked that but not deleted it. What is the difference?
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    What I mean that by locking the thread any member and others on the net can at least view the contents thus posted and by deleting the threads, it means clearly removing from the data base of ISC.
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    Long back, I also raised a thread on the same issue. What I feel that deletion is a more severe punishment, whereas locking of the thread is less severe in nature. Deletion of thread signifies that such thread is not fit for reading and also for discussion. On the other hand, locking of thread means that such thread is fit for reading but not fit for discussion.

    Of course, this is my personal interpretation.

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    If that is the criteria why my thread just wishing happy yoga day should be deleted? Is it not worth reading? I don't think so. Still, I have not come out of my confusion. Probably an Editor can only help me.
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    As per the policy, the deleted threads are not fit for reading and discussion. But I have no idea why your thread is deleted. Only an Editor can answer that question.
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    I do second the opinion of Partha that locking of the thread is worth reading but not for discussion and also deletion means it need not be revealed again to others. But for this particular thread as told by the author, the thread referred by editors for the sake of deletion has not given prominence to yoga but to other longest day and along with that the mention of yoga day also presents.

    So, the thread of Rao would have been continued by referring in the earlier thread of yoga. Locking of other thread is justified as already two threads raised on Yoga day and that thread has many inputs on yoga day to read.

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    I expect an Editor to clear the genuine doubt I have. But I think none of them has visited this thread so far. Just let me wait for another day or two before finally giving up.
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    Mr.Mohan's reply from 22nd June, has got a cc of Rs1. This implies that an editor/ the ME has seen and read the thread and the response. If we look at Yoga day threads, there are four threads.

    Sankaran sir's thread has been raised on 20th June itself and on 20 & 21 many members including the author have replied about Yoga for peace etc. I would say that the editors have been fair in their practice with regards to this Yoga day topic.

    A locked thread to me means many things, a duplicate one, a congratulatory thread or a thread that can generate Yes, I agree on kind of replies. Meaningful discussion cannot happen if the thread is left for the standard of 10 days. A thread that is getting sidetracked, becoming personal would also be locked.

    A deleted thread to me means lack of substance/quality, inflammatory or inappropriate threads or even a meaningless thread.

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