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    Madarasas are growing in leap and bounds but the standard of living is same.

    Madarasas are the place where the poor Musilms get their education imparted for free. Madrasas were growing leap and bounds from mere 88 in numbers in the year 1947 they are now grown up to 5 lacks as on 2006 in India is mind boggling development and If 100 students are there in 1 Madarassa on an average, total no.comes to 5 crores in year 2006. So just Imagine future in this year 2018 when there would exponential growth in number of Madrasas. But the gurukuls were not growing at this phase ?
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    I don't know why there is no increase in the rate of literacy and standard of living in that particular community. If so many schools are opened and so many students are getting educated for free why their standard of living is not getting improved. After the IT revolution, many of the middle-class families have improved their standard of living. Many youths are getting employed. But in Muslim community, we see many families below middle class also. Is it because the community is increasing more and all the children are not getting proper care?
    What I observed is many Muslims don't go for family planning and a number of children are more for each family. As such the parents are not able to take care of the needs of their children and hence there is no development in their standard of living. Probably over a period of time, there may be a change in their outlook also, I hope.

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    A very legitimate thread has been raised by the author. Those who are financing the mushrooming madrasas in India have a specific and different agenda, which most of us know very well. They are not very much bothered about improving life-style of the students of the madras. If their life-style improves, then their agenda will not be fulfilled.
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    There are genuine Madarasas which imparting value based education too but for which there are no takers.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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